Best Songs On Rush's Album Fly by Night

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1 Fly by Night

Anthem - great song with wonderful riffs
Best I Can - less heavy, but enjoyable
Beneath, Between & Behind - lyrically great
By-Tor And The Snow Dog - a great epic with lots of talent from Neil Peart
Fly By Night - excellent
Making Memories - okay song, it lacks heaviness
Rivendell - their worst song ever, it's a Lord Of The Rings obsession, and it's a 5-minute acoustic nonsense.
In The End - a good song in the end - DKartWoomy

A great rock song from 1975, and the whole song sounds amazing and fresh. - DKartWoomy

Definitely one of their catchiest. - AdamDestructorJr.

How is this 4th place! - UsernameHere

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2 Anthem

Anthem>>Fly By Night. - Gg2000

Anthem - 9/10
Best I Can - 7/10
Beneath, Between, and Behind - 8.5/10
By-Tor and the Snow Dog - 9/10
Fly by Night - 7.5/10
Making Memories - 7.5/10
Rivendell - 5/10
In the End - 8/10

Average - 7.7/10

was aiight - AdamDestructorJr.

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3 By Tor and the Snow Dog UListen to Sample
4 In the End

A great ending to a great album

A true classic.

3rd Best In the End
Behind Linkin Parks and Anthrax's - christangrant

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5 Beneath Between and Behind

Great tune. Deserves more votes. - Gg2000

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6 Making Memories UListen to Sample
7 Best I Can UListen to Sample
8 Rivendell

Refreshing and relaxing. Great. - AdamDestructorJr.

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1. Anthem
2. By Tor and the Snow Dog
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1. Fly by Night
2. Anthem
3. Beneath Between and Behind
1. In the End
2. Fly by Night
3. Anthem

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