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1 Spider-Man 2

1. Best swinging, sweet momentum actually doesn't swing on clouds like every game for the past 9 years
2. Best story obviously as it's based on the best Spider-Man movie too
3. Perfect combat not too basic not to complex
4. Graphics aren't that bad, 2004 what do you expect
5. Black cat was so good

Best swinging

2 The Amazing Spider-Man

I think that the amazing spider-man was the best game. It had a lot of options and activities to play around the city. It also was very fun story and very excited. I think it was the best spider-man story

3 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

I love this because of the combat, swinging, and multiple endings. The only thing I don't like is Spider-man's voice but I got used to it after a while. This game was funny too I like it when Spider-man and Wolverine fight and then he asks you Spidey trivia. That was so funny. If I were asked what my favorite Spider-man game is I would say Spider-man Web Of Shadows.

I must Have to go with this game cause its like a really good game best story to me and this the first time there's wolverine in the game so its boss

This game has a great story, the best combat, awesome swinging, and awesome music. I'd say Web Of Shadows is my favorite Spider-man game. 10/10

This game has a great combat system, and you can really see how much the upgrades influence combat. The story was interesting, at least to me, but I'm a sucker for any game with the symbiotes in it, plus, we got great web slinging, even if the webs did occasionally attach themselves to the sky. The morality system does make sense, given a symbiote's influence over it's host, and I didn't find any area of the game particularly lacking.

Plus, this game had the best spiderman jokes.

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4 Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Best Spider-Man video game ever! I thought it was hard at first but got used to it after a long time and ended up loving it! It's a vast improvement over Web Of Shadows! Second best superhero game of all time!

Thankes for discovering thise game and ilike thise game many much

5 Spider-Man: The Edge of Time
6 Spider-Man 3

I very like this game but I don't have this game

It is very nice

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7 Spider-Man: The Movie
8 Ultimate Spider-Man

This is the Grand Theft Auto v of ps2

9 Spider-Man (Playstation 1)
10 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

This is my childhood

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