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1 Enderman

Well... THE SCARIEST! Endermen, so you go in you know I'm in this castle and well I see enderman! I look at the ground because I know they will try to fight me at the first glance.. And they look creepy! Purple eyes and look like dead squids of what the rest of the body is! Me and my little brother saw an enderman, than I was just staring at the ground really scared ( because the enderman appearance is terribly creepy ) so when he hits it I hit it and we beat it... However we were ALSO killed! SO YEAH they are powerful... Two against one and he wins!? Impossible right? Haha. You will die instantly in the ender...
No the nether! My best friend died in creative when going into the nether o_O and it was creative!

It's pretty cool bc it can teleport, kill easily, and has a nice type of texture and loo. It actually also reminds mee of my lil bro, always sneaking up on people and could be extremely annoying sometimes, so yeah I really like the Enderman.

2 Creeper

Creepers used to be my favorite Minecraft character. It is no longer my favorite Minecraft character, but it is still cute. It looks so cute when you just start out the game, and so you don't realize how bad it is to see one of these. Well, until it blows you up that is.

Creepers are amazing! Such a shame they die all the time. They are my 2nd favorite mobs and are rlly cool! Having no arms and having 4 legs really suites them!

Creepers, in one-to-one combat, aren't that hard. They don't move particularly fast, they are weak to ranged attacks, and you can easily stop them from blowing up by killing them quickly. However, the scariest part is when they sneak up on you. When you're trying to hunt, mine, snipe, or mind your own business, these green monsters lurk in the shadows, kamikaze-ing themselves with deadly force. You'l be dead before you even know it. The only warning you get is the soft snake-like hiss.

3 Ender Dragon

The Ender dragon is far the best mob, or boss in Minecraft. She (It's actually female) is the most powerful mob in Minecraft, not including Herobrine, and also the most iconic. The Ender dragon was classified as the main antagonist of the game, and is the only reptile-based mob out of the whole game. Her appearance is majestic, as she seems to gracefully soar through the air. Her power is unbeatable by any other entity, (not including players) making her both powerful and just awesome. Do you know how many experience she gives you? 75 LEVELS! That is decent loot. The dragon is also a ruler of a dimension, which is also a big thumbs up boost to it's awesomeness. Youmust love the Ender dragon.

The Ender Dragon should be in first it's so simple people say this is a mob page but the Ender Dragon is considered a mob it literally owns the enderman plus after the 1.9 update some of the crystals are covered in iron bars in PC gamemode. Also the dragon can shoot fireballs and knock you into the void. It also sits on its portal and shoots death upon you if you get to close. All in all I have to say I have to say that it beats the Enderman the Wither and Herobrine. I mean Herobrine is not even in the game and the wither people say ooh the wither can win a 1v1 THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is that the Ender Dragon has its own place full of crystals and enderman. So unless the wither can win there without the player destroying the crystals the Ender should have its nice place as number 1!

4 Wither

The wither is that thing that is hard to spawn, hard to kill, and hard to regret killing. It is a hard fight, but the beacon you get after is super rewarding. I think the elder dragon fight is more fun, but this fight is more unique. Plus it is more fun on multiplayer because it causes more destruction plus you can spawn it anywhere. Perfect for anarchy servers.

The Wither is by FAR better because it has 300 hearts and the Enderdragon only has 200 hearts, plus it can drain energy from other entities, plus it can blast through Obsidian. NOTE: The Enderdragon is immune to most negative potion effects, but NOT Wither effect ;P
THE Wither is WAY better

He is the second strongest mob after the Ender Dragon and needs to be higher. Seriously, why is creeper above this when the wither is basically a flying creeper on steroids?

5 Wolf

Whoever kills my pet wolf I will come to your house. KIDDING! anyway, from the first time I tamed a wolf I literally fell in love <3

I love wolves and having them as a pet dog really helps. They will attack any unwanted hostile mobs that trouble you and they look so cute. I always get really attached to them despite them only being computer generated. I love wolves/dogs!


