Best Pro Racquetball Players

List of the ten all time greatest to have on the Pro Racquetball Tour.
The Top Ten
1 Kane Walselenchuk

He is the Donald Bradman of racquetball. Donald Bradman. Never heard of him did you? Statistically he stands so far above everyone else that it is possible for him to be the number one. He took a year off cricket once and won the South Australian open squash tournament. Don Bradman is the only athlete ever to be statistically twice as good as the rest in his sport. Even decades later the next best averages are around 40% lower. Bottom line is if you did your research you would find it hard to argue against Bradman, whose hand-eye coordination is so far ahead of ANYONE else, ever to have lived, including Federer. Sir Donald Bradman the greatest cricketer of all time in the toughest sport of all time in one of the toughest periods on earth of all time. Batting Average of 99.94.06 from being perfect that's why he is the greatest to be that close to being perfect is an amazing feat. Kane Waselenchuck is the Donald Bradman of Racquetball.

2 Marty Hogan

This is a very easy decision. His longevity, and current physical condition, even today is amazing! He looks like he did 30 years ago. Plays almost as well, with hardly any drop off. I am 52 years old nw. When I think of racquetball, I see Marty Hogan in my head. I see other players in the spotlight for short periods of time over the past 30 years. But the vision of Marty is head and shoulders above all others. Turns out he is a heck of a nice guy as well. Very humble, and helps out others on a daily basis. His total balance on and off the court make everyone else a distant second on the list

I select Marty because he had the most influence on the sport. I was able to meet and play him at Lowry AFB, Co. He played a few of us there, the top two women and the top two men and of course he promoted his racquet. He let us all win, how great for our egos. I also saw him play in LA. Kane is great but not the same influence on the game. Special note for Ruben, meet him in Orlando and he is a great inspiration for the game. Go Ruben.

3 Cliff Swain

Won more professional racquetball matches and tournaments than any player in history at or near the top of the sport from 1985-2005. #1 Ranked Player 1990, 93, 94, 95, 98, 02. Best serve of all time.

Dominated Kane until he was 35 years old. Great rivalry with Hogan that went back and forth during 80'school and early 90's. His serve is the biggest weapon in the history of the,sport.

At the top when the sport was at its peak. Whole different level of play during his time. Kane has to play amateurs.

4 Sudsy Monchik

Outside of his chronic back issues from how many times he would hit the floor face first in a single game, his devastating backhand and ability to backhand splat a cross-court pinch rollout is something that just cannot be replicated over the last 20 years in the game. Cliff had the most dominating serve, but if Sudsy didn't have Derrick Rose's same bad luck when it comes to genetics versus injuries on a hard wood court sport, Sudsy could have continued to dominate until the age of 40 without question. The gets he could pull off given his vertical and diving ability only added to his .50-like power shots. Just heard from him this week and he is doing well with his continued virtual instructions out east and he is also still playing doubles at a high level as of 1/21. Cheers, Steve/USNSWC > Steven Essani (Chicago).

Sudsy is the best RH player of time Greatest BH, clocked 170 mph.
Probably quickest & Fastest player most power of Era, Could dunk a basketball at 5' 10".
When his game was on he completely dominanted his main rival Cliff Swain.

5 Mike Yellen

Played with Mike as a teenager at Soutgfield athletic club. Should be best ranked ever!

#1 Ranked Player 1983-87. Won Ektelon, Catalina and DP Nationals in 1983. Won DP Nationals in1984.

6 Mike Ray

Toughest player I played, & I got to play Rubin a few times so yeah, slight edge but Gonzalez more legendary overall.

#1 Ranked Player in the World 1992. Winner of Pro Nationals 1989, 1992 & 1993. One of the top players in the world 1984 - 1998.

7 Charlie Brumfield

#1 Player in the World from 1972-1976. Five time National Singles Champion. Won multiple national titles indoors, outdoors and in paddleball. Won twenty consecutive tournaments.

Most strategic player of all time. Dominated indoors and outdoors, singles and doubles!

8 Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben is a very dedicated player, I had the pleasure of meeting him once at a tournament, he took the time to talk to me about racquetball questions that I had!

#1 Ranked Player in the World in 1988. Winner of 1988 Pro Nationals. 1983 Pro Racquetball Rookie of the Year. One of the top players in the world 1982 to present.

9 Dave Peck

#1 Ranked Player in the World in 1982. Won Ektelon Nationals in 1980. Won Ektelon and Catalina Nationals in 1982. 1979 Pro racquetball Rookie of the year. Stopped Hogan's streak of five consecutive #1 rankings in 1982.

10 Jason Mannino

#1 Player in the World in 2003. Winner of 1999 US Open. Winner of 2001 IRT Pro Nationals. Winner 2006 US Open. One of the top players in the world 1996-2010.

Played and beat most of the best players if all tine. Top five in my opinion.

Quickest player I ever seen on the court.

The Contenders
11 Rocky Carson

The fact that I have to write anything is a joke. Do your research or don't make a list.

One of the strongest and most humble player..

12 Andy Roberts

Winner of over 20 Professional Tournaments. Ranking never dropped below #4. Won 4 Grand Slam Events. Beat all of the best players from 80's era and 90's era.

13 Chuck Quindlen

One of the best roll out hitters ever, out of executive club in Rocky River Ohio.

14 Egan Inoue
15 Gregg Peck

Should be in top 15.

16 Paola Longoria
17 Jerry Hilecher
18 Conrrado Moscoso

Legit the best

19 Jose Rojas
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