Is Super Mario Odyssey the Best Mario Game?

MegaSoulhero Christmas recently happened, and I finally got a Nintendo Switch. Along with the newest Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey. I’ve been a huge Super Mario fan for a very long time. I’ve played most of the games and I really enjoyed them. In less than 24 hours, I completed the main storyline of Super Mario Odyssey. So now I can safely say that this game is awesome!

I was kind of worried at first. I thought that people might’ve been overhyping the game considering it’s been getting nothing but negative reviews. But now that I’ve actually played it, I regret thinking that. Everyone saying this game is great is absolutely right. I had a lot of fun playing this. I was blown away. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of what I was doing because it does a great job of keeping us invested. The scenery looks beautiful. I love the different worlds it takes us to. The design of Bowser’s Kingdom looks very detailed and amazing. That was the best level in the entire game. There are quite a lot of boss battles. And even though they’re not entirely hard, they are still very creative and fun. There’s a point where we get to fight a dragon. That felt like it should’ve been the final boss fight. It wasn’t, though. Obviously the final boss fight is Bowser himself. But the thing we do after that is just way too cool. I give them props for that. Throughout the game, there are times when we throw Mario’s hate on an object or creature and we become that object or creature. We would even end up having to do that during certain boss fights. So that was a pretty great idea. I should also talk about the songs. They are brilliant and really add to the experience. There’s only two of them in the game, but they fit really well. Pretty much everything about the game is great. Except for one thing. Princess Peach! Let me spend the next paragraph ranting about her.

I HATE PRINCESS PEACH!!! SHE IS THE WORST CHARACTER OF ALL TIME!!! WHY DO THEY KEEP PUTTING HER IN THESE GAMES!?!? Super Mario Odyssey managed to make me hate Princess Peach more than I already did. She is unbearable in this game! And that’s really saying something! She gets captured yet again because she can’t handle herself. So Mario spends the entire game trying to save her. Like he always does. He ends up succeeding. But at the end, that’s when Peach is at her absolute worst. Mario looks like he’s going up to Peach to propose to her or something. Then Bowser interrupts, still wanting to marry her, and tries to give her a piranha plant bouquet. And she’s smiling when he’s doing that! As if she’s considering going with him. And then Mario tries to give her a flower, which causes him and Bowser to fight over her, and she yells “ENOUGH” and walks to the ship. Rejecting both of them. Are you kidding me? Has she forgotten how many times Mario has risked his life to save her? He nearly died each time! Oh! And she also attempts to strand both of them on the moon! Sure she later tells Mario he’s welcome to hop on, but they already started flying away and she had to think about it. Why does Mario keep wanting to save her? She is such a jerk! She has no redeeming qualities! Worst character ever! But still a fantastic game.

I had to think about it real hard, but this is personally my favorite Mario game. It has such great graphics, gorgeous scenery, fun boss fights, creative ideas, and it’s just a fun experience overall. If you have the Nintendo Switch, this is a game that you must play. It is really that good.


I finally beat it. - Trollsfan536

I'll be honest, this game is golden. But in my eyes, this isn't the best Mario game ever FOR ITS TIME. I mean, game-wise, this game is amazing, but time-wise, it's not. What I'm trying to say is, Super Mario 64 is considered the best Mario game because Mario had no 3D games up until this point, and it was one of the first open world 3D games. But Odyssey wasn't that new in variety because we have a lot of open-world games nowadays. But anyway, I still loved this game. - Drawbox

305 moons! After you beat it, there is still a bunch of things to do and I have around 55 hours on it! I got my switch on august and as of now, I only have 4 games... - TristGamer

I currently have over 500 moons. I unlocked the Darker Side level and it is hard. It’s long and there are no checkpoints in it. So when you die, you have to start the level over. - MegaSoulhero

I loved Metro, Mushroom, Wooded, Bowser's, Sand, Lake, and probably Snow Kingdoms. I didn't like the Luncheon, Seaside, (Felt plain to me) and the Moon Kingdom. Also I hate the Jump-Rope challenge. - TristGamer

It's very hard to choose between this and Mario Party 9 (both are near-perfect games). - darthvadern

Case closed, Super Paper Mario is my favourite - darthvadern

And I finally have 611 moons. - Trollsfan536

I currently have 729 moons - MegaSoulhero

I currently have about 800 moons. - darthvadern

I have 914 moons now - MegaSoulhero

For me Mario is overrated. Overall, I enjoy some gaming series more. However, I love Super Mario RPG and Luigi's Mansion. I have not played Odyssey. - iliekpiez