Top 10 Strongest Cats In Battle Cats

(also I am very sorry I haven't made a list in a long time I don't have an excuse I just wasnt feeling up to it

The Top Ten Strongest Cats In Battle Cats

1 Crazed Bahamut Cat/Bahamut Cat

Incredible damage, fast attack speed and hardly any time between recharge.

Looking forward to getting it. It is hard for me and I don't know what to do because I'm on chapter 3 moon and teacher bun bun has about 399,000 health! Because I knew that by the Wikipedia.

I love Bahmut he carried me to get crazed tank and cat and even killed corrupted Valkyrie he is so op never ever! Nerf Him I mean it.

Heaps of damage,lots of health. I use him. My second best cat(only because my legend is lvl19! )

2 King Dragon Cat/Dragon Cat/Lizard Cat

Dragon cat has great range and amazing damages. Regular dragon is usefully for stages that give you a lot of money because it has a lower recharge time than king dragon and crazed dragon. King dragon is better for stages that give less money because king dragon has better stats than regular dragon.

So you take dragon cat which already has a lot of health and damage, then you buff it up even more for the cost of a slower recharge time, this cat is one that I want - ThunderKid

I haven’t goten far but lizard cat has really helped in earlier levels and still helps a lot now.much better hp and attack then even my uber super rare! I got it first in a cat capsule really early on and have had it on my team ever since

Best cat, good long range attacker, good from the moment you get it

3 Paris Cat/Salon Cat

Cyborg cat level 44+6 and one crazed eraser helped me take down crazed titan by themselves, a great long-range attacker and high damage.

Once you start to stack up salon cats you will start to a lot of damage and the cool down is short and has a ok price 900 if you start empire cats chapter 1 use it RIGHT NOW

Paris is a pretty powerful cat its high damage is really reliable and the range on paris is very decent for a cat with exeptionally high damage and area attack and it is a bit cheap on a cost of 900

It has a extremely good splash for its range, can be stacked easily, and high damage!

4 Crazed Dragon Cat/Crazed Lizard Cat

A good overall cat but the best reason to use is range in my opinion

Pretty much a normal dragon cat but moves, attacks and recharges faster, also has more damage and health but nit ss much as king dragon - ThunderKid

insane RANGE

Does over 10000 damage.

5 Crazed Macho Cat/Crazed Cat

The normal cat but runs and attacks faster, also very good for spamming - ThunderKid

In this way you have been working hard time getting ready


fast cat

6 Kasa Jizo

I was fortunate enough to roll him and, can confirm, he's hard NOT to use. Cheap Paris that carries you through those black-ridden EXP stages with ease paired with Weightlifter's evo.


Kasa Jizo is the most broken because it is a cheaper version of Paris with better stats

Do I even need to explain. This cat is easily the best cat in the game, he acts as a better paris with better DPS, health and overall better stats. People should recognise this as the best cat and I do not understand why this is so low. People are always saying to me "I want Jizo! " If stacked it has the best DPS in the game and is probably the most cost efficient cat in the game. Nothing in his stats particularly jump out but just his spammibility for his triple damage ability makes him a wonderful Black/Angel killer. He can act against other enemies as well because he has better stats than paris. His evolved true form are a bit costly but have extreme range and great attack and health. Overall his normal form is better though. This guy is to op, especially against blacks/angels.

7 Mohawk Cat/Macho Cat/Cat

Its low price and recharge makes up for low damage you can easily get 10 on the board in a minute.

Beast mode cat

Underrated and a simple but amazing card that does way too much damage — if that’s possible. And any strategy you chose, you will need this card, which makes this card have a lot of power. This game would not be the same without this card.

Because I said so

8 Crazed Wall/Crazed Tank

The only reason this is below normal tank and wall is because it is hard to unlock. - Kyozen

The crazed wall is like a regular wall cat but with more hp, more speed, but at the same cost

It is the strongest of all meat shields

Infinite tank!

9 Tecoluga

I got this in my second roll in a noob account and it carried me

I say that this is the strongest cat in the game. I always wish that I had him. The reason why I want him is because he took out the crazy bird cats true form in 16 hits without critical and I thought that's super impressive! And if the creator of battle cats is reading this, I just want to let him know that I want Tecoluga next time I do a rare capsule draw.

I like Togeluga more but this is the only one so... but I do love all the nekolugas!

The best descriptions for the lufalan pasalan is the following : 1 of the best cat ever! 2 most likely the best cat ever in the history of battle cats or any game for that matter. 3 not as good as kubiluga 4 second best 5 A perfect long range way to kill everything wearable to the human eye.

10 Jamiera Cat/Mythical Titan Cat/Titan Cat

Mythical titan cat Helped of the first part of Chapter 2 moon. My uber (the grateful crane)Did the rest.

Pretty nice damage, but doesn't have a lot of health in consideration of it's cost. - Kyozen

In chapter 2, and stories of legend and event stages, even the Mythical Titan Cat dies in 5 seconds. In chapter 1 it's really useful. But later, not so much. I'd rather prefer awakened Bahamut than Jamiera cat.

