Top Ten Best Songs from Two Steps from Hell's Battlecry

Battlecry was released on the 28th of April, 2015 as Two Steps From Hell's 8th public album. It includes some of the most epic songs the group has ever created and is a worthy addition to Two Steps From Hell legacy.

The Top Ten

1 Victory

This song made me cry the first time I listened to it. It is so well written, with notes that just make me happy and sad and strong and uplifted all at the same time. - NymeriaWaters

My eyes water and I get goose bumps every time I listen to this music. Absolutely one of the best music ever composed in history,

Maybe my favorite of all 2 steps song. Most decidedly my favorite on battle cry

Probably my favorite on the list

2 Flight of the Silverbird
3 Cannon In D Minor

This song never fails to get me pumped up for anything

4 Star Sky
5 Across the Blood Water
6 None Shall Live
7 Stronger Faster Braver
8 Rise Above
9 Red Tower
10 Stormkeeper

The Contenders

11 Star Sky - Instrumental
12 Battleborne
13 Outpost
14 Sariel
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