Best Songs On Three Days Grace's Human

Best songs on their fifth studio album Human, which is their first album without Adam and with Matt.

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1 I Am Machine

I didn't liked it as much as Painkiller, but it's a good song too. I just think that the chorus doesn't fit in the rest of the song. - tiagocowboy11

This was the first song I heard from Matt and it is one of their most epic songs in my opinion!

It's awesome, such angry lyrics...

Best song on the album, keep it at number 1!

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2 Painkiller

The first song since Matt joined the band. It's an awesome song and to me it is in the top 20 of their best songs. - tiagocowboy11

Oh come on, obviously the most original and best.

Amazing song!

Probably one of the best songs I've heard by TDG

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3 Fallen Angel

My favorite song from this album. It has the energy that the other songs need. I'm not gonna say the album is bad, because it isn't, but this song is by far the best. - tiagocowboy11

Looove this song

4 Human Race

When I listened to the preview of this song I tought to myself "We have a masterpiece coming", but when I listened to the full song I was disappointed. The song isn't what I expected. The chorus is nice, but the rest isn't good enough. - tiagocowboy11

Best guitar work and vocals off the whole album! Love the effects!

5 Tell Me Why

This is a great song! So emotional

6 The Real You

This song is beyond beautiful. "I see the real you, even if you don't I do. " listen to this song, it is so accessible and so gripping. - EvilAngel

Amazing song! Should totally be higher. Top 3 at least. Not as good as I Am Machine, but definitely number 2.

7 Nothing's Fair In Love and War

Absolutely fantastic song. Love the choruses... This song is amazing. - EvilAngel

8 Car Crash
9 Landmine

This is a song that love. It seams that in this song Matt is about to blow up at someone if they say something wrong.

Song of my life, right here. - HawluchasWingman

The best song of the album! - TwilightKitsune

10 The End Is Not the Answer

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11 One Too Many
12 So What

Great song when I'm feeling edgy

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1. Painkiller
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1. I Am Machine
2. Painkiller
3. Fallen Angel
1. I Am Machine
2. Fallen Angel
3. Tell Me Why

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