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1 Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer who is among the most successful golfers of all time.

Tiger Woods should retire from golf. He is definitely not a top ten all time greatest golfer. Tiger Woods is a cheater a liar. Because of his drug enhancement use he should forfeit all tournaments. Some role model for youth of the day. Tiger Woods is a disgrace to professional golf.

Forget what a D bag he obviously is... Tiger is not half the golfer Jack Nicklaus was. Compare total performance in majors, not just victories where he still clearly falls short. He also has all the signs of steroid use. Look at pictures of his head and physique when in college and early in his pro career, then look at his body change over time. Reminds me of Barry Bonds...only not a real athlete as he is just a golfer!

I believe he was into drugs, he is a liar, he is a cheat in life and in golf and if he signed the back of the cheque from the 2013 masters a lot of people would call him a thief as well as by the rules he was disqualified. He is a low life and not any kind of roll model for kids.
Ban him from golf forever and strip him of all trophys, titles and awards.

Rude in every interview. So self-centered, petulant, total cry-baby. Works as a great role model for my ten year old son - model of what not to turn out like. Also a great model for my daughter for what to avoid. Great golfer, loser human being.

2 Lance Armstrong Lance Edward Armstrong is a former American professional road racing cyclist. At age 16, Armstrong began competing as a triathlete and was a national sprint-course triathlon champion in 1989 and 1990.

It's unfortunate that this creep from Texas couldn't excel in his chosen profession without rigging the game. (Think of all the honest competitors who were cheated out of years of practice and honest effort). Even worse, after cheating and lying his way to the top, he had the arrogance to assume he would never be caught and actually threatened his closest friends to keep silent. (Dude even lied to his mother - FOR YEARS! ) It must take him a quart of whiskey to get to sleep at night. If I were in his position I would have blown my brains out by now...which means you can add "coward" to the list of his many acheivements, dubious and laughable though most of them are. Lance, you are the No. 1 lowest athlete (after somebody like Aaron Hernandez) who has ever disgraced a world competition. Why are you still walking the Earth? You're done as a human being. Go try disgracing some other life ruthless scumbag!

He has done many bad things. First, when he was cancer free soon after, he just ditched his wife because he thought he could be with better women than her, he just betrayed the one person who never left his side while having cancer. Next, he started winning all these bike races and instead of being humble about it, he had to have this cocky and arrogant attitude. And the top of it all, he is another druggie. He has the stereotype of being a role model athlete surviving cancer and wife ditching, arrogance, and steroids is not it. Damn you, Armstrong.

What makes Lance the biggest Jerk athlete of all time isn't the certainty that he cheated his way to the podium his entire career, but the fact that he threw everyone but the kitchen sink under the bus in the process. Read the USADA deposition- on numerous occasions Lance threatened and bullied other riders, team members and even their significant others to keep his "pristine" reputation. The man has no class.

I saw him in one of my race events when I raced mountain bikes near Temple, TX in 1998. He was there racing also right after his first TDF win. Biggest jerk to his Texas fans. Didn't say anything to anyone and stated in his RV the entire time when I was there. In his race right before he crossed the finish line the announcer said here comes Lance in first place. He crossed the line and kept riding straight to his RV and got off his bike, went in, and never came out.

3 Terrell Owens Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

So glad he isn't a cowboy anymore, feel sorry for any team desperate to pay that much money to ruin your team. And to the vick haters, dogs fight, I hate dogs, so I really don't care hell they were his not yours, he is a hell of a quarterback even after yall locked him up for no good reason

Who cares about this guy? He's old news. Completely forgettable.

He's a me,myself, and I type of a person. A self centered jackass. He cares only about himself. A legend in his own mind.

Still a stud, though.

4 O.J. Simpson Orenthal James Simpson (born July 9, 1947), nicknamed "The Juice", is an American former football running back, broadcaster, actor, advertising spokesman, and convicted felon. Once a popular figure with the U.S. public, he is now best known for being tried for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Simpson was acquitted of the murders in criminal court but was later found responsible for both deaths in a civil trial.

O.J. Simpson not only murdered Nicole and Ron, he butchered two human beings. O.J. Simpson is evil and sadistic. How could anyone live for commiting such cruelty. Only an animal.

As much as I think Tiger Woods deserves consideration for #1 jerk, how can you not put OJ #1 after killing two people and all that has transpired since? Altho one commonality between OJ and Tiger was the relentless media campaign to make them both look like good people. Nothing could be further from the truth...

Wait, hold on a sec. Michael Vick is #6 on this list for being involved in dog fighting and killing a few pit bulls? OJ whacks his ex wife and a friend (human beings, not dogs) and he is 9? This guy is the worst type of human. I have a lot of respect for Ron Goldman's. I would have killed that SOB 20 times over by now.