My brother has a mythical titan cat and he said it has a whole ton of health and Attack and it has area attack. I myself have the normal titan cat and it is really good

The Contenders

11 Archer Cat

destroys everything in one attack I soloed uncanny legends with him at level 1 would recommend

I don't exactly agree

They really need to nerf archer cat, absolutely game breaking how good it is.

I don't understand why people would rather have Jizo than Archer cat.

12 Crazed Whale Cat/Crazed Fish Cat

It sucks

Not worth what it takes to get it. - Kyozen

I hear he is good

Very useful and tank but it replaceble

13 Awakened Bahamut

Do I really need to explain this? Fast movement speed, fast attack, and huge damage.

A must-have in Stories of Legend, and helps a TON in COTC when the limitations are Rare, Super Rare and Special. Its health isn't the greatest, but it's insane damage and speed help with that. One limiting factor is its health, and that's why timing is key. Have good timing, and this will be one of the best cats in your loadout.

Can't get passed ezabelith but I want it because the speed and massive damage

Not only he does 160k damage a time he is also area final evo of Bahamut cat as well

14 Catman

I have him and the legends are true he does abolusly DESTROY ITF

Long range, massive area damage and increased damage to aliens and floating enemies. Good for taking out things like that annoying alien head thing from a safe distance.

Several shots the boss in Chapter 1 Moon, does massive damage to floating and alien. Goes invisible and attacks from the sky.

Its very easy to beat chapter 3 moon with cat man for he does triple damage to floating at first form

15 Delinquent Cat

Yare yare daze, literally most OP stando user in the game like it's so good but maybe I'd switch to Giorno if he was here.

Is this a JoJo reference?

Amazingly powerful and looks EPIC

Yare yare daze

16 Megidora

Is a Bun Bun killer and will absolutely troll 1v1 against any floating enemy

Higher on the list it is better then a lot of these cat also where is awakened bahamut

Floating enemies are dead when it comes to him. He's quick (but not TOO quick like valkyrie) strong, and has decent range. Good all around!

I used it to get passed the second Machu Picchu because I kept dieing one Megidora and I TEARED the red seals and elephants.

17 Radiant Aphrodite

Got this as my first Uber ever, carried me through all of ItF and EoC

With her and seafarer I beat the great abyss chapter three in two minutes

Op as heck lol ss tier

Very useful to kill aliens, stack wuth bahamut and no one can't stop you

18 Surfer Cat

My go to! Do not like Cast-away Cat (Evolved). His attack is too slow. And Surfer Cat starts its attack away from enemy strike zones. Huge Plus

oh my god, got it on chapter 1 and it just kill everything
keep spamming it until it stacked like 20+

Surfer cat is an all around good unit that works as pretty much everything you need. Ranks high, even among my best, such a A.Bahamut, Dark Subaru, And Peach Devils

One shots small enemies, high chance of surviving lethal strikes when evolved, good health. Carried me through many levels

19 Killer Cat

This guy should be above Kaza Jizo, I mean, it could probably carry through uncanny legends alone

Best cat ever! Most expensive but very worth!

God tier, cheap, easy to spam and will carry

One shots manic eraser.

20 Kung Fu Cat/Drunken Master Cat/Dancer Cat

Does great day and stays back a little

I have this cat and does TONS of damage and can tank a few hits. The recharge time is a bit long, but the high damage makes up for it.

I love this cat so much

high dmg, but low reload speed.
mine is lv. 25

21 Shishilan Pasalan

Shishilan Pasalan is clearly one of the best just because his massive range and attack. Also, when it gets knocked back... IT JUST GETS STRONGER!

He can do 60,000 damage in berserk but it should be in the top 5 but still great nice 👌

Shockwave killer, touch him and he goes berserk.

kills all bosses for me

22 Super Galaxy Cosmo

Overpowered true form

Deserves to be up much higher

Only good uber I have so

He's just a big heckin good boy

23 Holy Valkyrie Cat

Its really good

Good for stopping enemies


very god

24 Kachi Kachi

Just an overall great unit with a very useful ability absolutely destroys cli one

Just look at the pic of its evolution

Honestly with the attack speed of Kachi Kachi he is one of the best cats

He can clutch a lot of battles for me

High movement, good recharge and very useful ability

25 Op Cat

is the base but as a cat phenomenal

Good also I forgot his look

Sounds pretty good

So op honestly

26 Kamukura/God Dragon Kamukura

A very Good red killer, especially against bosses like R-cyclone

Very Good and only a slow mover because he usually to defend the base while the other dragon emperors are used to attack the enemy

Tons of damage loads of health rarely dies but slow and does cost a pretty penny uber super rare

Him and Crazed Bahamut are my best cats.

27 Ultralan Pasalan

Boss Killer Boss Killer BOSS KILLER JUST THE BEST I have no ubers I would like this uber... I ALSO don't HAVE PARIS YET

Really amazing super effective against all non metal enemies massive area damage evolved form of nekoluga

Killer Queen.

