Top 10 Worst Atlanta Falcons Moments

If you're an Atlanta Falcons fan, please turn away before you read because this is about to be a list you don't want to read. Here are the top 10 worst moments for the Atlanta Falcons.
The Top Ten
1 Atlanta Falcons choke away a 28-3 lead at the end of the third quarter in the Super Bowl

Need I say more other than 28-3? Let's just say the Falcons did the unthinkable and blew this lead in the Super Bowl.

2 Eugene Robinson arrested for soliciting a prostitute after being named Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award recipient prior to Super Bowl 33

Prior to Super Bowl 33, Eugene Robinson was the recipient of the Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award. That night, he was also arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Although Robinson was allowed to play in the game, a controversial decision that didn't help Atlanta, who lost to Denver, he did give back the award.

3 Michael Vick arrested on dogfighting charges Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a former American football quarterback who played 13 seasons in the National Football League, primarily with the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. He played college football at Virginia Tech and was selected by the Falcons as the first overall pick... read more

It seemed that the future for the Atlanta Falcons was bright with Michael Vick at the quarterback spot. A mobile QB who made three Pro Bowls with the Falcons, Vick's career took a stunning turn when he was arrested in the dogfighting scandal that hurt his image.

4 Bobby Petrino quits Falcons after going 3-11 to be named head coach at Arkansas

Bobby Petrino, a man no stranger to controversy, caused a stir when, after leading Atlanta to a 3-11 record, he quit the franchise to become the head coach at the University of Arkansas.

5 Brett Favre traded from Atlanta to Green Bay Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

After the 1991 season, the Falcons traded Brett Favre, whom they had selected in the Draft, to Green Bay. Suffice to say, it was the best trade for Green Bay and the worst trade for Atlanta.

6 Dave Hampton rushes for 1,000 yards, accepts award, then loses a few yards to finish under 1,000

In 1972, Dave Hampton became the first Falcon to rush for 1,000 yards in a season. When the moment happened, they stopped the game to present him with his award. However, on the next play following the delay, Hampton was tackled for a loss of yards and he finished five yards short. Fortunately, he would achieve the honor again a few seasons later.

7 Falcons blow 10-point lead against Cowboys in 1980 playoffs

With five minutes to go in the NFC Divisional round in 1980, the home team Atlanta led Dallas 24-17. However, a conservative approach to run out the clock led to Atlanta kicking a field goal to lead 27-17. Although Roger Staubach had retired a year prior for the Cowboys, they still had playoff experience. Danny White connected with Drew Pearson for two scores to pull off a comeback win.

8 Atlanta Falcons lose 48-21 to Green Bay in only 2010 playoff game

Atlanta finished the 2010 season with the best record in the NFC at 13-3 and would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. But in their first playoff game, they were shocked and upset by the Green Bay Packers, who torched them 48-21.

9 Noisegate causes Falcons to lose draft pick

During the 2013-14 seasons, the Falcons instilled fake crowd noise as a way to disrupt opposing offenses, which didn't work since they went 6-10 in both seasons. Yet, they were caught and were stripped of a fifth round draft pick for 2016. The irony was that the man who was fired for this had the same name as Roddy White, the Falcons' then wide receiver.

10 Atlanta Falcons elect to kick field goal instead of going for it on fourth down and lose 17-16 to San Francisco.

Trailing 17-13 with under four minutes to go in the game, the Falcons failed to score in the red zone on three plays and faced fourth and goal. Instead of going for it, Atlanta head coach Dan Quinn elected to take three points to cut the lead to one point, hoping to have the defense give the Falcons the ball back. They would never touch the ball again in the game and lost 17-16.

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