White people make me sick they can't stand if a black man gets off of a crime. And they can hang black people and get away with it.

5 Ben Roethlisberger Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger, Sr., nicknamed Big Ben, is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Gets away with raping a petite woman at a nightclub while his 2 bodyguards block the bathroom. Read that his own players on his team thinks he is arrogant and don't hang out with him. Goes to local Pittsburgh restaurants after winning the Super Bowl and MONTHS later STILL expects not to pay for his meals.

Ben Rapelisberger is a huge jerk. I ran into him at a gas station a Pittsburgh airport. A man and his young son asked Rapelisberger "are you ben roethlisberger? ". His response was an astounding "what do you think? Do you teach your kid to approach strabgers that look like a celebrity"? "Of course I'm Ben Roethlisberger, and no... I'm not signing a friggen autograph for your kid. ". I couldn't believe how a jerk that he was. The kid told his Dad in the parking lot "I didn't even want his autograph dad, whats his problem? It's not like he's Peyton Manning or something. ".

Never minded the Steelers prior to him. Would root for them occasionally, depending on who they were playing. Now I root for them in every game to lose. Even if my team loses, still feels like a winning week, if Pittsburgh loses too.

After decades of my support, the Steelers are no longer my favorite team because him.

6 LeBron James LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. LeBron has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and the Lakers.

Lebron has every call go his way, every time he drives to the basket if he does not score he is crying to the refs. Every timeout he spends more time crying to the refs than he does in the team huddle. He fouls ferociously on defense yet is never whistled for a foul. He has great talents, but when they are losing he often fouls to hurt. Tried to push Livingston several rows into the stands against Golden State in 2015 finals. Flops like a fish and finally had to pay the price when he flopped into a camera man and cut his head. When he wins, it is all about Lebron leading the team then when he loses, he wants to leave or blame the team. He sucks, for all the talent and steroid strength he has. He turns the ball over more than Jason Couch in bowling, and he is supposed to be a better passer than Magic?

He never gets calls, he literally pushes and shoves his way to the basket, he's rude, especially to the other teams, he got Green booted because his feelings got hurt, never mind that James practically sat on Green, he pouts and sulks sitting on the bench when his team is behind. James runs his mouth about how he's better than Michael Jordan (Air Jordan) and he will never, ever be the player that Michael Jordan was, ever, he's a baby, he will never have Jordan's leadership or class. Stephen Curry has more class and natural talent in his pinkie than James has in his entire body.

PED's most likely... Never 100 percent certainty but the glove seems to fit and with his God given talent to begin with... Enough said...

His Jawline and skull seem to have changed radically. I have known enough medicine cases to wonder..

To quote Grant Hill, "nobody in the Olympics wanted to be the high scorer because that meant they might be drug tested.. HA!

The guy you love to see loosing. Because you know he doesn't deserve to win (even if he does). A self-righteus and hypocritical monster ego. A coach GM and player at the same time. That type of ego. This week he punked Green and went crazy on manhandling Curry. Was rewarded with a chance to win an away game (if he can).
A complete jerk. And an absolute hypocrite which makes it more that 100%. He should me number one here.

7 Aaron Hernandez Aaron Josef Hernandez was an American football tight end in the National Football League. A productive player during his three seasons with the New England Patriots, his career came to an abrupt end after his arrest and initial conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd. more.
8 Michael Vick Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a former American football quarterback who played 13 seasons in the National Football League, primarily with the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. He played college football at Virginia Tech and was selected by the Falcons as the first overall pick more.

Was a mediocre quaterback at best with and the media overrated him witch already made me dislike him. Then he killed abunch of dogs brutally. Don't even defend that with a "well people hunt it's the same thing" no you eat what you kill hunting and you don't torture it like this sick freak did. He shouldve got the death penalty and any team that signs him when he gets out should be boycotted.

He should be in jail for the rest of life. He should feel the same pain those helpless dogs felt. It disgusts me that any team would hire him. I feel so badly for the dog he has now. I can imagine the life that poor dog has. Michael Vick disgusts me.

I live in Philly and was sickened when the Eagles signed him. He is nothing but a sociopath and only repented because he wanted to return to football after being in prison. wish he could experience the torture he inflicted on those poor defenseless dogs. and guess what- he has a dog now.

Gets away with pretty much anything because he "revolutionized" the QB position.

9 Sean Avery Sean Christopher Avery is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player for the National Hockey League.

Absolute idiot. Not only does he rack up penalty minutes and is near the top every year, he consistently has the most penalty minutes AGAINST him. He trash talks, fights only when the other guy is smaller than him, and breaks/bends the rules. He even had a rule made for him

He deserves to be number 1. He isn't higher only because nobody cares about hockey.

