Top 10 Greatest Soccer Rivalries

The fiercest and most exciting rivalries in all of soccer.
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1 Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

When I saw this, my jaw dropped. Most people don't even know the rivalry between Liverpool and man city. And, the people who do know it's a mini one and people only go and think of it as a normal game. Barca and Madrid is a whole new story.

El Classico is one of the best fixture in the world... it starts from the history when Catalonia was captured by Spain... From back then this fixture would also be said as the Catalonia vs Spain... Having Best players of the world also sounds competitive...

If you are alive you should know it is the biggest rivalry in world football, best players on earth, most watched game apart from champions league final and world cup final.

2 Celtic vs. Rangers

They hate each other so much that they adopt completely irrelevant political issues just to hate each other more. Scottish Referendum, Palestine v Israel, etc.

I am a Celtic fan and I live in Scotland. It's the most intense derby in the world!. Even when I was playing for Texas rush the whole team knew about the derby and what it stood for

Di Canio: Put all the derbies around the world into one game and you still not even one millionth close to this one. There's nothing like the Old Firm

3 Manchester United vs. Liverpool

The ferocity of a rivalry born from industrial hatred. A classic, the best match in England. Barcelona always wins El Clasico, this match is unpredictable, Liverpool being the better team of course

The main rivalry of England, first and second of english titles, with great stadiums and fans: the Old Trafford and the Anfield. They are the teams with more tradition in England

Really? When was the last time they truly competed against each other? Celtic v rangers has it beat as a rivalry on every level, Boca v River craps all over it, christ Arsenal Man U is bigger now (or at least it was when arsenal won things a few years ago)

4 Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray

Any other rivalry has reason about why it is rivalry. For instance religion, politics or class difference. This is not about that, because as the day you were born you start to hate Fenerbahce to death. Its coming from your DNAs.

By far the best rivalry/derby in the world of football. The games of May 12th, 2012 and March 8th, 2015 are examples of exciting games.

The most important derby in the world. Galatsaray vs. Fenerbahce

5 Liverpool vs. Everton
6 AC Milan vs. Inter Milan

Italians are very sensitive when it comes to their soccer, ac and inter have always had bad politics. Italian soccer is the best though, gli azzurri! Viva italia! One of the greatest foot-balling nations in the world!

Not finding it the same due to serie decline but still the grand derby of Milan.

7 Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

El SuperClasico, the best, should be the number 1, their fans live football as a religion, incredible in the Bombonera and in the Monumental. Much better than any european match. The Guy who made this Top Ten need to learn more about football

I'm a Mexican but the biggest rivalry in the America is Boca Juniors vs River Plate.

The only match in the world that makes Celtic v rangers look normal, one of my dreams is to see it at the Bombonera. Hail hail

8 Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Why 8 in my opinion this should be second I men have you seen this rivalry!

Arsenal is better than Tottenham Hotspur predict 1 - 1 this Saturday!

This match is one of the most hotly contested games in the world. I have no idea why it's not higher. Frankly, only Fenerbahce-Galatasaray, AC-Inter, and River-Boca can top this rivalry

9 United States vs. Mexico

Its more than just football for these two. They absolutely hate each other and there has to be like 5 fights that break out in the stands during a game. And how bout the urine bags and batteries they throw to the americans at the azteca. I've seen bloody americans come out of the azteca that's why there's rarely a usa shirt seen in the stands.

Iits really tough for both of these teams but I think for my opinion Mexico has a higher chance of winning rather than the US.

They have been rivals ever since America decided to mess with Mexico YEARS ago...

10 Newcastle United vs. Sunderland

Newcastle can beat these if we are on bottom form Sunderland are crap

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11 Germany vs. Holland

Birthed in blood and hate from WWII, this rivalry is now genetic, it's part of the national DNA of these two countries. Thankfully, as time, and those who lived the WWII occupation have passed, the hatred that fueled this rivalry has diminished into a more respectable, but no less potent antipathy, fueled by National honor and pride. This is one hornets nest that should not be touched, even with a feather. Just... Don't even look at it... You've been warned.

One of the fiercest international rivalry that has a rich history on the World biggest stage and lots of drama and hate (especially from the earlier Dutch sides, that nurtured a real hate for Germany due to the WWII occupation). WC Final '74, EC Semi-Final '88 in Hamburg (Butt-wiping with Thons Shirt), WC QFs '90 (Rijkaard spitting in Voellers Hair twice). Great Teams? Check! Great Players? Check! Great Stakes? Check? Great Rivalry!

12 Germany vs. Poland

All throughout the history, the two countries have fought against each other in battles like Grunwald and so on. The rivalry also exists in football - a match like this is watched by the most viewers and is certainly most exciting!

Not even close. The Polish have challenged way too few times the spheres Germany competes for in international football. In puncto rivalries for Germany its gotta be: Holland, England, Italy (though the English one is more a perception of the Brits).

13 Australia vs. New Zealand
14 Red Star Belgrade vs. Partisan Belgrade
15 Manchester United vs. Manchester City
16 AS Roma vs. Lazio Roma
17 Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund

Seriously number 16? This is a HUGE rivalry one reason is because of the starting goalie for Bayern Munchin.

This is the biggest rivalry in the world, this should not be in number 16.

18 Olympiakos vs. Panathinaikos

Eternal enemies, mother of all battles, the name tells the deal

This have to be first! Is the best of all matches with 174 dead people of both sides. Beat that mofos, this is Greek football. Green power! Good gauros is dead gauros!

19 Millwall vs. West Ham
20 Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

A social class rivalry at its best. Two CL finals, Two semi finals and a QF. The greatest city derby despite being one sided. Truth said, any team that shared the city with Real Madrid would be dwarfed by their history.

21 England vs. Scotland

This is an incredible rivalry, should be higher.

22 Brazil vs. Argentina

You must be kidding me this is not the top 1. Brazil is the soccer country, we breathe soccer, we hate Argentina as much as we love Brazil. This rank makes no sense.

23 Ajax vs. Feyenoord

In therms of hooligan fights, number 1, supporters always trow bombs, stones and stuff, it's the battle between the 2 biggest cities in the netherlands, and almost everyone in rotterdam hates amsterdam.. and so on, should be rated higher

24 Schalke vs. Borussia Dortmund
25 Benfica vs. Porto
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