Top 10 Best Female Volleyball Players in the Philippines

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1 Alyssa Valdez

Alyssa Valdez... FANTASTIC... One word is enough to describe her personalities, her look, her way of playing and everything she has. Having 4 awards in one season was incredible, don't you agree? It was history when she had those awards. It is kinda hard to imagine that she is able to manage to have an amazing and incredible transition from being a admirable beach volleyball player, which is very hard to an outstanding indoor volleyball player. Her dream was simple, to be a member of the. Philippines' Women's National Volleyball Team. It is also hard to imagine a simple and humble lady studying in college to become a successful person someday while going for matches, practices and those sort of things. She manages her time amazingly. Do you think she is capable of working, studying, endorsing and playing at a same time? We'll see about that! She is not just an amazing athlete, she is also a super star, endorsing products. She is an actress. Visiting some famous T.V. shows in the ...more

Ok, just for the sake of satisfying everyone who doesn't believe in her, let's say, she's just a very good volleyball player... But, truly, what makes her stand head and shoulders above most other players, she shows us, all of us, the great possibility that we can all be (and become) the best that we can be! A great inspiration! And in this, really, no other collegiate volleyball player comes close. Name anyone you want... No one inspires more than Alyssa.

The fame and flame for philippine volleyball spread like wildfire with alyssa valdez... There were other spectacular players ahead of her and even now but she's a real stand out and knocker... Plus that very humble character she have even with that popularity that attracts known movie, sports, political and millions of admirers not only here but abroad... A very young promising athlete and an outstanding youth model of her generation... Inside and outside of the taraflex arena... !

This is no doubt. With all her Championships and Individual awards she gets. Even product endorsement. She's the most followed Volleyball Player here in Philippines.

2 Ara Galang 

Despite not having the most individual awards, she still has the raw talent in order to stay on the list. A sturdy blocker, steady digger, calm passer, intelligent spiker, and last but not the least, deadly behind the service line. She may not have the attitude like other players that brings up the team, but she still has that kind of appearance that makes her look like she's playing calmly and confidently and that kind of aura helps her team keep their wit and motivation up!

Not only as the best spiker, but also as the best player among her generation thanks to her unmatched defense and offense. Not to mention her hopping power and as well as her flexibility while in mid-air every time she does her undecipherable craft whenever a set is given to her.

Ara is the best all-around player in Philippine volleyball. She is a champion not only in indoor volleyball but also in beach volleyball as well. Her quick-minded offense makes for hard to read shots while her defense in the net and on the floor is truly commendable.

Although she may have lost some of her offensive form because of her injuries, she has proven herself to be one of the most dependable athletes in her team. She always gives her best whenever she is playing in any spot around the court.

I have no doubt that she can go back to her MVP form and perform her best in the professional league in national and international grounds.

Being the best player is not just about being able to spike the ball perfectly to get the point. A player must be able to take one for the team, dig those loose balls and block the offense of the opposing team.

Ara has proven herself to be one of the best all around players, giving her best despite not being a 100% okay because of her injuries. She has proven to us that whenever something bad happens to you, you should take it in stride. Make it influence you to be better and not be a hindrance to your growth as a player.

Ara Galang is the best female volleyball as she is an all around player. From spiking, blocking to service and even when it comes to digging/receiving. Accuracy and variety of spikes like "cut shot", "cross court", "off the block", etc. and her famous "down the line". When you say "Down the line" definitely Ara Galang owned it. Also tagged as Ara "The Great" Galang. Recovering from 3 knee injuries but getting back on playing better as ever. Always giving her all, a volleyball player worth watching and an inspiration.

3 Aiza Maizo-Pontillas

Best utility player I've ever seen, and definitely one of the best female players that has graced the Philippine volleyball court. Superb blocking skills, very versatile and smart. Showcases great variation of attacks, knows how to score without always relying on power. Always gives off a calm and composed aura on the court even under high pressure. A leader by example, always uplifts members when down. Very humble.

