Top Ten Worst NFL Head Coaches

The worst head coaches of all time in the NFL. (Objective responses only please)
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1 Hue Jackson

Deserves the Top 5 his players never respected him ever, and its no wonder why in 3 seasons he has struggled to grab many wins as he is statistically the second wrong winningest coach in NFL history.

Explain to me why the Bengals hired him again? That move has failure written all over it

I would rank him top 10 because it's the browns terrible organization

2 Adam Gase
3 Brad Childress

As a Packers fan I never cared for Brad Childress. Just because he lead the Vikings to the playoffs twice that doesn't mean he's a successful head coach.

4 Bill Belichick William Stephen Belichick is an American football coach and the long-time head coach of the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Same as Petrino except replacing bullying with cheating. I would ban him too.

Spygate, deflategate say what you will but his had many successful seasons with Brady regardless of controversy.

5 Matt Patricia

In his 3 years in Detroit, matty patty's reign of terror was the second coming of Bob Ross meets Marty Mornhinweg. Except far worse imaginable.
He wanted to change the culture of how the winning came from New England. Problem was every opening game of the season you already knew the season was over in a hurry the way they lost (tie technically) each of those games in unreal ways than one. For a defensive minded guy his scheme was terrible in Detroit.
This guy was not meant to be a guy in charge of running things, and luckily for Lions fans we don't need to see anymore of this Lion way philosophy is outta here. The debates for years will be was he worse than Marinelli?

6 Bobby Petrino

It took him less than a year to anger his players, lose the respect of fans, back out of a contract, and end up with a terrible reputation in sports. The only excuse he has is that the Falcons were pretty bad with or without him in 2007.

Left a note in players lockers, real class!

Petrino is better off in Louisville.

7 Rich Kotite

Why isn't Herm Edwards on this this. I would put him number 2 behind this guy.

Couldn't read the chart whether to go for two or kick.

I would put him at #1. This man destroyed a potential Eagles dynasty. He's like Norv Turner on steroids. (I'm also voting for Turner.)

8 Norv Turner

Great assistant who does not have the leadership skills to take his team to the next level. I'd be happy to eat my words though if the Chargers make it to the Super Bowl next year.

They really should have kept Schottenheimer. Norv ruined the Chargers and turned them from a 14-2 team into a lolcow.

9 Cam Cameron

How is Brad Childress over this dude? At least Childress got to the NFC title game! Cameron came inches from 0-16 in his only year! Cameron also has zero football knowledge.

10 Herman Edwards

I wish I could throw a brick at this guy.

The Contenders
11 Rod Marinelli

Absolutely sucked... Made no sense at his press conferences, made no sense with his strategy. An idiot as a coach.

If you are a coach that goes 0-16 you should be on this list. Marinelli deserves to be on this list.

This guy should be on the list he made the lions go 0-16 he should be in the list PERIOD!

12 Rex Ryan

He will be fired again soon... there is even a Facebook page started by Jet's fans to get him fired. As a Bills fan I used to laugh at him and his teams, now I suffer as well. 160 Yards of offense in week 1... worst in team history

He only cares for D. Take Mark Sanchez for example. He wasn't bad. Then Rex came, made him suck. Now he plays for Eagles and isn't half bad.

He really loves his defensive picks more than offense.

13 Steve Spurrier Stephen Orr "Steve" Spurrier is an American football player and coach. Spurrier was a Heisman Trophy winning college football quarterback at the University of Florida and spent a decade playing professionally in the National Football League.

All college and no NFL knowledge... better in the NCAA level. Don't quit your Saturday job, Steve...

The textbook definition of college coaches who've failed in the NFL.

14 Mike Martz

He at least took a team and took them to the super bowl. Yes the team was already built but look at the bears offense very good scheme.

15 Mike Nolan
16 Ray Rhodes

Ray Rhodes was absolutely TERRIBLE for the Packers. Only lasted one year before he got the ax.

Of the Bill Walsh school, should have stayed the janitor.
Guy in charge without a clue.

Had two opportunities to take contending teams farther but blew them.

17 Mike Singletary

Stick to the linebackers. Once you add in offense with him he sucks. Obviously.

Well, had Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and a great defense...jim comes in and boom.fantastic seasons and a superbowl appearance..and ( again) Alex Smith is winning games looking like more than a game manager..great job

18 Lovie Smith

What's Lovie doing on here? He did pretty good with his last season with the bears 10-6. The only reason he was fired was because Phil Emery was an idiot

He is awful with Tampa Bay. He shouldn't have been hired with Buccaneers in the first place.

He did great with the Bears but when it came to going to the bucs 2 losing seasons already.

19 Nick Saban

He couldn't trash talk and threaten the NFL players like he does the kids in Alabama. He wins football games but a terrible influence on young men...

He's definitely a great collegiate coach but he is an awful NFL head coach.

Belongs in the sec where you can buy the best players out there.

20 Jim Caldwell

I don't know what the Lions are doing when they hired him. All I know that when he took over the Colts, the Colts started to sink fast. Irsay may have substance abuse problems but he knew a bad coach when he saw it and fired Caldwell.

Across 4 seasons with the Lions, Caldwell had an average record of 9-7, and he had 2 playoff appearances. He's far from great, but he wasn't a bad head coach.

Caldwell is not helping the Lions even though they made the playoffs last year.

21 Lane Kiffin
22 Jason Garrett

When the fans are clamoring for you to be fired for years, you don't deserve to be a head coach.

I don't think he'll last another season with the Cowboys.

23 Chip Kelly

How on earth is Chip not even here yet? He'll be remembered by Eagles for destroying all the star players they had on offense. Trading them all away, then what does he do? I got it let's get some defensive players, and then get DeMarco Murray to get less hate. Well in his only season ever Murray was at his absolute worse, and could not even run for his life to break a 100 yard game it felt like. He may have been good in Oregon, but you saw you how bad it got in Philly when you think differently, and you are a fool for doing so.

24 Romeo Crennel

The same team he made the worst in the NFL during the 2012 now has the best record thanks to a coaching change. Tells you a lot.

Never had a winning season he pulled some upsets but could never do well when it comes to winning consistently.

25 John Fox

Well his trying to have a better coached team in Chicago even if the fans really want Cutler gone.

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