Top 10 Best American Pool Players

Who do you think is the best American Pool player? Only American Pool, no Snooker.
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1 Efren "The Magician" Reyes

Efren revolutionized how the game is played at the highest level, that's why he is the greatest. He is arguably the greatest kickshot and safety player all time. His ingenuity at the pool table is what makes him so entertaining to watch. During his heyday he was undoubtedly the most popular figure in the pool scene and to this day many refer to him as the Greatest All-Around Pool Player the game has ever seen. Reyes' impeccable shot selection and excellent cue ball control is mindbogglingly ridiculous to witness. No other player in recent memory has been able to duplicate his mastery of game and achievements at the pro avenue. But most of all what separates him apart from his contemporaries is his humility and respect that people simply gravitate towards him as he embodies the truest form of a world class phenom, legend and gentlemen of the sport.

2 Ron Dooley

Seen him run many racks over 100 and great trick shot artist
Billiard instructor also
8 ball champion!

Ron has more stamina than any of the players
Listed above and that is a very powerful force.

Ron is a man full of skill and experience!

3 Mika "The Iceman" Immonen

Mika Immonen, the Ice Man from Finland is one of the most talented players in this sport. With his amazing technique and stroke, he is in the high end elite.

4 Shane Van Boening

I Like Shane and Efren due to their humbleness. Efren being the Magician and Making little errors when playing makes him the best all around. Along with Shane, except he has more time to play and get to the notch Efren was once at. He is winning many titles and playing great. Very respectful also. You can't leave Strickland out because he is a great 9Ball player, and hilarious to watch, but cocky. I enjoy watching all these players. There are a few more GREATS out there but this would be my top 3. Just an Opinion.

5 Earl "The Pearl" Strickland

EARL "THE PEARL" STRICKLAND is very smart to adjust the placement of the cue ball, and a few times I watched the game with a big score as the Tar Podcasts and Color of money, he really has a resistance of game balance, for example, the second time against the best players Shane Van Boening world namely, Shane is very frustrating to see Earl and mental abilities. Then the World pool association is very stupid, do not see and calculate rankings based only ten ball games with a maximum score of 10-18 but 40 to 70, when only a small score game pool could say luck during a break, the term with score 10, young people can only be won when playing pool random origin or ability unsightly eye. But if the score 40 -70 mencaai expertise can someone look stupid smart or lucky miss.EARL STRICKLAND world player of the era to era...

6 Johnny "The Scorpion" Archer

Johnny the Scorpion from Georgia is an amazing player and definitely a role-model for many aspiring players in this sport.

Recently I met that legendary guy in Thetford Mines, Qu├ębec,
And he signed my cherry wood hand made cue case.
I was very honored to discuss with him and he will be back in may
For the "ARCHER CUP"and I hope he will win the tournament.
Good luck Johnny!

7 Darren Appleton

He never gives in. He is mentally strong, he doesn't know when he's beat. He will get even better with time. A legend in the making.

Darren is a pleasure to watch. Smooth stroke and quality cue ball control. Very humble guy as well.

This guy just keeps winning recently! He's awesome!

8 Ralf Souquet

Top notch player and a great guy.

9 Willie Mosconi

I've been on, and off, the tables for most of my life. My father was a really good "hustler" and I had been told stories about him, from his old friends. My dad used to tell me of the time he watched Willie Mosconi play. He said he had never seen anyone, ever, that was as composed or as proficient on the table as Mosconi. I've watched many professional players and have never seen one myself that I felt could stand at the same table with Willes for any length of time. I've watched hundreds of videos of the man, and seen many an accomplished player. None were even close.

10 Skyler Woodward

Skyler is the best all around guy. Started as a junior and still show his appearance at the junior leagues for the kids. In my opinion Sky is the limit for this kid.

Having just won MVP in the Mosconi Cup 2018, this youngster is moving on up the ladder. I hope to see him in the top 10 soon!

A natural beast in its habitat.

The Contenders
11 Mike Sigel

Mike (Captain Hook) Sigel is without a doubt the greatest nine ball player ever in my opinion. Besides being the greatest player, his talking and bantor duing his matches is awesome and entertaining. I've been playing for about 20 years now. He was and is my favorite of all time. His instructional tapes inspired me when I first started playing and (The Captain) will always be my favorite player EVER! Thank you Mke Sigel for all the great matches that I've had the privilege of watching.