She's a trendsetter. Before, Utility Spikers was never an offensive option until Aiza Maizo-Pontillas came in to the scene. An all around player with multiple awards around her neck from different leagues; Best Blocker, Best Server, Best Spiker, Best Scorer, Most Valuable Player, etc.. The list just go on and on. Idolized by almost evreryone (including me! ). She never fails to inspire people with her simple charisma and leadership inside the court.

Definitely the best all around player of all time. Has won all the awards except for setting and digging. Superb offense and defense be it at the net or on the floor. Clutch player and irregardless of position she will deliver. Very smart player, and a great leader. Cool, calm and collected even under pressure.

The phenom on her UAAP Days. She is a very deadly weapon of the Tigresses when it comes to scoring and reception. Her leadership qualities is also exceptional as she knows how to motivate her teammates when they are down and trailing!

4 Angeli Tabaquero

Maria Angelie Tabaquero is a full package outside hitter I said so because aside from her high percentage offense she can also contributes to defense. Angge Tabaquero is a very efficient and smart outside hitter. I haven't seen anyone like Angge Tabaquero.

She should be the top 2 on the list.

A great captain, a strong player. What else can a volleyball team ask for? Tabaquero have it all. Power attacks, strong defense and offense. I really love watcHiNg your game.

What makes a great VOlleyball player is being the total package.
1. Leadership - Angge was dubbed "Kapitana" for being the RP Team's Team Captain (the best according to many).
2. Skills - one of the best attackers UST had produced, known for her amazing digs and defensive plays, very consistent serves
3. Sportmanship - Was awarded Best in sportsmanship
4. Attitude - Undeniably a joy to watch duering her games, the right amount of spunk and quirk.

So yeah, for me Angge is the Best.

Before the Alyssa Valdez story,during the those times when Facebook was still being conceived into the mainstream minds of us all and when the re-birth of Philippine Womens Volleyball was just beginning... the famed Jersey No.2 was not Blue but Yellow.. and the name on the back reads.. TABAQUERO.

In a comparative degree,when all Volleyball fanatics only have some web forums and websites to exchange ideas and share their thoughts about their volleybelle heroines,(no Facebook,twitter,instagram.. etc) Alyssa's mainstream influence were only rivaled by 2 other players to this day,Daquis and Tabaquero. And in my honest point of view,if social media was in the mainstream consciousness of everyone,Daquis and Tabaquero... might have been on a different level.

5 Tatan Pantone

Being awarded as "Best Digger" in the Shakey's V-League and UAAP for 5 times and 3 times, respectively. She comes out as one of the best liberos in the country. Because of her unbeatable defense, her team Adamson is known for its excellent floor defenses and receptions.

She plays without fanfare but certainly always gets the work done.

She's one of the best player I've known for, especially being libero.

6 Dindin Santiago-Manabat

She's No. 1 for me merely because she can play as middle hitter/quicker, open spiker, back row attacker, she has improved her defense at the back line. What else can you ask for if she's on your team? She just needs to be more aggressive on her attacks like any other players here.

She is popular but not as popular as alyssa valdez, however, her skills both offense and defense should put her name on the top. Give her the right coach and she will dominate every game easily. Just look at what she become in PSL. She will not be called the franchise for nothing.

We all know that in volleyball, height is might and during her time, she had the determination to win in every match although she might easily get angry, dindin has the potential to play volleyball.

She's the best. She really make effort in every game she play. She is number 1. She is a middle hitter, outside spiker, middle blocker and even sometimes can set. Dindin is smart in playing. That's why she is on the line-up of national team and an MVP.Dindin Manabat is the Best Volleybal Player.

7 Myla Pablo

True to her pet name the typhoon...and she showed us that she can do more than she did during her UAAP days...she can spike even stronger now.

MYLA is such a gifted player, with her wit, charms and skills surely makes her the best in the Volleyball field. Keep up the great work! #imsuchafanofyours! STAY AWESOME!

A perfect approach, ball contact and powerful hits would be best to describe her.

A very good female volleyball player has a big strong spikes and well-planned drop shots,.

