Top Ten Sports Conspiracy Theories and Rumors That Are Probably True

Of all the sports conspiracies and rumors, these are ones I believe to be true. Agree? Disagree? Vote and put your opinion or add one you think belongs on this list.
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1 Wade Boggs drank around 100 beers on a cross country team flight

The rumor : Wade Boggs drank around 100 beers on a cross country team flight and still went 3 for 5 at the plate in a win against The Seattle Mariners.
My opinion : I think this has gotta be true to some point. Too many teammates have verified it. The only thing I question is exactly how many he actually drank although I'm pretty sure it was A LOT. Lol, legend!

2 Athletes lie about their height

I am not surprised that some of the figures are inaccurate but it does strike me as odd that exaggerating the heights helps hype them up honestly.

The rumor : Athletes height and weight stats are usually "exaggerated" by the league, agents or the the athletes themselves.

My opinion : I think this is 100% true but probably not the case for all athletes. Reasons being is I have stood next to some professional athletes and know they are not as tall as "they" say. I use to play a lot of pick up basketball during the early - mid 90's. I played a couple of times with pros on the court like Cedric Ceballos, Cherokee Parks, and Keith Van Horn. I once guarded Diana Taurasi in a pick up game while she was still in high school but that's another story. Ceballos is listed as 6'7", he's probably about 6'5" or 6'6" tops. Van Horn is listed as 6'10" is probably more like 6'8". Parks seemed to be a legit 6'11" maybe 6'10". I also had Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson standing next to me. K.J. is definitely not 6'1". He's about 5'10", 5'11" tops. Barkley is about 6'4" not 6'6" like listed. Barkley has admitted many times he's not 6'6" and that "they" lied about his height. Off topic but isn't amazing this dude played power forward and was only 6'4" and dominated the other power forwards in the league who average height was 6'9"? Anyways I have my proof that this rumor is true. Even professional wrestlers exaggerate, a mean really exaggerate their height. One morning when I was living in San Antonio, Texas, my wife and I pulled into an IHOP after a long night out and Chris Benoit walked past me in the parking lot as we were walking in. He's listed at 5'11". Lol! No way! I'm 5'8". Dude was shorter then me. He's was like 5'7". As I was going in Eddie Guerrero was walking out (I held the door for him. He acknowledged it and gave me a head nod). He was really short. Like 5'5" but is listed as 5'8". On a side note, I feel kinda weird having seen these two together after what happened to them. Also... more

3 Dock Ellis's LSD no-hitter

The rumor : Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter on June 12, 1970, and later stated that he accomplished the feat under the influence of LSD.
My opinion : God I hope this is true cause having experimented with LSD myself, I find this hilarious. He definitely was acting strangely to say the least. He was on something and giving this dude's history, I really do think this is true. If interested watch the ESPN documentary "No No : A Dockumentary"

4 Brett Favre flopped for Strahan’s record breaking sack Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

The rumor : Brett Favre flopped for (his good friend) Strahan so Strahan could get his record breaking sack.
My opinion : Come on, just watch it. It's way obvious in my opinion. I'm not bent about it like some people though. Yeah they broke an unwritten rule of the game but who cares. It's not a big deal to me. The Packs still won anyways.

5 Tony Hawk had Tas Pappas banned from entering the Best Trick Contest at the X Games

The conspiracy : Tony Hawk had banned Tas Pappas from the best trick contest so he (Hawk) would be the only one attempting the 900. He was scared Tas would land it before him.

My opinion: I think this is true. Tony had a lot of "pull" in competitions due to his father being part of some skateboarding contest commission. Tas was always part of The Best Trick Contest but "for some reason" he wasn't allowed to participate that year. The reason was Tas submitted that he was going to attempt the 900. Tony wanted to be the only one attempting that trick in case Tas landed it first and I think Tas would have. During that time there was a couple of skaters attempting that trick. From footage of these people attempting it, Tas was coming the closest to landing it. Plus I'm grew up skateboarding in Southern California. I know all about Tony Hawk and his real reputation out here. He is widely known to be a selfish, self-centered spoiled brat. I mean look at what he did to his "best friend" Matt Hoffman. If you don't know Tony, while married with children, cheated on his wife with his "best friend's" wife and ended up wrecking Matt's and his own marriage to marry Matt's wife! So yeah, that's Tony Hawk's character. A complete scumbag that only cares about himself and his own happiness.
Note : There's a documentary that has a part that covers this called "All This Mayhem".

6 The blood on Curt Schilling sock was fake

The rumor : The blood on Schelling's sock was faked to add more drama to his injury. This "rumor" started when broadcaster Gary Thorne went on record saying he was told the blood was fake by Red Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli.
My opinion : I think this is true. From skateboarding and playing basketball I have had many sprained ankles in my life. Since when does your ankle bleed from a sprain? I was fishy about it when it happened. Plus I question Curt Schelling's character.

7 Delonte West had sex with Lebron James's mom

The rumor : In 2010, Delonte West had sex with Lebron James' mom while they were teammates in Cleveland. LeBron found out during the 2010 playoffs and that was the reason for his poor performance.
My opinion : Because of all the weird drama and the things that were said between everyone involved, I think this may be true. West actually confirmed it in a 2014 interview with Vice Sports.

8 Kevin Mitchell beheaded his girlfriend’s cat

The rumor : Baseball player Kevin Mitchell cut the head off his girlfriend's cat during an argument.
My opinion : Cause of the source, I think this may be true. Also I have heard Mitchell is a violent jerk. I had a friend who said Kevin Mitchell tried to fight him in Lake Havasu over something stupid. He said he was acting like a belligerent fool saying he was going to kill him all because he thought my friend stole a beer from his cooler. I wholeheartedly believe my friend's story so he obviously has it in him to do belligerent acts.

9 Wayne Gretzky was in a gambling ring while coaching Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and former head coach. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League for four teams from 1979 to 1999.

The conspiracy : Gretzky's wife and about another half a dozen NHL players were caught placing bets in a nationwide sports gambling ring financed by then Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet. The ring was discovered to have processed over 100 wagers worth over $1.7 million. Many believe Gretzky's wife took the fall for him.
My opinion : I think Wayne was absolutely involved in this. I mean come on, as a married man I very seriously doubt his wife was involved without his knowledge. Also the gambling ring leader was his assistant coach at the time! I believe his wife and assistant coach both took the fall for him.

10 Michael Jordan didn't have the flu, as was initially reported, when he scored 38 against the Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 Finals

It was food poisoning that he got.

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11 Daniel Roberts hadn't had a vaccination since he was 6

Why is this a big deal or even a conspiracy? Up until COVID my wife and I (along with almost everyone I've talk to about this) haven't had a vaccination since they were 5 or 6 too.

12 1991 NCAA Championship Game between UNLV and Duke was fixed

The conspiracy : The 1991 NCAA Championship Game Was Fixed By UNLV players.
My opinion : Maybe true. UNLV was undefeated and handled Duke easily during the season. But it's not that that makes me think this may be true. It's the photo the Las Vegas Review Journal published of a picture two months after the game showing a few UNLV players in a hot tub with convicted "sports fixer" Richard Perry.

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