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1 1994 New York Rangers

The 1994 Stanley Cup Finals was an amazing matchup with the New York Rangers VS the Vancouver Canucks. Mark Messier led the Rangers to the Cup Finals With a Money guarantee that they would beat the Devils WRIGHT when they were about to lose. It Was an exiting Game 7 Series against the Vancouver Canucks And the New York Rangers won in the end.

Most exciting Stanley Cup Final in my lifetime! Every game was a nail biter!

Most exciting back and forth, blood and guts hockey in my lifetime!

Rangers all the way

2 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs

This list is terrible. This should be near the top and how the heck is the 1992 Penguins Stars series that high? It was a sweep. Plus the 2009 series between the Red Wings and Penguins is overrated. There were only like 2 one score games. This is a REALLY BAD list

The 1924 Stanley Cup Finals was a AMAZING Game 7 series with the Toronto Maple Leafs going against the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings won game 1--2--and 3. And Then For the First Time ever in a Stanley Cup final, The Maple Leafs came back winning games--4--5--6 and an exiting game 7.

First ever 3-0 turn around. Go leafs go!

Love the maple leafs

3 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh penguins Won there Third Stanley Cup in 2009. The Penguins Played an exiting game 7 series against the Detroit Red wings. The penguins Went against the Red Wings for the second time in a row, and got revenge from losing in 2008. The Red Wings Won Game 1--and two in the begining, and then the Penguins won game 3--and 4 after that. The Red Wings won game 5 which gave them a chance to win the stanley cup in 6 games, but the penguins won a VERY exiting game bringing it to game 7 for a 2-1 win.

Most epic winners ever.

4 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins

The 1991 Stanley Cup Final was an exiting game 6 series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Minnesota North Stars Now known as the Dallas Stars. Mario Lemieux Had Played The Series VERY strongly, and who can forget his amazing goal while falling down.

Lemieux was absoloutely amazing in this series. It was also a defining moment in Jaromir Jagr's career. The Penguins were a very talented team, and beat the North Stars in 6 games. They boasted a lineup with players like Recchi, Stevens, Lemieux, Jagr, and Barrasso.

5 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins

In game 1 the Pens were down 4 - 0 and won 5-4 including Marios goal from behind the net They took the wind out of the Blackhawks and they were never able to get it back. no one thought that Chicago could win the series not even Chicago. The Pens were just too talented and played too good for Chicago to win even 1 game. that's not a knock on Chicago they were a very good team but Pittsburgh was unstoppable that year.

The 1992 Pitsburgh penguins, Won a second straight Stanley Cup, against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Penguins ended up winning games 1--2--3--and 4, to sweep the Chicago Blackhawks in the final.

6 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning

I love this team

7 2013 Chicago Blackhawks

Most amazing series ever

8 2008 Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings went Against The Pittsburgh Penguins In a Game 6 matchup. The Red Wings had an Exiting good season, which brought them to a game 6 win against the Pittsburgh penguins, But soon, they will have to face the rath of the penguins again...

9 1984 Edmonton Oilers

Most incredible Gretzky win ever!

10 1997 Detroit Red Wings
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11 1990 Edmonton Oilers
12 2007 Anaheim Ducks
13 1988 Edmonton Oilers

This was Camelot, a team forever frozen in time, their Stanley cup win featured a first, fearing that their top superstar Wayne Gretzky may be traded wanted to do something. So Gretzky ask the team if they want to take a team picture on the ice and the team said yes. It was a moment that changed Stanley Cup Playoff history. The Edmonton Oilers we're truly the team of the 1980s BUT after Gretzky was traded, and even though The Oilers would win another cup in 1990, the Oilers never recovered from that infamous trade.
Its Joeysworld

14 2011 Boston Bruins

One of the nastiest playoff series I've ever seen. Also comes out of the fact that it was the most competitive. Sparked a rivalry which still exists between those two teams.

Believe, This is our time. Where the streets have no name. Holiday. Rogers Arena. Roberto Luongo. Vancouver Canucks, the team that should have won.

I'm a Canucks fan. I still treasure this final because it's the only one I've witnessed with the Canucks.

Even though I'm a Canucks fan, I still think that this was Vancouver's most successful year, I shall treasure it forever

15 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs

The last championship for the maple leafs. They never win the cup since then.

16 2019 St. Louis Blues

Washington actually congratulated these guys on Twitter.

A rematch a half-century in the making.

17 1989 Calgary Flames
18 1993 Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens weren't even one of the teams that were expected to win the cup that year, that's what makes it awesome, and they did thanks to Patrick Roy.

19 2018 Washington Capitals

This was the greatest, I remember being there. I went wild, and so did the rest of the crowd, except for those Vegas fans, even Ovi went insane,

That was great! Now Ovechkin can finally have the Stanley Cup! Same with Tom Wilson. DC drought went from 1992 to 2018. Barry Trotz resigned as coach following the win because of a contract dispute.

Most breathtaking final series ever seen! lt was so excited to watch I wished stuck at home and watch these 2 teams playing 7/24.

Caps Caps Caps! Boyy if that wasn't a good final - the whole fight that the WCaps, Ovi, Backstrom, Holtby & Team went through...better than the Penguins with all my respect and love for them :)

Amazing and thrilling!

20 2006 Carolina Hurricanes

One of the loudest arenas in HISTORY! Raleigh broke records. As an NC native, I cherish this one because it was won here in my hometown.

21 2003 New Jersey Devils

This should be number one. I loved every game, and two overtime games. Even game 7 was emotional and exiting. GO DEVILS!

Even though I wanted the Ducks to win this series, every game was great

One of the best

22 2014 LA Kings

Two big, strong franchises with three out of five games that went to overtime, two took till double overtime!

The ratings for national T.V. went through the roof! It was the clash of the strong, historic franchises!

23 1996 Colorado Avalanche
24 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins
25 1983 New York Islanders

Mike Bossy, Byran Trottier and Wayne Gretzky all on the ice at the same time. Need I say more?

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