Top 10 Songs from the Three Days Grace Album Human

The Top Ten

1 I Am Machine
2 Fallen Angel

HOW THE HELL this isn't #1. It's certainly better than Painkiller and I Am Machine. Painkiller should be #2, and THIS should be #1.

This song is amazing! It is just so soft and hard core

I don't kniw why its down here but I don't care I think this should at least be in the top five

This song is AWESOME

3 Nothing's Fair In Love and War

This song is just downright my favorite! even thought its matt instead of adam I still have to day GREAT JOBBB! this song is just too good It's Hell Catchy!

Defeinetly a new classic

The first time I lisend to this song I thot is said "nothing's fairly love enymore

4 Human Race
5 The End is Not the Answer
6 Tell Me Why

I will admit that I wasn't particularly a fan of Matt Walst at first, (I liked him, I just didn't listen to his music) but this was the song that encouraged me to check out the rest of the album!

7 Painkiller

Okay I don't know about that but this song is amazing

8 The Real You
9 One Too Many
10 Car Crash

It just makes sense!

The first time I listened to this I was just instantly hooked especially nightcore anyone heard of them?

The Contenders

11 So What?

Best song for his his agility, hard-rock power, and an attempt to break the stadium.

This song is too amazing I listen to this song every day of every week awesome!

This song is just AMAZING

12 Landmine
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