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1 1903-2013 New Zealand All Blacks (Rugby Union)

In rugby union (less played worldwide than football, played more internationally than the sports played by the US teams on this list that are all part of domestic competitions rather than international) there is only one gold standard - the All Blacks. With a ridiculously high win percentage over the history of the international game, any loss by the All Blacks is an upset. If the ABs played every international team, or every team that qualified for the world cup, in a manner similar to the 96 Bulls they would be shocked with a win % as low as the Bulls. The consistency with which a country as small as New Zealand turns out rugby players that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world is astounding.

2 1996 Chicago Bulls (Basketball)

Entering the season, the rivalry between the seemingly emerging dynasty, the Orlando Magic, and the Chicago Bull was supposed to be the NBA's answer to the Cowboys-49ers rivalry in the NFL. But the Bulls absolutely put the Magic to shame. it was so bad, that Shaquille threw a tantrum after getting swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Bulls, and then leaving Orlando altogether. That was how good these Bulls were. They started off the season in historically dominant fashion, and were the first team to ever reach 70+ wins in NBA history, finishing with a 72-10 regular season mark. They blew past their Eastern Conference opponents, going 11-1 to reach the NBA Finals, and then took a decisive 3-0 series lead against the very talented 64-18 Seattle Supersonics, and ultimately won the NBA Finals with no doubt as to who the best team in the league was. The Bulls of the nineties were one of the best sports franchises in history period, and this was far and away the best and most dominant of those teams, period.

3 2007 New England Patriots (American Football)

This team absolutely man handled all of the NFL. They did things in modern day football that were designed to never happen. Don't let the Superbowl loss make you forget how they reduced every team and great teams to rubble week in and out. All while setting multiple records. Forget the '72 Dolphins they couldn't hold a candle to the '07 patriots.

Greatest sports team in history to not win the title! Terrible luck just hit them... In my opinion they are the best team ever.

4 1998 New York Yankees (Baseball)

The 1927 are the greatest ever in sports, let me just say that. This team deserves to be ahead of the 2007. The Yankees won 114 in the regular season then went 11-2 in the playoffs. The Patriots absolutely dominated the regualar season, but you're only dominant when you don't bow to anyone, New England was the only the second best that year.

The '98 team represent what baseball is all about with 4 true Hall of Famers: Tim Raines, Joe Torre, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. It'll take a superhuman team to match The Yankees 4 World Championships in 5 years (1996, 1998-2000).
Its Joeysworld.

5 2007-2009 Melbourne Storm (Rugby League)
6 2002 Brazil National Team (Soccer)
7 1970s and 1980s West Indian Cricket Team

Ten years at the top of the ICC Test rankings. This team, collected from a group of tiny islands, had the entire world in a chokehold. Graham Gooch probably didn't expect the decade long tear these guys go on after he threatened to "make them grovel".

If you extend this to the mid-90's, West Indies cricket did not lose a test series in 15 YEARS. 29 test match series of which they never lost.

With players like Richards, Loyd, Garner, Marshall, Ambrose... They terrorized and demolished all oppositions home and away

8 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers (American Football)

Greatest college football team ever, with the 1971 Husker team close behind. Totally dominate in every phase of the game and never had a team challenge them. Destroyed #2 Florida in the Fiesta bowl 62-24. I am a huge college football fan, and doubt that there will never be another team like the 1995 Huskers. The backups in "95" may have been ranked in the top 5, they were that good!

This should probably be #2 to the 1927 Yankees. Definitely the most dominant college team of all time. Only Miami homers don't agree with this. Everyone with a brain knows that just like Jordan and pelé, the only real debate is who is #2. It is very unlikely we will see a team that dominant in college football ever again. That team was Tom Osborne's gift to the world and true football fans are endebted to him for it.

9 2001 Miami Hurricanes (American Football)
10 1972 Miami Dolphins (American Football)

They were undefeated, but many of them were close.