8 Jaja Santiago

Jaja really is essential in national team. With a 6'5 height, she is very good being a middle blocker and middle attacker. Her attack surely about to point. Santiago Sisters is really the best volleyball players. They must be on every game of national team.

She is the star of the philippine womens volleyball since 90% of her attacks are about to point.

She's the Queen...World class talent...just need more practice / training.

Wow I like her because alyja is one of the best spiker..

9 Aby Marano

There can never be another BMDC queen than Marano. Her fierceness and leadership on court is what separates her from all other middle blockers. Not only is she an epitome of leadership but also of excellence having claimed two MVP awards during her collegiate stint; as well as multiple Best Middle Blocker awards from her collegiate and up to her Semi-pro league career.

She is the best captain for me...she fights with all her heart and gives her best no matter what...her name remains in the greatest volleyball player in the world till the end of time for me...she is truly fierce,amazing,great,and the only el capitana of De La Salle University...I love you abi...

She's formidable in the defensive end and can let you eat dust in the offense.
Consistent, dependable and a great team leader.

You just gotta vote for Aby. No one could ever pass through her wall or the block. Captain Lionheart and El Kapitana.

10 Rachel Anne Daquis

RAD should be the #1.
She is a model athlete. Imagine hindi siya party goer, hindi nagpupuyat, hindi umiinom ng alcoholic drinks.
She is so humble. She has a big heart to the poor. She always give back what she earned and share it to others.
Not to mention her popularity outside of the court-having a lot of endorsement and sponsorships.
Not just the best volleyball player we have known. Beautiful in and out.

For me, she is the best player. Actually I'm not a fan of volleyball but when I've read a story in wattpad where in she is the character used in there. I've search a lot about her. When I got to know that she is a volleyball player and watched all her videos. Man! She is simply gorgeous, putting all her effort from the heart. Plus the bonus that she is fun to be with, making faces dancing like crazy but the heck she cares? Still beautiful nonetheless.

Rachelle Anne Daquis is simply the best. R-A-D is enough! It's not just about the skills, the stats and awards but also it's about inspiring and making an impact on others. And I must say, DAQUIS does it all :) I'm not an avid volleyball fan but when I saw her play, I got attracted to the game. I saw her passion and heart while playing this sport. I salute her! More power!

Always been a positive inspiration. To make a person interested in volleyball when the sport really doesn't matter at the beginning is such a big accomplishment. Had been following and supporting Philippines' women volleyball because of Daquis!

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11 Jovelyn Gonzaga

I agree that she is very underrated player. I remember watching phil army's game and you can really felt her presence on the court. So good in defense like shes every where in the court just to keep the ball alive. Her high percentage spikes showed how talented Jovs is and receiving that award in the last shakeys vleague conference is a result of hardworks, teamwork, and dedication to the sport.

The best utility player in the country. Sorry to Aiza Maizo fans but this girl skills-wise is better than the UST phenom. Precise and piwerful hits. Good blocking. And effective fliir defender.

She's amazing player of the Philippines... she can do all the positions inside the court. Very talented

In every game she always does her best..An all around player..

12 Gretchen Ho

She's very good in timing as well as defense. Her running heat is functioning effectively.

Seems to be intelligent and smart. Beautiful and one of the best volleyball player.

The famous crowd darling of the philippine volleyball. Loving her quick attacks.

You're so very beautiful and very nice in running hit!

13 Venus Bernal

She is still the queen of Philippine Volleyball, Her down the line attack is still the greatest of all the players. No one can beat that.

The best open spiker during her time, her power could rival Jang Bualee...

Legend. Nothing can beat her with Balse. UST days.

14 Stephanie Mercado

Agree great player of all time... Two thumbs up...

She's the real phenom... Greatest player of time...

Great player of all time.

15 Mary Jean Balse-Pabayo

Had won so many MVP awards from several tournaments.

Another legend of UST. No one could beat them.

Hi! How I wish I can be like you soon...

Had won many mvp over the others and had won many championship teams over the others

16 Rubie de Leon
17 Maika Ortiz

Her running attack form is said to be one of the most perfect running attack forms ever seen in the court. Because of her strong attacks and unbeatable blocks, she is awarded as Best Attacker in UAAP S74 and Best Blocker in SVL.