I love dogs and wolves in real life, but these ones in Minecraft are a great protection against zombies, skeletons, enderman, and all those other mobs while the cat scares the creeper.

6 Skeleton

A very smart undead mob. It is smarter than the zombies, who charge straight towards you without caring that they are being burned in sunlight. Skeletons will take shelter under a tree or in a lake to avoid being burned before they shoot arrows. Sometimes, they team up with other mobs and fire arrows at you while the other mob distracts you. In almost all of my Minecraft survival worlds, I have been killed by a skeleton at least once, usually while fighting another mob.

I also love the wither skeleton variant and you guys will say "what's that going to do with skeletons" well in earlier versions when wither skeletons were added you must use a skeleton spawn egg in the nether to spawn wither skeletons because wither skeleton spawn eggs were not added yet.

They will shoot arrows at you, and just like zombies they are dead and that makes skeletons SUPER COOL! Also they can hit you when you least expect it which is AWESOME!

7 Zombified Piglin

They should be made when zombie attacks pig. I wish they wouldn't all attack when you hurt one. How about 10 and self defense doesn't count.

Boss! How is enderman 1st it's a naked stick running around it deals like 2 hearts per hit and is killed by water!

There awesome they kill a lot of the vanilla mobs if you put them in mob battles!

8 Pig

I like pigs because they are cute and they always step on my cake. Pnce I made a world filled with pigs! Then I created this thing and offered it to one of my friends, Megan it was called a fresh door, there was also a fried door. But I also like pigs because well I just do I even made a vow to never kill pigs unless they were evil "lazer pigs " so I could save the real pigs but I like pork too so I like to eat a little a breakfast with some butter (gold block).

Pigs are awesome. If you ever "ran out of horses," find the common pig! Or you could just keep some in your farm for decoration or just eat roasted pig! Nom nom barbecue

Om nom nom. Porkchops, and guess what about these gluttony filled oinkers? They eat your potatoes and carrots while your farm! Geez, I sorta hate them.

9 Blaze

In my opinion, Blazes are the best mob in the game. They are found in nether fortresses, which happen to be similar to a castle. Back to Blazes, they have the spinning rod/stick like things circling around the cloud of smoke with a head.
When you near them, a fire lights in their smoke cloud. After a few seconds, they shoot a volley of three fireballs at you and then repeats the cycle all over again. This is somewhat unique as no other mobs besides the skeleton, blaze, wither, ghast (And I think the ender dragon in PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) and maybe a few others. Blazes are also the only mob besides ghosts to shoot fireballs. For these reasons I think Blazes are the best mob in the game.

And otherwise I just like them.

You can't give him (or her )'hate. The blaze is a beast mob that fires three fireballs in a row, next they hover which most mobs can't do and if you love your potions you have to worship the creature as a god.

10 Ocelot

Ocelots scare off creepers- which is good if there is one by your house. Ocelots are extremely cute in real life. They are my favorite animal- by far. Ocelots should be #1 because enderman don't drop anything, make a weird sound, and are not cute- at all. I don't care what you think because this is my personal opinion!

I like dogs but cats too because dogs attack mobs that attack you (except creepers) and for that problem, the cats scare them off, and very useful if you happen to come across a charged creeper!

I wish I could protect your home from creepers... Oh I found out about these adorable felines! They scare the hell out of creepers and they are cute when you tame them and breed them.

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11 Villager

Best mob ever! You can kill them, kidnap them, turn them into zombies and cure them for cheaper trades, enslave them, keep them in a one block space for all eternity, start raids on purpose for cheaper trades potentially killing them all and many more!

My vote goes to villager. Although some have rip off trades, the majority have some really awesome trades. Who helps you out when you want to ride a pony? Who helps you locate woodland mansions which are full of loot? Who gives you armor and weapons when your's have broken and you are getting chased after? They are not players, they are villagers.