For Sigel not to be at the top of the list is absolutely inexcusable. He is the best player of all time and no one could touch him in his prime.

12 Mike Dechaine

Mike Dechaine is one of the strongest players in pool in the world at the time. The fact that he's number 14 on this list is literally insulting. How many times have we watched him not only beat, but literally own many of the people above him on this list? I mean he drives Earl Strickland crazy because he can't beat him. And I'm sure some of you going to say the same things that Earl says, take away the jump cues and let's play on the ten foot table with no side pockets or some imaginary game that doesn't exist. Well the reality is that's not the game and that's not the game everyone else is playing either. How mini mosconi Cup appearances has he made in the last 6 years? Him Shane Van boening and a couple others are the strongest American players in the world bar none.

13 Alex Pagulayan

I have had the honor of meeting Alex at the US/Canada Border Battle held in Mississauga Ontario in 2002, then he was just a young pup, but even then he was brilliant in comparison to the likes of the other players in attendance - including Nick Varner, Thornburg, Archer, Duel - he is amazing at creating and escaping hooks, and his shot making abilities are simply scary! - I think he is awesome as he represents Canada (grew up in Toronto) and is an amazing talent - he is not an Efren Reyes, but he continues to improve and mature and in my opinion deserves to be considered in the Top 10 (maybe even top 5) of talented Players.

14 Francisco Bustamante
15 Ronnie O'Sullivan

He has by far the best natural talent with a cue... he is far superior playing snooker than any of these names on the list. He doesn't really care about pool. You Americans watch his 5 minute 147 on youtube and you will see how good he is.

Beautiful touch on the snooker table. I've seen only one pool player with a touch like Ronnie's, and that was Shane Van Boening before he became a pro. He was fast and loose.

#1 Snooker player in the world, and probably the most talented pool player of today.

16 John "Omaha" Shuput

Best bar table player of his generation! Tons of heart!

I saw this guy in personally run 14 racks of nineball for $200 a game in Paducah, KY. I think he should be moved up big time.

17 Dennis Orcollo

Fundamentals are super strong. He has no fear, he knows he going to make the ball.

Best player on the planet ought to be on the list.

Best Money player in the world currently.

18 Ronato Alcano
19 Jayson Shaw

Massive respect for this players talent.
Put on a very good show at the 2017 Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas
beating Van Boening - coming back from 4-2 down to win 5-4.

He is a very explosive and passionate player - fun to watch, firey
guy, see the cue throwing incident at Mosconi or the 14.1 Championship
where Earl and Jayson get into it - very entertaining :-)

Let's let Fargo rate order the players they got a way closer grip than this joke of a list.

20 Nick Varner

If nick isn't one of the greatest players of all time then everyone here must not know anything about pool. Also came straight from my home town of Owensboro Kentucky so he's a talent for sure

Absolutely one of the best! It's a thrill to watch him.

21 Buddy Hall

Racked for this phenomenon at Guys and Dolls in Shreveport in big money games against Billy Incardonna and Jimmy Mataya. He slaughtered them heads up and then gave them a big spot and took more money off of them. Got so bad that when Buddy would break the balls and they were wide open Incardonna would just have me re-rack them and concede the game as opposed to watching Buddy slow play them all in one by one. He used to give Louie Roberts the 7 ball as well. And...Louie didn't like it.

That's how good The Rifleman was!

22 Justin Bergman

Justin is under rated and one of the best player in the world today. Just watch his selection and mapping. When things don't go as planned he has the ability and skill to pull it out.

23 Daryl Peach
24 Louie Roberts

The most talented run-out artist to ever play 9-ball, two-shot-roll-out. Daring and charismatic to be sure. An all-time great.

Louie had the best stroke of anyone to ever play the game.

Most of you were not there when the show was over that was what when the true came out the true gone fighters come in to there own the real magic began it was a sight to behold I was there my name is holly

25 Jim Rempe

This ranking is a joke. One of top 5 nine ball players ever and for a 5 year window the best in the world. I know at one time he beat #1 Reyes in some tournament finals & semi- finals.

The best I've ever seen. I've seen the most incredible shots and the majority come from this man.

My favorite pool player. Best incredible shots.

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