Best NFL Games of Week 1, 2021

The 102nd NFL season kicked off with a bang folks. What a way to kick off a new season with a plate of exciting games.
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1 27 Ravens vs 33 Raiders (OT)

This game was just wild. A potential game of the year. I guess you can say it was boring until the last quarter, but this game is this high because of the last quarter. OT was the best part of this game. Nearing the end, Las Vegas was in the redzone, then Carr made a pass Bryan Edwards, who dived for a big TD! The benches cleared and the coaches went in to shake hands, but the apparently he was short. Edwards' knee was down before the ball reached the endzone, so they had to redo it. No big deal though, Las Vegas was at the 1 yard line, so they can easily run it in or QB sneak it. So Carr went in for the QB sneak, he was smothered. Still had a few chances, but guess what happened? Las Vegas' first round pick, Alex Leatherwood, went offsides for a 5 yard penalty. But they were still so close, so Carr took another shot, and he overthrew the ball for like the 20th time the whole game. 3rd and goal. Carr overthrows it AGAIN, and its PICKED OFF. HE FAILED. THIS WAS A GURANTEED WIN, AND YOU ...more

This game actually started off boring but by the end was something wild like I don't know what the hell I was watching also congrats on the featured list my dude! #CubbieGhostlyTakeover

2 29 Cowboys vs 31 Buccaneers

The game to kick off the 2021-22 season. Of course it has to be here. This game was a shoot out. Cowboys put up a better performance then I thought. They were able to run over the Tampa defense. They were on the brink of winning when they kicked up a field goal with more then a minute left in the game. Tampa Bay had this game in the bag though. Tampa was in the redzone, but then Man Baby Brady threw it to Godwin, who was having a great game, FUMBLED the ball at like the 1 yard line and Dallas picked it up and took it to the twelve. Dallas started plowing down the field and eventually were stopped to kick a 48 yard field goal. Then Tampa got the ball, and Brady throws in to his old New England teammate Gronk and to take it to midfield! And guess who makes the big play here? Brady throws it to Gogwin and he gets them into field goal range, and was forgiven about the field goal. So Tampa bay ended up kick a field goal to seal the win 29-31. Stats were great for both teams. Prescott threw ...more

Very close game. We lost but I still enjoyed the game overall. A great sign for our offense though, happy Dak is back

3 29 Browns vs 33 Chiefs

No defense, all offense. Those games are usually exciting, and this game was a great example why. I'm not gonna lie, Mayfield was kind of disappointed. Sure he threw for over 300 yards, but not TDs. And he threw a pick, and that picked sealed Cleveland's loss. But Cleveland still had some bright spots. Chubb and Hunt had a great game and Jarvis Landry had 71 receiving yards. But on Kansas City's side, Mahomes was great as usual with 337 yards and racked up 3 TDs, Tyreek "The Freak" Hill had 197 yards for 1 TD. Kelce had 76 yards for 2 TDs and Helaire rushed for 43 yards and 29 receiving yards. And the Chiefs were actually down 22-10, but they were able to outscore Cleveland 23-7 in halftime. I wouldn't be surprised if these two teams met again in the playoffs.

4 24 Vikings vs 27 Bengals (OT)

Huge shocker played in Cincinnati. Minnesota stormed into Cincinnati ready to play, with a great offense with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and Kirk Cousins also with a very improved defense with Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen, and Eric Kendricks. Cincinnati had a pretty good offense though, not a defense but a good offense with returning Joe Burrow, His old WR in LSU Ja'marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, and Joe Mixon. Minnesota was the heavy favor here though, Cincinnati's atrocious Offensive Line against Minnesota's improved D Line. I didn't think Burrow was going to make it out of live, but despite all the advantages Minnesota had, they still whiffed it. How did you guys even do that? I understand that refball screwed you guys up, but why didn't you outscore them? IT'S THE BENGALS! I don't want to hear the excuse, Jefferson was cheeks this game. You guys ruined it. Big game for Burrow though, with 261 yards with 2 TDs, on the WR side, Chase was a monster with ...more

