Top 10 Songs on Two Steps from Hell's Invincible

Invincible is Two Steps from Hell's first public album, it contained songs from albums they releases previously that weren't at the time available for purchase by the public. This album contains several of TSFH's most well known songs including Heart of Courage which is considered by many (myself included) to be the best song they ever made. It also includes Protectors of the Earth and To Glory two other songs considered the bands best work, several of the songs were used in trailers for movies.

The Top Ten

Heart of Courage

In my opinion the best song ever made that is not a rock or metal song or a song made before the 1900s.

It maybe short but that doesn't mean anyhing because this song is just perfection for the whole length. - christangrant

To Glory

This song does sound like glory itself. - christangrant

Protectors of the Earth

A heroic sounding song, which could apply to several of the songs on here. - christangrant


This song would make an awesome Metal song. - christangrant

Master of Shadows

Nice apocalyptic sounding song - christangrant

Black Blade

Another Nice apocalyptic sounding song - christangrant

Freedom Fighters
Undying Love
False King

The Contenders

Fill My Heart
Moving Mountains
Am I Not Human?
Enigmatic Soul
Fire Nation
Super Strength
1000 Ships of the Underworld
Breath of Ran Gor
After the Fall
Infinite Legends
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