Top 10 Strongest Cats In Battle Cats

(also I am very sorry I haven't made a list in a long time I don't have an excuse I just wasnt feeling up to it

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1 Crazed Bahamut Cat/Bahamut Cat

Looking forward to getting it. It is hard for me and I don't know what to do because I'm on chapter 3 moon and teacher bun bun has about 399,000 health! Because I knew that by the Wikipedia.

This is the no the best other uber rares are so much better than this cat but its still OP and does tons of damage

Bahamut is amazing! And don't forget to mention his true form... the definition of OP!

Who was the drunk guy who put bahamut on twice

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2 Paris Cat/Salon Cat

Best cat I've ever used, easily stackable. When stacked, shreds everything!

I don't have this cat so I don't know how good it is but from what I've heard its overpowered - ThunderKid

Stack Em up You can kill Black bun Bun!

Area attack, high damage, decent health, all good stats for a good cat

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3 King Dragon Cat/Dragon Cat/Lizard Cat

So you take dragon cat which already has a lot of health and damage, then you buff it up even more for the cost of a slower recharge time, this cat is one that I want - ThunderKid

Best cat, good long range attacker, good from the moment you get it

Best long range cat in the game. Lizard cat does a lot of damage and it Op when maxed out.


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4 Crazed Dragon Cat/Crazed Lizard Cat

Pretty much a normal dragon cat but moves, attacks and recharges faster, also has more damage and health but nit ss much as king dragon - ThunderKid

5 Eraser Cat/Wall Cat/Tank Cat

I think this is the most useful cat because you need him for almost every battle like chapter 3, into the future chapter 2, into the future chapter 3, and a million times in stories of legends.

If you don't use this cat, you don't know how to play the game

Op Meatshield, can take multiple hits from most enemies and is very cheap. The most useful cat in the game.

Very good for spamming, fast recharge time and low health and a lot of health, but it's better used as a meatshield because the damage is stupid low on it - ThunderKid

6 Crazed Macho Cat/Crazed Cat

The normal cat but runs and attacks faster, also very good for spamming - ThunderKid

7 Crazed Wall/Crazed Tank

The crazed wall is like a regular wall cat but with more hp, more speed, but at the same cost

8 Mohawk Cat/Macho Cat/Cat

Beast mode cat

9 Tecoluga

I say that this is the strongest cat in the game. I always wish that I had him. The reason why I want him is because he took out the crazy bird cats true form in 16 hits without critical and I thought that's super impressive! And if the creator of battle cats is reading this, I just want to let him know that I want Tecoluga next time I do a rare capsule draw.

Although single target hit it will still slay anything with its godly attack. A true boss slayer

Also it has a critical chance which can one hit metal cyclone and every other challenging metal enemies

Utter destruction.

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10 Jamiera Cat/Mythical Titan Cat/Titan Cat

In chapter 2, and stories of legend and event stages, even the Mythical Titan Cat dies in 5 seconds. In chapter 1 it's really useful. But later, not so much. I'd rather prefer awakened Bahamut than Jamiera cat.

My brother has a mythical titan cat and he said it has a whole ton of health and Attack and it has area attack. I myself have the normal titan cat and it is really good

Its awesome its got so much damage and health and looks awesome

SUPER POWERFUL! I never thought I'd use a starting cat but this thing OHKO's EVERYTHING

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The Newcomers

? Kasa Jizo

Best cat in the game in my opinion, spammable, cheap, useful for blacks, decent dps

The Contenders

11 Archer Cat

I don't exactly agree

Can easily one-shot Raging Bahamut at a low level, one of the best.

Archer Cat might be weak but he's cute

One shots cyberface no crit

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12 Megidora

High health dishes out damage like a beast and has decent speed.

Can take on the first moon level one without dying massive damage and health

I have it but chapter 2 moon I spawned it about 6 times

Good damage, good health, good speec, what else do you need

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13 Awakened Bahamut

Not only he does 160k damage a time he is also area final evo of Bahamut cat as well

I do not have him, but I watched some videos and it does A TON of dmg so this might be useful for everyone. :D

25k hp, twice the speed of super mr and 25k DPS. Not many enemys can stand up to that despite it's abysmal range.

He is da best

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14 Kung Fu Cat/Drunken Master Cat/Dancer Cat

Does great day and stays back a little

I have this cat and does TONS of damage and can tank a few hits. The recharge time is a bit long, but the high damage makes up for it.

15 Crazed Whale Cat/Crazed Fish Cat

It sucks

too op

16 Catman

Long range, massive area damage and increased damage to aliens and floating enemies. Good for taking out things like that annoying alien head thing from a safe distance.

Amazing damage nearly gets hit and hard to kill! Great!

I have catman now my first uber! and it has decent health and attack power. Helps me out in empire of cats. Although I have to complain it is too expensive. Even my max wallet cannot afford it

R.I.P Floating

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17 Delinquent Cat

Amazingly powerful and looks EPIC

Looks amazing, performs amazing

Is this a JoJo reference?

Best cat I have ever had

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18 Kamukura/God Dragon Kamukura

Very Good and only a slow mover because he usually to defend the base while the other dragon emperors are used to attack the enemy

Tons of damage loads of health rarely dies but slow and does cost a pretty penny uber super rare

Him and Crazed Bahamut are my best cats.

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19 Super Galaxy Cosmo

Only good uber I have so

20 Jamiera Cat

So much health and knock back so useful

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