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This is a list of the top 10 NFL stadiums based on size, look, outside of the stadium and more. Hope you like it!
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1 AT&T Stadium - Dallas Cowboys

I am from the Seattle area, but his is my favorite ranking. AT&T Stadium is as great as Lambeau, even though Lambeau is oldest continue operated in the league and one of the most historic stadiums in the world, the Packers are fan-owned and the Cowboys are most valuable. This stadium is largest in overall, it is still looking brand new. I also like the Cowboys and Packers and they are as loud as the Hawks. They are all amazing fans. So, I'd rather say AT&T #1, CenturyLink #2 and Lambeau #3.

This stadium could've been called Jerry Jones Stadium since he is the owner and GM. This team is most valuable in the world. Cowboys #1, Hawks #2 and Packs #3.

2 CenturyLink Field - Seattle Seahawks

CenturyLink Field is the best stadium because of a design feature cause by the relatively narrow plot of ground its built on. The design is somewhat tall and narrow, with the two arches that were intended to keep the rain off of the fans also act as parabolic reflectors that gather and focus the crowd noise back down onto the field.

Loudest in the WORLD! The design is amazing with the arches and how each fan is close to the game. I have been many times, and will continue to go to watch the Seahawks dominate. Super Bowl XLVI champions, baby! I can't hear haters over the 12th man.

3 Lambeau Field - Green Bay Packers

I'm from the Seattle area, but I kind of like the Packers too, the small market community owned team that survived in small city. This stadium and its fans are as tough as the Hawks, I call the Packs the owner 12s because they are fan owned. It is most famous, historic, legendary, and unique. I pick this stadium as #1 every year by year. I like the way the fans as shareholders are part owners of this team. The best and oldest continue operated place of all. Best NFL team with most titles, the highest pro revenue in the world. The only publicly owned team in America, the richest country in the world. Go Packhawks, or I'd say Seapacks. Packer 12s!

4 Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis Colts

Only been to 5 stadiums in the NFL, but of those Lucas is by far the best. Everything from price to fan atmosphere to overall experience, the other stadiums don't even come close. Check it out sometime.

Though it's not very big the inside says it all. The seats are one of the best in the NFL and the huge window in the front of the stadium is awesome. The stadium can also open and close.

I am not a colts fan but I have been to this stadium. It is amazing, and it seems like the cowboys copied it.


5 Empower Field at Mile High - Denver Broncos

As we all know the famous thing about Invesco Field is the very tall stands witch makes it on my list. And the atomosphere is really cool.

6 State Farm Stadium - Arizona Cardinals

Best playing field in the NFL easily and it's a dome. Players vote it the number one playing surface every year. And it's got an entertainment district around it. Only top 5 stadium that does. Just upgraded the wifi and jumbotrons that are either best or top 3 in NFL now as well.

Like Lucas Oil Stadium it's not very big but the inside is very cool like the words saying "REDZONE" on both sides of the stadium.

7 Heinz Field - Pittsburgh Steelers

Perfect representation of Pittsburgh. Traditional horse shoe shape, open end facing the skyline and three rivers. Also, it is outdoor and grass the way football should be played. Lambeau, Soldier, Heinz and Arrowhead are the best. Century Link would be next - only because of the turf, but the architecture is the best.

Home of the 6 time Super Bowl champs! The traditional architecture of the stadium really expresses the old fashioned building style of Pittsburgh (So does PNC Park). The seating is great and I figure the steelers will get 20 more years out of Heinz.

8 MetLife Stadium - New York Giants & Jets

I went to see U2 in MetLife Stadium. The concert was awesome but the stadium is really big so I didn't have a good view of the concert. (I got tickets in the back)

Anyone remember Bruno Mars from 2k14? I never went there, but I saw him on T.V. jamming out on the Super Bowl 48 halftime show with RHCP.

9 NRG Stadium - Houston Texans

Probably the NFL's best stands the inside look is really coll and how the stands are set up. Like the others the stadium can open and close.

10 Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs

Tailgating starts sometimes 48 hours before the game, complete with the best barbecue in the world, KC BBQ. The fans are so passionate and loud even though the Chiefs aren't very good right now.

Sorry but how is Arrowhead not in the top 10? It's the loudest stadium and tailgating atmosphere is unlike anywhere else

I've been here! It's so loud and it's definitely a college football-type atmosphere. Also, the tailgaiting is amazing!

The Contenders
11 M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore Ravens
12 Georgia Dome - Atlanta Falcons

Not everyone got a chance to visit the dome in Georgia's state capital. Falcons lost 2 Super Bowls which is why they did everything they could. Unfortunately, the billion dollar stadium has replaced the dome.

Don't bother voting for this one, because It is going to be blown up in a couple years. The new Atlanta Falcon's Stadium is going to be a lot better.

13 Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First of all you have to start with the pirate ship right outside the stadium that people can walk on and then talk about the inside and the outside. There is no down side at all.

14 U.S Bank Stadium - Minnesota Vikings

Justin Timberlake unexpectedly caused controversy at the Reliant Stadium on Super Bowl XXXVIII. Maybe at Super Bowl LII at the Vikings' expensive stadium, he had better not mess it up. If JT wants to put on a fantastic halftime show, then play some hits that some fans would love to sing along to.

Halftime show songs:
1. Filthy
2. Rock your body
3. Senorita
4. Sexyback
5. My love
6. Cry me a river
7. Suit and tie
8. Until the end of time
9. I would die 4 u (Original song from Prince Rogers Nelson)
10. Mirrors
11. Can't stop the feeling!

15 Ford Field - Detroit Lions
16 Candlestick Park - San Francisco 49ers

Doesn't exist anymore. They moved to Levi's Stadium.

17 Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta Falcons

Terrible stadium, terrible Super Bowl 53. Atlanta Falcons lost 2 Super Bowl games in 1999 and 2017. We might as well get used to it. Things are not perfect because you can't always get what you want.

In my opinion, it looks like a giant toilet bowl to me.

18 Gillette Stadium - New England Patriots

Sturdy and underrated stadium that stands as home field for more people than any other stadium in the US.

19 Hard Rock Stadium - Miami Dolphins

This stadium is just an all-around stadium like the circulur walkway to get to the stands or the atmosphere outside the stadium. This is one of my favorite stadiums.

This one might not be the best, but some of my dearest memories are from there. And for me it's the best ever!

Super Bowl 54, it's going to happen in 2020.

20 Soldier Field - Chicago Bears

NY Times Architecture critic said that this stadium broke the mold. It is a futuristic style, that is purely functional, answering the call of fans that complained they were too far from the field. The architect brought the fans closer and this stadium will ultimately stand the test of time.

While the exterior may not be as aesthetically pleasing, it is a really nice stadium inside, as there are no bad seats.

21 Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia Eagles

This is the greatest stadium ever built. The whole thing is powered by solar and wind power.

Amazing team atmosphere at the Linc!

22 Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans Saints
23 FedExField - Washington Redskins

The second biggest NFL stadium right behind Cowboys Stadium. This stadium has yellow and red seats to match the teams colors and the stands are really high and I like that too. My honerable mention was Gillete Stadium who got 11th.

24 Bank of America Stadium - Carolina Panthers

An amazing atmosphere from the view of the charlotte skyline to the large scoreboard. An overall great stadium to watch the best team in the NFL!

25 Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego Chargers

Chargers and Rams will share a stadium in Inglewood, California. Everything changes around as we watch the world pass by quickly.

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