Top 10 Best St. Vincent Songs

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21 The Bed The Bed
22 Neutered Fruit Neutered Fruit
23 Year of the Tiger Year of the Tiger

How on earth can one miss this song(it wasn't on the list! )...I mean come on Its one of the best songs by st. Vincent! - Toucan

24 Prince Johnny Prince Johnny

This is one of St. Vincent's most emotionally-tugging songs. It's extremely personal and utilizes her percussion abilities flawlessly.

25 Huey Newton Huey Newton

Similar to Digital Witness, Huey Newton discusses how the youth of the world is becoming more reliant on technology with lines like "feelings flash cards" and "entombed in the shrines of zeros and ones".

26 I Prefer Your Love I Prefer Your Love

This is one of St. Vincent's only love songs. She wrote it for her mother and it is surely effective simply due to the opening line: "I prefer your love to Jesus". Bold & working.

27 Bring Me Your Loves Bring Me Your Loves

As St. Vincent said in an interview, "this song is bananas." And it simply is. But it's the good kind of bananas. Not the moldy, brown ones.

28 Severed Crossed Fingers Severed Crossed Fingers

Yet more proof that St. Vincent slays.

29 Regret Regret

I love this song and how Annie uses her beautiful lyrical abilities and guitarist nature to create this powerful tune.

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