Top Songs from Shaman's Harvest's Red Hands Black Deeds


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1 Tusk and Bone

One of Shaman's Harvest's most emotional songs (right up there with "Silent Voice" and "The End of Me" from "Smokin' Hearts and Broken Guns"). Despite mostly being an acoustic track, the power of this song in particular transcends that of every other song on the album. It's an amazing stand-alone track that compliments the album and it's concept very well. - ShatteredHeaven

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2 Blood Trophies

The longest track on the album; this song is the most lyrically unveiling song with regard to the story-line of the album. It also contains Nathan Hunt's first proper scream in a good while (which he nails). - ShatteredHeaven

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3 The Come Up

The first single off of the album for a reason. It's a hard-hitting, headbanging, fist-pumping good time. - ShatteredHeaven

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4 The Devil in Our Wake

The second single off of the album. This track is a lot darker and heavier than the first single, "The Come Up", which is to be expected given the lyrical theme of the song and it's point in the story. - ShatteredHeaven

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5 Scavengers

The closer for the album; this track on face level doesn't seem to be anything special. However, understanding the story of the album and the role of this track shows just how dark and deep this song really is. The first half of the song's lyrics seems hazy and nigh-impossible to understand. However, when you consider that the song is basically a recount of the final thoughts of a man set out to fight a battle he knows will be his last, it makes sense for it to be unclear and muddled. It's especially eerie when you realise that the latter half of the lyrics become so much clearer because they are a message to those around him or who knew him (please don't wake me). - ShatteredHeaven

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6 Soul Crusher UListen to Sample
7 Broken Ones UListen to Sample
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9 Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)

A perfect set-up track for the album. The only reason I wouldn't rank this track too highly on the album is because it's not really a full song. Having said that, it fulfills it's purpose beautifully. - ShatteredHeaven

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10 Long Way Home UListen to Sample
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