They are weak and sometimes the "hrrrming" gets on my nerves but I honestly love this mob. Incredibly useful, intelligent and versatile, plus there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding a village in your world or locking in a mending trade. Minecraft definitely wouldn't be quite as fun without these guys "hrrming" and claiming beds all over the place. Plus they are the only other "human" mobs that are friendly

12 Mooshroom

I think that they are one of the best, BECAUSE they are one: Very rare. Two: Give food. The: Have one of the more unique textures. It is the only mob that is mainly red, and it has mushrooms (hence the name) on its back. Plus they also give beef if killed. So a worthy mob

Oh my! It's a red cow with a mushroom on its back! How cool. How can you not adore its CUTE WIDDLE FACE?! Plus you can get awesome stuff from it like mushrooms, mushroom stew, milk, leather and meat! AND they only spawn in like the most EPIC biome ever! I have like over 1000 mooshroom based stuff in Minecraft! Statues, pets, and I also have a mushroom biome hideout inside a giant mushroom. Oh yea, and a mooshroom plushie I orderd off of the internet. Vote the mooshroom!

You can get steak and leather from them like cows, and also milk with a bucket, but also unlimited mushroom stew (if you have a bowl) and a few mushrooms if you shear it. The most productive mob in the game.

13 Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons are FRIGHTENING! Even if your brightness setting is on full, you'll barely see them creeping towards you until its too late. They'll chase you down with their sprinting, beat you with their sword, and give you the Wither effect to finish you off. They also sometimes drop wither skeleton skulls when you beat them, which are handy to face the wither.

They are one of the only mobs that cause wither and are easily one of the most unique mobs. There is likely some hidden lore to them, as it is weird that they are taller than most mobs. They also look cool and, being someone who makes custom mobs, I often find these being the center of some of my best ideas.

Very impressive and frightening, I love how it looks. It puts up a good fight, especially with other either skeletons. The wither effect they give is deadly, and I love how they fight with pigeons. Perhaps part of a mysterious past...

14 Ghast

They are like giant cats, and it is fun to go inside them on creative mode. Also nice to spawn a bunch and have a chorus of them.

They are quite easy to beat if you've got a bow. If not you're pretty much doomed.

The nether is so hard already. They shouldn't be as hard to fight.

15 Iron Golem

Once, I went to a village and accidently hit a villager and the Iron Golem killed me, so I went back and tried to kill the Iron Golem but it killed me again. This cycle repeated a lot of times xD

One of the most powerful mobs, it only attacks with reason, if you hurt a villager or if you hurt it. Not exactly the brightest, but definitely reasonable.

Iron Golems are my favorite mob they are so strong and they protect villagers. I love obtaining block of iron and pumpkins so I can spawn them

16 Zombie

Good mechanics, it turns villagers into zombies that you can cure after, really scary when in a dark cave just hearing their groaning and not knowing from where it comes from. It is the basic enemy, but it is a good one.

From Being the most weakest mob ever to the most dangerous mob in the overworld! Why? Because they come in hordes if you just punch a zombie! 1 or 3 you can handle but a whole pack is just unbearable!

Quay, they gang up on you, we all know they are so cute! 6 or more of them and yu are done for, only way to obtain potatoes without villages, the most boss mob in minecraft, creeper no 2

17 Cow

You got plentiful of milk from them when you-------. Although Creepers are my favorite, but I think cows are always a primary source of surviving in your first days. They produce leather armor and meat and milk. In a world called "Adventure World", I trapped a cow in midair and I can milk it and it can't escape. I eat cakes and all the work came from cows. Their udders really produce something!

The cows are the reason why cake, milk exits.

18 Spider

The best parkor mob in the game, they can climb walls! I don't think you are getting away from them, besides that they are nice pets if you keep them under a sun lamp... Untill the sun goes down youll have a nice peacefull spider, too bad he will kill you in your sleep.

They are so cute in the day time.

