Best Songs On Pink Floyd's Obscured by Clouds

The Top Ten Best Songs On Pink Floyd's Obscured by Clouds

1 Childhood's End

This is the last song I heard before I turned 13 not kidding

Obscured by Clouds 3/5 Very good start to the album
When You're In 4/5 Even better than Obscured by Clouds. Feels like a filler though,.
Burning Bridges 4/5 Dreamy song with beautiful lyrics and music.
The Gold It's in The...2.5/5 Not very Floyd-like, but still not a bad song.
Wots... Uh the Deal? 2.5/5 Often considered one of PF's most underrated songs. Not a bad song, but not one of my favorites from this album.
Mudmen 3/5 Sounds just like Burning Bridges, only trippier.
Childhood's End 3/5 Realistically, the only part of the song I truly LIKE is the intro.very cool.
Free Four 3/5 Would make a great song for a dance party, if only the lyrics weren't so depressing.
Stay 1/5 I'm honestly glad this song is underrated, I hate it.
Absolutely Curtains 3.5/5 ( Before you get pissed at me ). This song is actually awesome ( except for the last part, of course). The synth pads are some of the best in the entire PF catalog.
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2 Wot's... Uh the Deal

1. Wots uh the deal 10/10
2. Childhoods end 10/10
3. Mudmen 10/10
4. Free four 10/10
5. The gold its in the 10/10
6. Stay 10/10
7. Obscured by clouds 10/10
8. Absolutely curtains 10/10
9. When you're in 10/10
10. Burning Bridges 9.5/10

1. Word uh... The deal 10/10
2. Childhood's end 10/10
3. Free four 10/10
4. Obscured by clouds 10/10
5. The gold it's in the... 10/10
6. Mudmen 10/10
7. Burning Bridges 10/10
8. Stay 10/10
9. Wheh you're in 9/10
10. Absolutely Curtains 8.5/10

An amazing album, my sixth favourite and their most underrated record of all time. The only trouble is that It feels sandwiched between Meddle and dark side. This song is amazing

Best song on this album

Best on the album. Must be #1

3 Free Four
4 The Gold It's In The....
5 Obscured by Clouds

Relaxing and very rock sound cool instrumental

6 Mudmen

Hey, why is it so low? This one and Childhood's End are my favourites on this album. - Merkwurdigliebe

7 Stay
8 Burning Bridges

Vocals: David Gilmour, Richard Wright

9 When You're In
10 Absolutely Curtains

My favorite is Childhoods End but it makes me sad to see Absolutely Curtains on the bottom. I love the out to and the whole song is just really hypnotic to me. MOVE THIS UP NOW!

Vocals: Natives in the 1972 film " La Valee "

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