I must admit the Bengals defense was pretty good against the Vikings overall I'm actually optimistic about the Vikings after this game the defense is back to being top 15 worthy Kirk is silently becoming one of the best clutch quarterbacks in the game, and finally the special teams is finally great again the only issue I see is the coaching

5 41 49ers vs 33 Lions

49ers had a commanding lead at halftime, leading the Lions 31-10. But the Lions started to chip away San Francisco's 3 possession lead. Detroit's offense surprised me and probably others, seeing them score 33 points on San Francisco's suppose to be good defense. Goff went off on the 49ers defense, he threw 338 yards and 3 TDs and only 1 INT. On the RB side, Swift and Williams did great as a duo. Swift had 39 rushing yards along with 65 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD. Williams also had a TD, but it was run and had 54 rushing yards. WRs didn't do much for Detroit, but TE TJ Hockenson had an amazing game with 8 receptions, 97 receiving yards and 1 TD.

6 38 Cardinals vs 13 Titans

Similar to the Rams game, It was just fun watching Kyler Murray set Tennessee's defense on fire. He threw for 289 yards and 4 TDs, along with one INT. And he rushed for 1 TD. He totally carried me in Fantasy Football Week 1. His number one receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, caught 83 yard and 2 TDs. Lets not forget Chandler Jones' return. Came back to get 5 sacks and 6 tackles. Titans put up a disappointing performance. Jones, Brown, and Henry were disappointing and Tanny Titanic (Ryan Tannehill) had a disgusting performance. Not the best start for them.

Twas like a Comedy show, not a football game, especially for Cardinal fans.

7 21 Jaguars vs 37 Texans

The most hyped up rookie in the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence, just made his NFL debut in this game. Even though it was a L for him, this was an exciting game and he did well. Despite throwing 3 INTs, he did throw 3 TDs and 332 yards. Threw a TD to the newcomer Marvin Jones and DJ Chark. Oh yeah also some Chris Manhertz guy. But the Texans stunned me with that offense. David "Glassman" Johnson blew up along with Mark Ingram Jr. Taylor did pretty good I admit, he threw for 291 yards and 2 TDs.

8 14 Bears vs 34 Rams

Even though the Bears got decimated, it was just fun to watch Matthew Stafford play with an actual good team. STATford was a beast against the Bears, he threw 321 yards for 3 TDs, and completed 20 passes with 26 attempts. This was Cooper Kupp's games, had 108 yards and caught 1 TD. Bears disappointed me though. They put in that bum Andy Dalton over Justin Fields. Fields has to develop in these kind of games, so they better start him in the future.

9 28 Seahawks vs 16 Colts

A battle between 2 Playoff contenders. Russell Wilson was actually able to "cook" in this game, bouncing back from that horrendous Wild Card match Vs LA Rams. Threw 254 yards and 4 TDs. Tyler Lockett also blew up, with 100 yards for 2 TDs. I thought Metcalf would be the one to have the better game, but Metcalf still had a good game with 60 yards for 1 TD. But on Indianapolis side, Wentz didn't do so shabby either. Threw 251 yards 2 TDs. A lot of attention went to WR Zach Pascal, who had 43 yards and 2 TDs.

10 23 Steelers vs 16 Bills

Everyone loves upsets right? Well at least some people. Kind of feel bad for the people who picked Buffalo in their survivor challenge. This game wasn't much, but it was exciting in the last quarter when Pittsburgh felt some adrenaline and made a comeback. Pittsburgh's defense decided to step up and play better near the end. The Buffalo run game wasn't able to o again against Pittsburgh D line, and you also have to admit, that Diontae Johnson TD catch was great.

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11 17 Dolphins vs 16 Patriots
12 14 Jets vs 19 Panthers
13 20 Chargers vs Washington 16
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