28 Baby Gao

Bay Gao has the effect to knock out enemies with any traits but however he is not very powerful against not-trait enemies.

Just good against everything, good for all levels

S-tier Uber. I have it, and it is simply godlike.

He is the best!

29 Jamiera Cat

So much health and knock back so useful

Very strong, can’t wait to max her out

30 Mission Control Mekako





31 Rover Cat

Rover feels pretty damn decent but I wanna know if I'm making a mistake by devoting my first true form to him


It can beat itf chapter 2 Moon!

Really good meatsheild

32 Pai-Pai

Literally bodies the enemies, attacks are insane, alright attack animation. Her abilities are just insane.

Amazing red counter...and fairly good boobs

I beat red cycline with her, she is awesome

I have Pai Pai and she is OP.Reds watch out!

33 Crazed UFO cat

I don't know I just pick it

34 God Emperor Sodom

Carried me through any floating stage


35 Anubis the Unblemished

Has a critical strike for about 25k


36 Thundia

Best red killer

Would make a good porno

My First and Only Uber right now.

Best girl

37 Lesser Demon cat

Should use mostly against tanks and should not be used against armies of enemies.
Overall,I like it, it helped me beat Valkyrie cat chapter 2 moon

Why tf lesser demon cat why not true form (>*-*>)

It does good damage, high hp, really fast recharge and good price

Highest dps in game

38 The White Rabbit/The Black Cat

This cat is SO GOOD because White Rabbit has super long range so if she gets hurt she backs up and also can slow down enemies I suggest this cat to you if your trying to get true form bahumat

The white rabbit is real good even against raging Bahamut

Is really god

You might be saying. THIS SUCKS THIS SUCKS! No, it really helped me out from the begining when I got it. It is really helpful sometimes and it can slow down alien and red cats. When alien and red enimies are tryng to guard the main enemy you can slow them down.

39 Samba Cat

Super cheap. A better macho cat.

good at slowing enemies and spamible

40 Dioramos

Dioramos is easily the best cat in the game. Many people think Bahamut Cat has the highest DPS in the game, but that is not true - Dioramos has 16 times the amount, and (with his ability to freeze every enemy for 6 seconds) can absolutely destroy enemies that are incredibly difficult (such as Firework Guys, Ms. Sign and Trolly Blogger) What really amazed me about the absolute legend Dioramos was how he dealt with Cruel Angel Clionel. The first time, he died from a swarm of 0.34% buffed Doges (what cat can survive that), but the second time (with one Ramen Cat) he actually managed to KILL them. Then, when Cruel Angel Clionel came out, he killed it in 1 hit. Absolutely love this cat, anyone he gets it is very lucky. Please like and subscribe for weekly reviews. - Weebstuffs

One of the best cats in the game

Destroyer of angels


41 Strike Unit R.E.I. cat

Because she looks cool

102k damage against floating and reduced damage by 1/4 when taken

42 Wargod Yukimura

Fast, kills, but pricy.

So helpful against black enimies

43 Immortal Shingen

Because the range is better than evolved form and attack.

good cat but not that useful in empire of cats

2nd highest attack power in the game. Good good

Great uber in general. Does 130k or so (Can't measure from challenge) but does great! However, it only targets black and alien.

44 Steve

So op! It can one shot peons!

Most OP cat ever with 999999 attack, hp, range, movement speed and DPS

0MG So OP. This guy is crazy his range is insane. He has 9999999 DPS so he can one shot enemy base from cat base. Helped me win the game. Please nerf

45 Jizo's Moving Castle

At level 40

Howl's moving castle ❤

46 Mighty Kat-a-Pult

This thing has a staggering 296,000 health when its level 30, easily making it the highest HP cat. It also has 70,000 damage, making its home in the top 15 or maybe even top 10. Moves slowly and has long range, but that's all right when you hear he's a great zombie killer. Sadly, he costs 6,500 cat money in battle, making him the second most expensive cat in the game. Still though, if your money is max, you still have 10,000 cat money to spend on other troops in battle.

The first comment is a lie. It doesn't have any of those stats. Look it up!

Amazing for zombies

47 Catornado

Best Critical Attacker Very Great against any metal!

Critical hits, the metal killer

48 Biker Cat

Most people would assume it is not that good but 50 outta over 350 cat is pretty good why is it here you ask? Well it deals decent damage but biker cat is nothing compared to its true form know as unicycle cat. It is much cheaper, has a much shorter recharge, and has a short attack animation. Why do I like it so much? It was my first cat I ever got a true from for.

Easily spammed not too expensive and has decent damage and health! Great for newbs

49 Maximum the Fighter

If you rolled this kitty in Empire of Cats, prepare to be HARD carried (until chapter 3 moon that is)

He is more then a Red Slayer! He can kill Aliens And more(except metal)


i love him

50 Kat-A-Pult

I Think he is the Best looking cat/machine


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