Rewind Review: Weezer's Blue Album

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Recently, I did a review on an album I endearingly enjoyed. It was Weezer's newest release known as the self-titled album. The fourth one they released and it was gimmicked the White Album. It grew to be one of my favorite albums by the band. But however, nothing beats their debut album, Weezer (aka the Blue Album).

Hello again, it's me cjWriter1997, the reviewer soon to be, and welcome to a special new review, known as Rewind Reviews. I'll go back in the past a review an album, worth mentioning. And just like the normal reviews, please feel free to recommend some older albums to review as well. As for now here is my first Rewind Review on Weezer's Blue Album. Enjoy!

Summer of 2015, the day I got my hands one probably one of the best 90s albums around. I was hooked as soon as I heard of songs like The World Has Turned Me and Left Me Here, Undone, and My Name Is Jonas. It will soon become of my favorite albums of all-time.

In 1994, no one expected a band like Weezer to rise up in fame. At the time where grunge was just at it's last peak, many venues only demanded bands of said genre. Weezer was often neglected by record companies and producers. Until the start of 1994, where the band started to record their first album. This album would be laid upon us as the Blue Album. A new wave of music, known as Weezer rose to fame when their debut album was widely acclaimed all over. It brought the band to the mainstream, selling well over 3 million copies, in America alone.

The album features 10 tracks, all of which make the album a enjoyable experience. There were 3 singles released with the album. First, The Sweater Song (or Undone), then Buddy Holly, then the widely known Say It Ain't So. The track also features great tracks like My Name Is Jonas, Only In Dreams, In the Garage and Holiday. Some of those are used in many media and video games.

The album is built to the "band practicing in the garage" sound known well for the 90s. Weezer's mix of awkward yet distinct lyrics, distorted melodic guitars, geeky attire and power pop anthems that are superior throughout years of music, make the album as well as the band remarkably unique and incredibly big in the 90s.

Let's talk about the actually songs. The album opens with the fast-paced opener, My Name Is Jonas. Rivers sings of his brother dealing with car insurance and medical bills after a bad car accident. Quite the wierd topic for a song, but it works quite well. The next two tracks are like a two-parter. No One Else discusses an obsessive man who dictates over his lover, while the next track The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, shows the man dealing with a broken heart when the girl stands up for herself and leaves him. At least what Rivers has said about those songs.

I'm not gonna go too much in depth with the next two tracks (Buddy Holly and Undone) because their both well-known. However, Undone is and will always be my favorite Weezer song. Fun fact, the sing was intentionallly about a break-up but ends up much more comical than sincere. Surf Wax America is the next track that really is easy to tell what the song is about (I mean, the title is a very good clue). Then there is Say It Ain't So, the song where Rivers sings his issues with alcoholism, along with his father and step-father problems.

In the Garage is a fun song about a nerd and his geeky stuff he has kept in his garage. Holiday is a pretty good track that really to me, is much more open to opinion on what the song could be. Finally, there's Only In Dreams, an 8 minute song discussing the feelings of love. A heart-warming track that is known for probably being one of the best album closers around. My second favorite track of the album.

Overall the album is great, and really enjoyable. So many good songs can be found in this gem. I love this album so much. I still time to time listen to this record quite frequently. I recommend this album to anyone who's into 90s music.

And with that, the final rating is an obvious 5/5!

Instead of listing my Fav tracks, here is just my Top Ten.

10. Holiday
9. In the Garage
8. Surf Wax America
7. Buddy Holly
6. No One Else
5. Say It Ain't So
4. My Name Is Jonas
3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
2. Only In Dreams
1. Undone (the Sweater Song)

That's it for the Rewind Review, I planning to make one every Thursday, so stay tuned for more. Tell me in the comments, what do you think of this album? Is it a 90s classic? Is it just ok? I'm curious, so please let me know. In other words, this cjWriter1997 signing off, and have a good day!


The album is a bona-fide classic.Great review,can't wait for more - FettiMC