Top Ten Songs in a Proctologist's Playlist

I really had to dig (ahem) deep to find songs to fit this list nicely. If you would like a hand in this list, feel free to add more - there's plenty of room.

The Top Ten

1 Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen

Boy, howdy. This here list shore did make for some fertile ground. No pun intended (yeah, right:).

Hugh Jass 'n' Jack Ass wanted me to thank you for cramming so much humour into the back doors of this list. They would have thanked you personally but they have to be up at the crack of Dawn (or Dawn's crack to be more poetic ;). - Britgirl

Always a preasure an' a plivilege, ma'am. Cause in the end (oops), I cram what I am (Ah just don't give a damn;).

2 Hurt - Johnny Cash

Lol. Very funny list, and as you mentioned, I can imagine this one took some painful research. I will vote for Cash today, and try to dream up some other songs that might fit in. - Ned964

Haha thank you. My brain works quite strangely sometimes; I'm spontaneous and end up doing strange things (like making weird lists like this). Not everyone appreciates my humour. - Britgirl

Their loss. - Ned964

3 It Hurts Me Too - Elmore James
4 Losing Hand - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Double glove, baby... Double glove.

Clever girl - Ned964

5 My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas
6 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me - Culture Club

Dunno. How much do it pay? :).

7 Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains
8 Pain In the Ass - Nina Kraviz & Alex Kid

...Which you definitely are not. You deposit the funniest of comments into the toilet bowl of life and manage to get away with it (by the seat of your pants) Have yourself a crack-in' day ;). - Britgirl

9 Cheek to Cheek - Fred Astaire
10 Let Me In - R.E.M.

The Contenders

11 Keep on Smilin' - Wet Willie

Through embarrassment and gritted teeth :). - Britgirl

Hmm... Odd place to have teeth:).

Odd place to have teeth:).

12 All of Me - Ruth Etting

Lol What a funny list! - Ananya

13 Hemorrhoids - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners
14 Bend Me, Shape Me - The American Breed

Go ahead. Say it. I dare ya:).

"...Bend me, shape me, any way you want me..." :). - Britgirl

15 Back in the Saddle Again - Gene Autry

Yup. Just can't get enough of the feel of hot, worn out leather :). - Britgirl

"Lucky whore's shoe"...haha...I have tears in my eyes.. Ahh... *manic laughter can be heard off-set* ;D - Britgirl

Nope. Not t'day, Doc. Cain't seem t'find mah lucky whore's shoe;).

16 Backfield in Motion - Mel and Tim
17 Turn Around, Look at Me - The Vogues

GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST! It's like a two-headed coin!

18 Havin' a Real Bad Day - Taj Mahal

"DEEP in the pocket of a real old goat.. er, coat."

"Deep in the... pocket... of a real old goat... er, coat."

"Good mornin' Miss Brown, mama how do you do? " Okay, perhaps not the best choice of colors; but hey, I didn't write it:).

19 Let Me In - The Sensations

Just. Too. Good.

20 Oom Pah Pah - Oliver!
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