Already on here

19 Magma Cube

This should be higher for 5 reasons #1: can swim in lava #2: no fall damage #3: jumps higher than slimes #4: look cooler #5: babies do damage.

Cute little jelly blobs! I always am happy when I see these little guys! But only the little ones. Not the giant ones though.

Bouncy cube of hell

20 Chicken

My personal favorite. I hang out with them all the time! They also can't die from falls! Without them, we wouldn't have cake! One of the first three mobs, I believe.

I like chickens. They are funny to look at. I am also a bird watcher and lover so chickens really do it for me.

An automatic chicken farm/cooker is so cool and baby chickens are so cute.

21 Slime

Slimed are the best mobs ever! I based my Minecraft skin off of it, dang it! Besides being completely adorable, slimes can be a formidable foe. You don't expect them because they are hard to find, and it makes killing them much harder when they can split into fourths. Plus, once you get a slime to it's final form, you are rewarded with a baby slime, which can be killed for precious slime balls or can be kept as pets that won't kill you! My friend has a pet slim named Thomas. VOTE SLIMES!

Slimes on a flat world are the absolute WORST mob to face. This makes them the strongest force I have ever seen in the over-world. Overall though, zombie pigmen take the lead. Slimes will always spawn in a flat world, will be the most common mob, and will surprise the player if he or she isn't looking around. I cannot count the number of times I have gotten hit by a slime because I haven't been looking. Also, slimes can hurt you even if you killed them once. They have three stages in which two of them could be a threat. They do NOT back down and they will survive in the light. They can match zombies in mobs and are one of the most difficult mobs to find in a vanilla Minecraft server (no mods) because one must find a slime chunk to find slimes. Swamps and slime chunks are the only places where one can find a slime. Also, slimes are needed to make sticky pistons, a valuable resource that many players use for redstone contraptions. Their usefulness cannot be turned down. Skeletons have bones, which are useful in some aspects, but are only useful if one has a mob grinder or one has melons or pumpkins. Another way skeletons are useful is for small time farming. However, many people use redstone to automatically farm, and with these redstone contraptions, some players use sticky pistons. Zombies are useful for getting potatoes, carrots, and rotten flesh. However, carrots and potatoes can be found in villages, which can be found easily in a desert, and rotten flesh is really only good with milk because of food poisoning. Once again, these items are not as rare as slimes. There are numerous biomes, and swamps have been one of the hardest biomes to find. Creepers only have one use to the player, gunpowder, which is only used for potions and TNT. TNT for one, is mainly used for griefing and mining. However, in my experience, I have not met a single player who used tnt for the purpose of mining. Wolves and cats are domestic animals whose only purpose is to keep the player... more

22 Ravager

Badass and has awesome attacks, it really looks menacing and is a real threat during raids.

They are so cute even though they are hostile!

23 Squid

Give the poor squid a break! Just because sky hates them doesn't mean you should too! They are derpy. And lets face it, the water would be pretty boring without them.

The squids are so stupid in exploding tnt's videos, and yet so ruthless in: if squids took over Minecraft.

You only get a few ink sacks if you kill them. Then, you can write your diary!

24 Vindicator

Why is this mob so low? It is my favorite mob in the raids because it knows axe PVP and if you name it Johnny it goes berserk and kills everything on sight. Truly a remarkable mob. Also, it is op. Like, I remember starting a hardcore world and spawning right near a woodland mansion. Then, one of these things ran out of the mansion and killed me. Great!

They have axes look good

25 Silverfish

The silverfish are hard to fight because they are one of the smallest hostile mobs in the game. They are easily the death of players who are close to the end portal. They are truly dangerous but standing on 2 blocks helps as they can't get on it and then you can kill them easily.

Such an underrated mob. I mean come on. You break a piece of stone and they pop out and try to push you in lava! You may not see them too much but still, how cool is their attack.

You mean they are overrated. What a ripoff of the wolf you guys! They make annoying sounds, and technically, they can be found absolutely anywhere!

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