Best Songs on Soulfly's Conquer

Conquer is the 6th studio album by Soulfly, the album was recorded in September of 2007 at Porch Studio and the album was released on July 29th 2008 through Roadrunner Records.

"Unleash" was the album's first single with the accompanying music video directed by Robert Sexton. This song and its video features Dave Peters of Throwdown.

The second single released was "Blood Fire War Hate", the first track of the album, featuring David Vincent the vocalist of Morbid Angel.

"Touching the Void" is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath as it contains doom and sludgy riffs, with outro recorded by French dub artist Fedaya Pacha.

"Warmageddon" explores war and Armageddon, hence its portmanteau.

Just like the previous albums this one contains a sequeal song to "Soulfly" with the one on this album being 6 which is stylized in roman numerals.

There were also two cover songs released as bonus tracks one of them being a cover of a Bad Brains song, the other being a cover of "The Beautiful People" by Marylin Manson.

Album Genres: Thrash Metal, Groove Metal and Death Metal.

Soufly Members:

Max Cavalera – lead vocals, string guitar, berimbau, sitar

Marc Rizzo – guitar, flamenco guitar

Bobby Burns – bass guitar

Joe Nunez – drums, percussion

The Top Ten Best Songs on Soulfly's Conquer

1 Blood Fire War Hate
2 Paranoia
3 Warmageddon
4 Fall of the Sycophants
5 The Beautiful People
6 Touching the Void
7 Unleash
8 Enemy Ghost
9 Soulfly VI
10 Sailin' On

The Contenders

11 Rough
12 Doom
13 For Those About to Rot

(We Salute You) lol - christangrant

14 Mypath
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