Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale

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1 Ten dollars is "too expensive" of a price tag for the game

10 dollars is a steal for this game,Toby Fox could have made the price double and it still would have been quite a deal... I think you can't put a price on a game like this, and your saying it's too expensive while you're buying 100 dollars of V-buck things. 10 dollars couldn't be better spent... Emotional breakdowns, soul-shattering storylines and incredible game play all for 10 DOLLARS?! That's CHEAP for this game...

Seriously, if you can't afford 10 dollars, how did you get a computer?

Seriously? Much smaller (and less well designed) games that cost like 30 dollars don't get moaned about for this reason at all. This is just digging too deep for an excuse to spread hate. - Entranced98

Seriously ten dollars? That's not expensive at all for that game it's about 12 hours of game play it has a great story multiple endings and people say the graphics suck but the graphics were perpously made that way so 10 dollars that is really cheap if not it should be 30 dollars

2 The graphics are "not next-gen enough"

Sure it's pixel art, but that doesn't make it bad. Just look at Asriel Dreemurr's Final Form!

Again made to be that way

Games doesn't need a very realistic graphics become a good game.

Graphic is not important, the story is.

3 The game is fantastic yet extremely overrated, which automatically makes it "bad"

What is this logic?! Yes, it has been overhyped, but it must have started from somewhere.

No, it is downright abysmal no word can describe how bad Undertale is - Hummingbirdf

Apparently, it turns out if certain people like a game and realize how overrated it is, their opinions change ENTIRELY. I mean, come on! How is a game bad if it's popular?!

How does that make something bad people's opinions I mean I think call of duty sucks but that's just a opinion

4 The characters are "annoying" and "stupid" compared to the poorly-developed and one-dimensional hunks of meat you usually see in most games

Well, some people don't like the characters, that's all.

Call of duty sucks

This game suck its too overrated

This list is bullcrap - Hummingbirdf

5 The battle system "sucks" because the player sucks at it

Kinda what goes through my mind when playing a Kaizo level in Super Mario Maker. Please don't say I'm stupid or have a stupid opinion for saying this.

6 The game is "too hard"

It depends on how the player plays the game.

If anything, it's kinda easy. - MKBeast

Too hard? What about Touhou?

They have never tried Touhou.

7 The game being indie automatically equates to it being "pretentious hipster bulls***"
8 The game is "too kiddy"

Yeah, sure. Crying because you mercilessly murder a fictional character is "kiddy".

Ugh. Play Genocide route. There is popups

Really? - lolololololol

Yep! If kiddy is murdering, swear words, gay romances, advanced storyline that’s probably over most five year old’s heads and just straight up breaking your soul, then OF COURSE it’s kiddy!

9 The game is intended to be played non-violently and is therefore "for pansies"

Genocide route?

Being a fan (NOT a fangirl), I can personally say that you don't have to play non-violent - Antifi

There is a genocide route you morronrs, its only as violent as you are,bye the way ship temmie and flowey and I will spare you, { GOES CHARA }

10 The game's fanbase is a degenerate furry porn machine

I do agree fan base sucks but your comparing a fan base to a game

The fan base is terrible, but that doesn't really affect how good of a game it is.

The only thing bad about Undertale in my opinion.

Some bad fans, fantastic game nonetheless

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11 Five Nights At Freddy's is "better"

Saying Five Night's at Freddy's is good is like saying Mario didn't revolutionize gaming. It's just not true...

Both are cancerous

Ones great, the other one s very good

I have to admit, this one is true..

12 Undertale beating Ocarina Of Time on GameFAQs apparently mattered so much that the fanbases of both Undertale and Zelda just HAD to engage in a heated fanboy flame war over it

I really love Zelda, but Ocarina wins most of the time so I'm kinda glad it was defeated, I don't love or hate undertale because I haven't played it or know of any way it sucks. - Skullkid755

Undertale is definitely not the best game of all time, but I grew sick of seeing Ocarina of Time taking top spot on basically any best games list. I was happy to see it get taken down a notch (it's a great game, but I even preferred Majora's Mask to it and this is just talking about the LOZ franchise, I also think Undertale is better than it.) - kempokid

Well maybe you should PLAY THE GAME instead of judging it because of it's fanbase.

Legend of Zelda is obviously better than this furry trash

Because that's totally the best thing to say on a poll where all the undertale fans will be. - unipuff123

13 The game "doesn't have enough guns in it"

Wow. Seriously?

So games need guns to be good, now? - Antifi

This one is to stupid! Most Roleplay games don’t have guns in most of the fight scenes it’s not like Call of Duty in a 8-bit platform it's a ROLEPLAY-GAME!

14 The music is "lame"

The music is not lame! Do you know how much Toby puts into his music!? And do you know how much it takes to put real music and 8-bit music together and make it at least decent!? I learned from experience!

I actually find the music to be really annoying, to be honest.

It is a lot worse than lame compared to Terraria music - Hummingbirdf

I could lisen to its soundtrack for days

15 The game is apparently the same thing as its fanbase

It really isn’t. The fan base isn’t very good, because of overhyping, but the game itself is amazing. Please don’t waste your opinion on the fan base instead of the real game.

