Top Ten Reasons Why Sports Are Stupid And Inept

Sports. Society's downfall. The government wastes its money funding sporting events and people waste their time watching it. Why is it entertainment to watch someone kick a ball into a net? It doesn't benefit anyone or anything, and think what we could have accomplished if us and our money were not held back by sports.
The Top Ten
1 It holds back the development of society, science, technology, education, health, etc.
2 People are brainwashed into watching people do useless things like kicking a ball
3 Sports money limits the use of money spent to help important things like world hunger and disease
4 The government sponsors it, as do firms like Ford and Coca-cola, wasting money.

Sports should just be a leisurely thing we do on the side, not another hotspot for advertising. What is this world coming to?

5 It's normal for most people to watch idiots kicking a ball about
6 It bankrupts people and economies if they borrow money for sports
7 Even the greatest of minds watch people perform minor achievements
8 It's taught in schools

That's what makes the education system a dictatorship that forces non-athletes to almost kill themselves and be bullied, where other children are brainwashed into thinking that athleticism is more important than intellect. Which is absurd.

9 Interrupts TV for nothing more than a report on who managed to kick a stupid ball past a brain dead player into a stupid net
10 It's big in news, when, really, it's just about how many times a small ball was hit with a stick.
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