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11 2008-2009 FC Barcelona (Soccer)
12 1959 Boston Celtics (Basketball)

I think the celtics are the best team in all of sports they won 11 titles in 13 years and 8 in a row

13 2001-2003 Brisbane Lions (AFL)
14 2008 Detroit Red Wings (Ice Hockey)

Datsyuk was the only one mentioned on this team...Patrick Roy never played for Detroit

15 1968 UCLA Bruins (Basketball)

Easily the best college team of all time, with easily the best college player of all-time, Lew Alcindor [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar], whose UCLA teams lost only 2 games in 4 years.
Also the best college basketball coach of all time, John Wooden, who won 10 NCAA national championships in 12 years.

16 1979 USSR National Team (Ice Hockey)

Until they lost to the USA, they hadn't lost in nearly 50 games, winning 4 olympic titles

17 1985 Chicago Bears (American Football)

The defense changed the way NFL offenses approached the game. The 46 defense spelled doom for the traditional pro-set offense the NFL commonly ran in the 80s. The Dolphins relied on Dan Marino's super-quick release and a one-game early version of the spread offense to hand the Bears their one defeat that year (also being without starting QB Jim McMahon was a big factor). When it comes to the word "dominating" though, the '85 Bears simply demolished and demoralized teams. Starting quarterbacks would be routinely knocked out of games, and over the years, that approach to defense was gradually legislated out of the game by league, both to promote player safety and to further encourage the passing game.

It was a perfect storm of volatile personalities and talent across the board who, for one season (and many thought it should have been three or four), left not only an indelible impression on the sports world but drew in the mainstream public like few sports teams ever had, before or since. The offense was nothing to sneeze at, either. It was #2 in scoring that year, carried as always by arguably the greatest running back (and player! ) in NFL history, Walter "Sweetness" Payton. But defenses couldn't simply key solely on Payton as they had in years prior. Jim McMahon's passing, willingness and awareness to audible out of plays called in by Mike Ditka, and overall leadership inspired the rest of the team to blaze a path of destruction through the rest of the league.

There may have been teams with more discipline, execution or mastery of Xs and Os. But the '85 Bears were dynamic, revolutionary, and thoroughly dominating. They captured the hearts and minds of the world that year right along with their marching through the season to the Super Bowl title like Sherman through Georgia.

18 2000 Real Madrid (Soccer)
19 2001 Seattle Mariners (Baseball)

They won every head to head series. folded in the playoffs but the regular season was ridiculous

20 1992 USA National Team (Basketball)

The 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team, nicknamed the "Dream Team", was the first American Olympic team to feature active professional players from the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team has been described by American journalists as the greatest sports team ever assembled. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame called the team "the greatest collection of basketball talent on the planet". At the 1992 Summer Olympics held in Barcelona, the team defeated its eight opponents by an average of 44 points en route to the gold medal against Croatia. Chuck Daly served as coach, assisted by Lenny Wilkens, P. J. Carlesimo, and Mike Krzyzewski.
The team scored more than 100 points in all games (the first one in Olympics history).
Daly said : "It was like Elvis and the Beatles put together".
The starting five: Earving Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing.
Top scorer of the team was Charles Barkley.

21 2007 Geelong Cats (AFL)

The next year, they lost 1 game in the home and away season, and somehow ended up losing the Grand Final.

22 2014 New Zealand All Blacks (Rugby Union)

Undefeated in 2014. Over 85% win rate and one of the oldest teams in sport (1884)

23 1983-1988 Edmonton Oilers (Ice Hockey)
24 1928-1956 Indian National Hockey Team

What I have heard and records say same so. The team, losses, with low margin against Indian hockey team considered as a good team that time.

The most dominant and the best hockey team of the era. Won the Olympic gold medal a record 6 consecutive times.

25 1996 Kentucky Wildcats (Basketball)

They won the championship. Nine players went to the NBA. The "second" team reached the finals the next two years, winning again in 1998.

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