Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Stupidest Social Justice Warrior Moments

NuMetalManiak What a nice list Zach808 has come up with. You know, how much are you gonna bet that society today will be overrun by stupid moments such as these? Let's hope not, let's hope this is a thing of the past and let's hope that this thing of the past is actually FORGOTTEN.

1. Lyft passenger tries to get driver fired for having a bobble-head in his car..: I heard about Lyft, how it's a transportation job of sorts. Not my cup of tea. But how exactly do you get offended over something that is honestly pretty dumb to have in the car? If someone likes it, that's their deal. I think it's dumb, but it isn't offensive.
2. Fanbases on Tumblr drive fan-artist to suicide.: And this is why Tumblr sucks as a site. So opinionated people who want this and that all the time drive someone to their absolute brink. How proud are you fanbases for this?
3. Journalist describes Super Mario Maker as racist and sexist because the hand used on-screen doesn't represent their own.: But why should it? Seriously? Stupid media-biased journalists trying to change everything to have their personalities match.
4. Dead Rising 4 email with zombie grunt considered racist.: A zombie grunt is a GRUNT. Not something you can oust the n-word with.
5. Turkish Government tries to ban Minecraft for being too violent.: Nice try.
6. BLM Activist claims sexual assault because man jokes that his name is "Hugh Mungus".: I stopped reading after the first five words.
7. Gay pastor tries to frame Whole Foods employee for writing fake homophobic slur on cake.: I cannot piece together any of this.
8. Petula Dvorak of The Washington Post said air conditioning is sexist because it made her cold: Don't complain, just don't use it. And then melt if that's what you want.
9. Suing baking companies for not allowing LGBT marriage cakes to be made: Stop suing places just because your needs aren't met. Go to a place that actually will cooperate. You'll find one.
10. People getting called transphobic for assuming their pet's gender: Do pets really care about their gender?
11. Campus employee assaults white man for wearing dreadlocks.: Yeah, white people always being seen as racist is just the worst. This black employee proves to be no different than other racists.
12. YouTubers getting labelled as Nazis, Fascists, etc. for clips or quotes taken out of context: "fish for clips", yeah, this is EXACTLY what the SJWs will do, to ENSURE that they call out whoever they're calling out with their favorite derogatory buzzword.
13. Asian cafeteria food attacked for cultural appropriation.: The two words at the end of this item need to be banned.
14. Spanish teacher gives middle school students a "How privileged are you?" quiz.: You know what? This should be in every school. I'm not joking. The most privileged people will get all their fake rights and their safe space, while normal people won't be bothered by them. Does that sound like a reasonable solution?
15. Begging for colleges to install "safe spaces": begging, Begging, BEGGING. The SJWs are literal dogs.
16. Calling Mario racist for being able to wear a poncho and sombrero in Super Mario Odyssey: Isn't this literally the opposite of what the Trump haters are supposed to be considering racist?
17. African-American mother assumes gorilla character in Sing is a racial stereotype: This movie is a computer-animated movie featuring animated characters. This character in particular was voiced by Taron Egerton, a white British dude. Is it a stereotype just because the character is colored dark?
18. Assuming that people are "transphobic" for not agreeing with their made-up genders or using the wrong pronouns: No, zir precious fee fees got hurt over words and you can't handle anything.
19. Matt Taylor shirt controversy: This is objectively one of the worst. Guy does something amazing for science, wears a shirt and people laud him for it, guy breaks down in tears because of those, and how people don't care about science anymore.
20. Woman accuses officer of rape when he arrests her: THE OFFICER IS DOING HIS JOB. HIS JOB IS NOT TO RAPE WOMEN.
21. Halloween costume panic: I officially declare Halloween anti-SJW day because of this.
22. Yale students slamming Samurai Jack for homophobia, sexism and cultural appropriation: IT'S A CARTOON. HOW DERANGED ARE YOU PEOPLE?
23. Boycotting Beauty and The Beast (2017) for having a gay character: Apparently Gaston was that gay character. I didn't know that. I thought he was supposed to be that jerk-lover for Belle. Actually, this is the opposite of an SJW moment.
24. Fictional characters given a realistic makeover: These can be terrifying. I saw some realistic looking Pokemon, and let's say I will never look at Jigglypuff the same again. On the other hand, does this really count?
25. Anti-fascist feminists throw urine at libertarian-conservative writer for dismissing made-up genders: That woman was pretty CLEAN with her reports, and the SJWs respond with things that are NASTY.
26. Pepsi commercial controversy: I don't want to watch anything with anyone with the last names Jenner or Kardashian on it. The one's that do promote stupidity.
27. Woman sues Drake and Future for a rape charge associated with the venue: Why sue the artists? Why sue the venue? Shouldn't you just find the person who raped you? Or is this all a ruse?
28. Grand Theft Auto V accused of sexism: OF COURSE IT'S A CONTROVERSIAL GAME. Don't like it, don't play it, don't pay any more attention to it.
29. Accusing Sing of racism for portraying black gorillas as criminals: Well human's evolved from gorillas, some from black gorillas, I don't know anymore.
30. Texas woman claims Hobby Lobby's cotton stalks are racist: This was in Texas?
31. People complaining about Tower of Terror closing: Not an SJW moment, just Disney fans whining, moving along.
32. Creating a Kickstarter to set up a doxxing site in order to eliminate dissenters (socialautopsy.com): Such a site should be eradicated.
33. Calling conservatives or libertarians fascists: They're far from it. These people clearly failed both history and government.
34. School not letting 9 year old boy having rainbow dash backpack in school: I actually hate this.
35. DC fans try to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because of bad Suicide Squad reviews: What if you looked at this movie from an objective standpoint instead of a crazed DC fan standpoint (or a jealous Marvel hater standpoint)?
36. Frozen being called a "Work of the Devil" by Evangelist Christians just because of hidden LGBT-related themes: Hidden themes? Are you people that focused?
37. Portland food truck closes amid allegations of cultural appropriation: I'm surprised these allegations don't lead to a war.
38. Screaming into the sky to mourn the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump being elected president.: This is, this is, I have no hope. How many people were a part of this? Do they think the sky will call out to them to eliminate the Trump administration? This isn't even like a pep rally or sorts it's just a rampant miasma of dissented people who have nothing better to do. Yes, one year has past, three more years to go. GET OVER IT.
39. Audiences complaining of an overlong Frozen short before Coco: Wait, there's a sequel?
40. The Ghostbusters (2016) controversy: This was considered to be an SJW victory where they squeal, but this time in joy because they approve of females-with-wide-rimmed-glasses casts over the old fogeys.
41. Anti-bronies swarm a Despicable Me YouTube poop's comment section with hate comments for MLP references in the video: And yet somehow I would never know such a thing existed.
42. Star Wars Fans Attempt to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Over the Last Jedi Getting a 91%: The movie was fine. A lot of people liked it. You're reaction is for them to stop having fun just because you didn't have fun.
43. Ohio professor accuses The Secret Life of Pets of being racist: What is with this movie and why do people keep talking about it?

How can you stay safe from the SJW regime? Well, don't get into feminazi propaganda, don't be annoyed every time Trump does literally anything, don't give into meme culture, don't falsely accuse someone of rape upon a light touch on the shoulder, don't look at cartoon characters and note their complexion or behavior, don't be a media zombie, learn to realize that people WILL call you out if you act awkward on purpose, note that you can't change what happens around the world, and more importantly, STOP NITPICKING LITTLE THINGS.


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