Master of the Running Spike...

Queen of running attack

18 Michelle Carolino

The way she fly in the air.. Her hangtime... Considering she's not that tall but boy... SHE CAN JUMP. Her knack to score at crucial points... The best! She makes the games more exiting!

His high jumping ability and powerful spikes delivers a great impression that will last for sure..

There's still no one like her since La Salle's golden days. No one can hammer balls like she did.

2001 2003 2005 Won Bronze in Sea Games together with her sister Mayeth. Her leaping ability is off the charts

19 Rhea Dimaculangan

The best ant the most consistent player of all time. Including best blocker.

No. 1 player for me

20 Laurence Ann Latigay

LauAnn Latigay is my first Love. Alyssa Valdez is my Greatest Love. I don't know who to pick.

21 Bangladesh Pantaleon

The original super girl

22 Jia Morado

Even a rookie last year then I believe she's the best setter that season... Ateneo's unbelievable championship was perfectly steered by her... Her talent for me loomed far better than those of the veterans... Though she's got alyssa valdez as her main gun and the top scorer of the league... Her mastery of navigation with all the other guns of the team was superior to all the other setters of the other teams... There could be some slight shorts in the tabulations but overall I see this young lady the smartest and bravest risk taker of her business... And that's why they became 2x champions already... These next remaining years for her will be fruitful and I believe her steering will be the one great element for repeat championships for the team... God bless... !

Now I think this type of players should be in a different category than those of the likes of Alyssa Valdez. 'Cause a team simply can't function without a setter. And who does the job better than Jia Morado? In such a young age too. I honestly think that she is just as great as her teammate Valdez, it just so happens that they have different positions. And unfortunately, hers just doesn't get that much credit.

Morado is very consistent and has nourish her talent. She is just a sophomore but she can soar high just
Like other players. She is a talented and a ascetic player and very enthusiastic. I remember this athlete because of her determination and she united her heart.she probably don't mind being a dominant player
She actually mind to be more resilient and to focus her attention to the game. Morado may not be a star of this phenomena but I believe that morado is the best setter in this generation. Yes talent wins game but hardwork and determination wins championship

She's the BEST of all, a great captain, a great leader, a great and the BEST SETTER in the Philippines. JIAmazing plays and magic touch of his hands always inspires me and to those children and fans. A cool, calm, brave and humble player the ateneo and the Philippines have. Thank you Jia!

23 Denden Lazaro-Revilla

One of the best diggers and best receivers in the Philippines. She is called the "Iron Eagle" and the floor defender plus her charms will really catch you especially her adorable eyes. How I wish I can be as pretty as she is, the Filipina way of being beautiful is clearly seen in Denden's features.

Denden best year is was her last year playing for ateneo. It only shows how smart she is when it comes to defending those attacks from DLSU during the finals. Den was like all over the place digging and saving the ball. Their opponents attacks didn't score easy because of her. I definitely vote for her as one of the best libero in UAAP womens volleyabll.

Den has a very high percentage in receiving & Digging the ball... & even she's a libero she can deliver points from her receive... She's not just great volleyball player but shes a very beautiful player!

Lazaro is one of the Best Libero in the Philippine Volleyball today's generation. She's good in Defense & Receiving!.

24 Michele Gumabao

Definitely one of the best volleyball players this year. I was surprised she wasn't included in the last U-23.

She's not a scorer all the time but her heart and enthusiasm when in court makes you feel like your watching them personally. She's indeed a very good leader and the HEART to every team.
#gumabao7 #♥ToEveryGame!

You don't want to meet her near the net...

She had a strong hand

25 Fille Cainglet-Cayetano

I'm an avid fan of Fille... Super smart player... because of you my realized how great volleyball is.

For me the smartest player today. She is not only an explosive ofensive player but one of the best defensively!

Fille. Shes one of the best volleyball players in her generation.

Pretty, smart and cute. Very intelligent.

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