10 Ryan Leaf Ryan David Leaf is a former American football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League for four seasons. He was selected as the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft after only Peyton Manning. He played for the San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle more.

And to think, some thought he should be drafted ahead of Peyton Manning. Even more funny is he went #2...

Biggest flop in history. I hate thieves

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11 Antonio Brown Antonio Brown is an NFL wide receiver and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFC South Division. He was drafted in the 6th round of the 2010 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has also been on the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots. He is a 7x pro bowler, and regarded as a skilled player.

I was dieing when he got sued for farting in his doctor's face. Big Baby Antonio.

This should be higher

12 Alex Rodriguez Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, nicknamed "A-Rod", is an American former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman. He played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees.

A-Rod is a cheater and is full of him self and used steroids, and is overpaid and I don't like him either. But he does sign autographs now and is trying to change his image. I got his autograph is Toronto and he not an ass in person as much as I thought he'd be

Ruined the sport of baseball with his cheating and skewed stats.

Douche. Cheat. About as much personality as a piece of dirt. Classic mimbo!

How is he below Pedro Martinez?

13 Jameis Winston Jameis L. Winston is an American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.
14 Serena Williams Serena Jameka Williams is an American former professional tennis player. The Women's Tennis Association ranked her world No. 1 in singles on eight separate occasions between 2002 and 2017. She reached the No. 1 ranking for the first time on July 8, 2002.

Ahh yes... My #1 worst Tennis player is a girl who's black (surprise there, eh? ) she threw a fit over losing and called all her haters racist even if said hater is Black, Asian, Indegionus, or Latinx

Excellent tennis player, but needs lessons in sportsmanship.

She looks like some huge beast. Biggest ass I have ever seen.

No opinion just Blah

15 Urban Meyer
16 Randy Moss Randy Gene Moss is a former American football wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the National Football League.

It's all about Randy just ask him. Great player when he wants to play if the play is his.

Straight cash homie! Ha he can be a jerk but you can't deny how good he is.

This guy pushes little old ladies while at the supermarket when they get the last box of Bagel Bites

17 Rae Carruth
18 Barry Bonds Barry Lamar Bonds is an American former professional baseball left fielder who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

Back when I was a kid and he played for the Pirates, I went to their spring training camp to get an autograph from my favorite player Barry Bonds. When I asked for one he just laughed and said no. I went home and ripped all his posters off my wall and hated him from that day on and all I wanted was a autograph from my (then) favorite sports hero.

He's close enough to the all-time HR record he doesn't have to cheat to break it now. Lots of folks may not recognize him now when they see him play. He's slimmed down a bit from not using HGH. The Giants also had to order new caps for him that are a little smaller.

The guy who breaks records thanks to steroids keeps telling everyone he's the "best baseball player ever". Sort of like oasis claiming they're better than the Beatles.

This guy is the most arrogant jerk in sports history. He surpasses Ty Cobb for meanness, he passes Kobe for arrogance, and he passes Tiger Woods for his lies.

19 Lawrence Phillips
20 Ron Artest

That fight with the Pacers says it all.

21 Mike Tyson Michael Gerard Tyson (born June 30, 1966) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. He reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years, four months and 22 days old.

Mike Tyson gets a pass from me. He came up thru extremely difficult situations in life and people have taken advantage of him all his life. Only Cus D'amato gave a damn about him as a human being. He did his time for whatever happened with the girl that went to his room (expecting milk & cookies? ) and never whined about it. He seems like he's trying to do something with his life after boxing and dirtbags like King are done with him...

Robin Givens deserves honorable mention for complete jerk related to an athlete. She and her Mother are complete low-lifes and sucked money and life from stupid naive Mike.

If you are a woman, make sure not to ask this guy any questions. You don't want to know what he wants in exchange for an answer.

How is this below John Cena? John Cena is a very good person!

22 Jose Bautista José Antonio Bautista Santos is a Dominican professional baseball right fielder and third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball.
23 Yuli Gurriel
24 Tom Wilson
25 Bill Romanowski William Thomas Romanowski (born April 2, 1966) is a former American football linebacker. He played in the National Football League (NFL) for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders.

He admitted to playing dirty after retiring. He didn't have sportsmanship, only brutality. It was perfect that he ended up playing with the Raiders

This guy sickens me. He was a horribly dirty player. On top of that he injected live goat cells into himself to get stronger. Disgusting

There's a fine line between playing hard, and trying to maim someone. I hope he never gets in the Hall of Fame.

Ask Marcus Williams, J.J. stokes or any of the numerous players he tried to injure over the years if you need clarification on this one.

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