Best FIFA World Cup Finals

The greatest Finals of the biggest tournament in the sporting world - the FIFA World Cup. From 1930 to today, these are the greatest championship matches resulting in the crowning of the greatest football nation on the planet.
The Top Ten
1 England - Germany 2-2 (4-2 aet) (1966)

Because Geoff hurst scored a hat trick and no one else has in a world cup final. England are the best. Extra time. "People are on the pitch they think its all over it is now"

Two of the biggest world rivals, playing in a world cup final. England won the world cup and scored a hatrick on homeground. How can it not be the best world cup finals ever?

That was the last time England was in FIFA World Cup Finals (as of 2018)... and that was long ago, man... Brits should do something...

2 Germany - Hungary 3-2 (1954)

Yes, West Germany was part of the most interesting finals. Germans have had great teams.

Most chances on goal with a lot of close misses.

All-round most entertaining final ever!

3 Argentina - Germany 3-2 (1986)

The most dramatic WC ever. Argentina dominates to take a 2 zero lead, Germany valiantly fights back to tie is 2-2. The ball comes to Mardonas foot near midfield with 5 minutes remaining, and he makes the best pass in history while 3 German defenders converge towards him. He hits Burruchaga in stride, who outraces the German defenders to slip in the goal to win it. Maradona also assisted on the 2nd goal and wins by playing a brilliant final, without even scoring.

Could the best player in the world, Diego Maradona, perform his magic against the tightest team in the world, Germany, determined to stop him? On this day, yes! Maradona broke the 2-2 tie with the best pass of all time in the world cup. Awesome back and forth game.

4 Italy - France 1-1 (5-3 pso) (2006)

The head but and pens got it! (By the way, Italy won they're first pen shootout! )

Greatest final of any world cup!

5 Germany - Netherlands 2-1 (1974)

The winning goal of Gerd Muller was his 1,000 th!

6 Netherlands - Spain 0-0 (0-1 aet) (2010)

The best final EVER! A world class goal too by Iniesta! How could it be 5th? And the first World Cup to Spain's Name.

The first World Cup held in Africa brought the first World Cup to Spain

7 Germany - Italy 3-1 (1982)
8 France - Brazil 3-0 (1998)

Zidane's brace in the first half was the best moment of my life. Petit's late goal was pretty awesome too.

9 Germany - Argentina 1-0 (1990)
10 Brazil - Sweden 5-2 (1958)

According to Pelé this was the most talented Brazilian National team ever, though the team of 1970 World Cup was better.

The Contenders
11 Argentina - Netherlands 3-1 (1978)

Great final, with overtime.
The passion of the Argentinian fans was memorable.

12 Argentina - France 3-3 (4-2 aet) (2022)

It is myriad clash of titans, the old vs the new, Mbappe vs Messi. And the drama concluded with the arguably Greatest player of all time, lifting the only cup that had ever eluded him.

13 Brazil - Germany 2-0 (2002)

Brazil in my national game after Indonesia... Yeah

14 Uruguay - Argentina 4-2 (1930)
15 Argentina - Germany 0-0 (0-1 aet) (2014)

Heart breaking for some, heart winning for others, heart stopping for the rest of us. This truly was a Match for all to remember. Especially the Gotze goal

I'm not use to seeing Argentine loose.

16 Brazil - Czechoslovakia 3-1 (1962)
17 Brazil - Italy 5-4 (1994)

The worst World Cup final of the last four decades.
Just a few chances for goal and final went to penalties.

First time the final was decided by penalties. The two greastest champions. And both were long time without winning the World Cup

18 Brazil 1 - Uruguay 2 (aka Maracanazo) (1950)

The match with the highest attendance in football history (199,854 - official paid attendance 173,830).
Unlike other World Cups, the 1950 winner was determined by a final group stage, with the final four teams playing in round-robin format, instead of a knockout stage. With Brazil one point ahead of Uruguay going into the match, Uruguay needed a win while Brazil needed only to avoid defeat to claim the title of world champions. But Brazil lost and when the match ended, people said the stadium was filled, except for the euphoria and celebration of the Uruguayan players and delegation, with "disturbing and traumatic absolute silence."

19 France - Croatia 4-2 (2018)

The best World Cup Final ever, at the end of an excellent tournament in Russia. Great goals, an own goal, a penalty, mistakes and excitement, what more could you want? Both teams played their part.

Offensive football and goals that we have to see since 1986.

20 Brazil - Italy 4-1 (1970)

With this third win after their 1958 and 1962 World Cup victories, Brazil became the world's most successful national football team at that time, surpassing both Italy and Uruguay, who each had two championships. The third title earned Brazil the right to retain the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently.

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