Top 10 Songs to Play When Old People Say "Back in My Days, Music and Lyrics Were Better"

Probably most of you have heard it in your real life - "back in my days, music and lyrics were better" (*sigh*).
If you haven't heard it in your real life, you probably have read it on this site or somewhere else (if you have read enough comments).

OK, let's hear some "masterpieces" released before 1980.

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21 Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp, Bomp, Bomp? - Barry Mann

And this, well, it's just as bad as Rubber Biscuit. Torture to listen to. - Element119

22 22-20 Blues - Skip James

"But I get my 22-20;
I cut that woman half in two;
Your.38 Special;
Buddy, it's most too light;
But my 22-20;
Will make ev'rything, alright; - Metal_Treasure

23 You'se a Viper - Stuff Smith

1936. A song about drugs.
"Talk about a reefer of five feet long Not too fat and not too strong
You get high, but not for long
If you'se a viper

Now I'm the king of everything
Got to get high for to sing
Light that tee and we will see
If you'se a viper

When coke gets dry you know you're high" - Metal_Treasure

24 Bell Song - Florence Foster Jenkins

Thanks to whoever added this - I gave a listen to the sample only but yeah, it's awful. - Metal_Treasure

25 Like a Bird - Florence Foster Jenkins
26 Ich Wollt Ich WÄR Ein Huhn - Lilian Harvey & Willy Fritsch

The title translates to "I Wish I Was a Chicken", and the lyrics are about why it is great to be chicken, including not having to go to work, not having much to do except for laying eggs and being happy and stupid.
Out of all comparisons to birds... why a chicken? - Martin_Canine

27 I've Got the Yes! We Have No Bananas Blues - Eddie Cantor
28 Frownland - Captain Beefheart

The whole album sounds like this audio sample here... and it's got 5 out of 5 stars ol almost every website. Can someone explain it to me? - Martin_Canine

29 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - Gayla Peevey
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