Best Songs Off Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg

The Top Ten Best Songs Off Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg

1 New Moon Rising

Their second song from the album that became a single, New Moon Rising sports some great riffs and some great drumming in the verses. A great song to get your foot tapping. - lilbullet111

2 White Feather

The third song from the album that has become a single, White Feather is a song to jump to with catchy vocals and a mad 'Stocky' solo. - lilbullet111

3 Pilgrim

Okay, the way that they change the song completely halfway through by putting in a monsterous riff is EPIC! - lilbullet111

4 Far Away

NUMBER 12! You Are Kidding Me, this is like the best on the album. This is how the list should go:

1. Faraway
2. White Feather
3. New Moon Rising
4. California Queen
5. Back Round
6. Pilgrim
7. In the Castle
8. In the Morning
9. Cosmic Egg
10. Sundial
11. 10,000 Feet
12. Cosmonaut

What is Wrong with Faraway, it's the new single.

5 Back Round

Tuned in Drop D tuning for guitar, this song was the first off Cosmic Egg to become a single. It can only be heard on the special edition of Cosmic Egg, featuring 4 more songs. Great Riff, Great sound. - lilbullet111

6 California Queen

This song is cool, man. I mean, it's just a downright cool song. With an equally cool solo! - lilbullet111

7 In the Morning

A nice soft song which I think is actually about Andrew Stockdale's daughter. I love the way the band comes in. 6 - lilbullet111

8 Cosmic Egg

There's a lot of great guitar work in this song, a lot of character to the name of the song and the song itself. - lilbullet111

I love how Andrew's voice sounds like a cross between Ozzy and Robert Plant. This song is the best!

9 Sundial

Okay, now this song has a cool riff, and that's all I'm going to say! - lilbullet111

10 Cosmonaut

It has so much energy. Really takes you to outer space. The guitar-keyboards combination is different from the standard hard rock sound and, somehow, is more powerful. I wonder why it didn't make it into the regular edition of the album.

This song is pretty damn good. The main riff is quite different to anything else Stocky has done. - lilbullet111

The Contenders

11 10,000 Feet

Again with the monsterous riffs and the Robert Plant like vocals. A typical great Wolfmother song. - lilbullet111

12 In the Castle
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