16 "If you want a REAL example of games as art, play (insert similarly overrated game here)"

Next time I hear someone telling me to play Braid or The Witness if I want to see true art, I will destroy something - kempokid

"Final Fantasy VII"
"Chrono Trigger"
"Fallout 3"
"Half-Life 2"

I could go on, but it'd take forever. - xandermartin98

17 The game tries a little too hard to be funny

They only put bad jokes in so they make the player crazy

18 The game is "too weird"

Yet, the humor is what makes Undertale, well, Undertale. It's pretty much supposed to be weird and that's what makes it good.

19 "Every game has to be on Playstation or XBOX or else I'm not playing it"

Actually Undertale is supossed to be coming out for both of these so haters now what


20 The storyline is "too confusing" despite the fact that almost every core detail of it is laid out on a silver platter
21 The game takes a lot of inspiration from games like Earthbound, automatically making it a "blatant ripoff"

Sorry but Toby fox is the person who made a howoleen hack for earthbound and also owns a little bit of it and there are therious undertale
and earthbound are connected like mother and earthbound

22 The game is "Literally Tumblr: The RPG"

What. The. ? Oh, just because Undyne and Alphys are lesbians, or Mettaton a transgender? The game isn't tumblr, people who say this are probably intolerant asses.

23 The storyline is "excessively straightforward and poorly written" compared to the bland and stereotypical tripe you would see in most games

The story is awesome and the characters are heart warming. - lolololololol

Ok then fill in all the holes in the plots. then come up with a better plot, INCLUDING SEVERAL MAJOR PLOT TWISTS - Antifi

24 The game "would have been so much better if it was made by Nintendo"

No, because the fandom would be even worse - Antifi

What... who cares? Also to the person below me, you can't believe everything you hear just because matpat said it. It's just a theory, a theory, thanks for reading

Ummm guess what? Earthbound was made by Nintendo and is connected to undertale

25 The game has LGBT relationships in it
26 Mettaton is "too sexy"

This one is actually funny

I'm trying not to laugh

27 Genocide is "the only enjoyable way to play the game"

No Way dude. If anything, Genocide is an awful way to play the game. The Pacifist run is way better and it's why I love Undertale.

I enjoy the Genocide more than any other - Matthiasiamfan

Call the cops

Who ever thinks this is a genoside. - lolololololol

28 The lovingly crafted and heartfelt joyride of a storytelling experience is "nothing more than a soulless, uninspired fad designed to be as overrated as possible"
29 "Game Maker sucks"

Game Maker is a program that you make games in.
he's not referring to the creator of the game sucks, but that the program in which the game was made in sucks.

Your gramer sucks

30 The player character's movement is a little too slow

It's a kid. Probably not even 7 year old.

You can't hate a game because of a character's movement. (Well you can, but that's kinda stupid). It would be more of a nitpick.

31 "Having emotions and actually feeling for the characters is for losers"

You know the first game ever pong was for getting people closer and having control and these stupid call of duty games are just shooters with no story and are boring that is my opinion though

Flowey in da house!

32 "Video games are for autistic nerds"

Then how do you know what undertale is

33 "The fanbase has autistic people in it, and in my humble opinion, anyone with autism deserves to burn in hell and never come back again"

Whoever wrote this deserves exactly this.

That, is just, mean! - Skullkid755

34 Alphys is a fat weeaboo nerd loser, which apparently automatically makes her the worst-written character in the game even though she is actually the best-written

I heard that

35 "Anything related to or made by Nintendo sucks"

Undertale isn’t even Nintendo, so what’s your point...?

36 "The game feels outdated and poorly designed compared to (insert outdated, overrated and poorly designed game here)"

Symphony Of The Night - xandermartin98

37 The game's fanbase is a crap-post machine

It's mostly true. - MKBeast

38 The game is overexposed by Let's Players
39 The game's fanbase is "too big"

Fnaf is that you

40 The game "reminds me too much of Homestuck"

Maybe because it's the same developer?

41 The game is not entirely an RPG


42 The fandom is apparently so horrible compared to every other massively horrible fandom of the past few decades

Fnaf's fandom is waay worse.

43 Trying to get attention by trolling

That I could agree with but its funny and a good thing

44 Being able to actually communicate with other characters like a real human being is "2 boring and stupid 4 me"
45 Being forced to mass-murder every lovable character in the game is apparently supposed to be a fun time

The Mercy and Save buttons are there for a reason, stupid.

46 Sparing things is "hard"

Again it is easy nobody gets it's a process and som things you use an item people don't know because they suck at the game

It's actually easier. - lolololololol

47 "I can't play a game without online multiplayer"

I can, but when it's not good singleplayer, it isn't. Just saying, Undertale is great though.

48 The entire game being designed by one person apparently reeks of "low effort"

He spend 2 years on this, designed the background, wrote the story, created the characters AND made the songs.

49 "RPGs are for losers"

That is also not true! - lolololololol

Your moms a loser

50 "Indie games suck"

I prefer regular games over indie games, but there are good indie games. - Skullkid755

God that is not true! - lolololololol

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