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21 Anuradha Paudwal V 3 Comments
22 Saindhavi

Her voice is superb. Her voice is equal to Harini's Voice.
She is superb in singing. Her voice is like cuckoo. Let she be successful in this generation as well as in next generation. Continue to Rock Saindhavi.

Saindhavi is have lovely voice!

Congratulation to become great and best ever play back singer. Ag, asmp your lovely fans.

V 3 Comments
23 Rajkumar

First Superstar actor cum Singer to have won a National award for his singing.

The unique actor in the world who could sing in almost all his own movies

Fantastic singer. Could sing all genres. Filled songs with lots of emotions.

A1 singer

V 11 Comments
24 Ilaiyaraaja V 2 Comments
25 LR Eswari

Awesome singer from Old songs to Latest songs. She maintains her voice even at older age.

So many yungstars singing to emitted the voice of famous singers except LR ESWARI VOICE nobody was able to touch her voice till now I pray god to give live long life.

V 3 Comments
26 Harini

She is just a queen of voice and thanks for the most amazing songs delivered to us. And also thank Mr. AR'ji to introduced at her age of 13 to the industry...

She has a mesmerising voice. Her first song... In movies.. Ie nila kaigirathu will be marked in history as an evergreen. Simply inbeatable... And I simply fall in love with this song monggil thottam from Kadal jz for her voice

V 1 Comment
27 Naresh Iyer

I wish god to give and flower his blessings on you my dear friend my wish is friend you do wonders in your life and fly in the haven of music because you know my friend is not easy to make people to happy I think god feel proud of you and you will be the inspression thank you dear

Has a great involvement in his singing...

Superb singer ever


28 Pragathi Guruprasad

Has mesmerizing voice sang in Osaka osaka song from Vanakam Chennai

She is sch a good singer
It is nice to say pragathi's song
Make us fell pleasant
Keep rocking pragathi!

29 Geetha Madhuri

She is best and good singer

She is a beautiful singer I like her voice

Best singer

She sings very well.She are great singer.I like your voice.You are my favourite singer.She is all rounder.She receives many awards

V 1 Comment
30 Vijay Vijay

This list is for singers. If he wants to be on this list then put him last. Too many singers are better than Vijay

Just because you are a fan of him doesn't mean he has the 29th best voice. He's not better than Anirudh. No way lol

Wonderful singer.. No words 2 describe his talents

You are the best singer

V 7 Comments
31 Anirudh Ravichander

Unbelievable creates magic to the fans

You are the best singer in the world

Probably among the top 10 singers of the 21st century

I love you so much anirudh
I love your voice you are the best singer in the world

V 5 Comments
32 M. S. Subbulakshmi
33 Revanth V 2 Comments
34 Yuvan Shankar Raja

Marvelous singer! I'm an addict 2 his voice...

The greatest singer in Tamil cinema.. All time

No one in industry have this kind of voice.
This mans voice takes you to a different world.

V 2 Comments
35 Sunitha Upadrashta

Queen of female singers

She is Top singer

Very good singer

Melody queen

V 2 Comments
36 Mano

He is a super singer

Excellent singer. I think he is top5 male singers in 1980

Energetic singer

37 Shweta Mohan

Currently the best singer in industry.

She is a very best singer

She is a very best singer

38 Devi Sri Prasad V 4 Comments
39 S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

Sir I love your voice you are the best singer in the world

No idea who has prepared this list because few of the greats from yester years are forgotten.

40 Unni Menon

This is not the right place for him

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