Top 10 Greatest Super Mario Games of All Time

Mario is the most popular and well known video game icon of all time, but which games are his best?
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1 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Product Image

People saying this game is garbage.
They are just wrong.
This game is by far the best Mario platformer of all time and here is why:
1. The level design is so condensed in genius ways where the platforming is concrete, and doesn't drag like Odyssey.
2. There is tons of variety with themes, enemies, gimmicks, gravity and meshes really well.
3. People complain about replaying the game as Luigi, but this happened in 3d land and 3d world, plus his move set is different enough where there is more strategy involved with the slipperiness of Luigi's controllers.
4. The music is fantastic, with the orchestrated soundtrack fitting really well with every level like Good Egg, Bowser boss, Gusty Garden, Space Junk, Buoy Base, Battlerock/Dreidnaught, Melty Molten, and the list goes on and on.

This game screams nostalgia to me. It takes Mario platforming and expands with the gravity usages and how every level is unique to one another. It's soundtrack is superb, and aged really well to this day. 10/10

It's my favorite game of all time. It's the first game ever to incorporate gravity like they did. This was great work by Nintendo. Some missions could be played over and over again. Storyline was great. Music was great. This game felt better than any other 3D experience I've ever played. Sonic Adventure 2 came close but the gravity is a ground breaker for me. Also there are many hidden missions similar to other Mario games. These ones were difficult to find. Nintendo will never be able to match this game. Let alone anyone will. The only thing that could've made the game better would've been incorporating multiplayer.

A timeless masterpiece. The gravity mechanics are still mind-blowing all these years later. The soundtrack is legendary and the gameplay is brilliant.

2 Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 Product Image

This game is so overrated and I barely enjoyed it. The game is way too tedious and frustrating. The camera is horrible and the controls are clunky. The worlds are generic and don't relate to the story. The game gives you no hints to find very obscure stars in these big worlds. Like "blast away the wall" how was I supposed to know aiming Mario at a random part of the wall is going to give you are star? Don't even get me started on all of Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride. People say this is the best game only because they are always wearing their nostalgia goggles and it was the one that started it all. I get that it was revolutionary but you should judge games based off of how fun the gameplay is and not when it was released.

The original 3d classic. Truly revolutionary and holds up very well. Many levels and controls are still great fun. The camera though hasn't aged well.

When I put this game on the list, I mean the original N64 version, not the DS version.

I believe that Super Mario 64 is now very underrated and deserves much more love. The overall aggregate critical score is now around a 9.5 score. There is nothing wrong with this game. The graphics are perfect, the level design is awesome (as well as all the levels themselves, especially Shifting Sand Land and Snowman's Land), the music is very nice (especially the Wing Cap music), Princess Peach is not annoying, the game is HD, and all other reasons. Other than that, the gameplay is very amazing and the voice acting - flawless. IGN should've given this game a 10 (aka Masterpiece) score. So could have every other critic. This video game deserves to be the top 1 highest-rated video game for these reasons, and the bosses are also very fun. I can never stop playing this game. I am guessing that this game is not the best video game of all time. Well, this is the best Nintendo game of all time. ...more

I think most people vote for the Mario game that they grew up with. I grew up with this but if I put that aside this is still the best one and this is why. I recently played Super Mario World for the first ever time (I never got round to playing it) and to think that this game came after that is seriously impressive. The leap that Nintendo made with this game will never be done again. Sunshine and galaxy were clones of Mario 64 it is the original and best. People are going to hate me for this but I actually disliked galaxy. The hub world was really bad and the levels seemed small compared to 64 and sunshine.

3 Super Mario World Super Mario World Product Image

Easily the best 2d Mario. Just classic Mario at its best. Yoshi is wonderful, the controls are tight, and the level design is brilliant. Also love the large interconnected map.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but games like this are generally overrated and only liked for being the first someone ever played, nostalgia, and what it introduced to the series. Because I play each game and have no nostalgic value towards older games (although I still like older games just as much) I never see it for what it did first if every game after it did the same thing and they would be higher rated if they were the first. I think games like the Paper Mario series are better because they are more original and complex and emotional with storytelling, especially the 2nd and 3rd installments. This is still a great game, but it doesn't seem like a perfect masterpiece. I'm the crazy person who made the ridiculously long comment on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door with lots of capitalization and run-on sentences due to my insane excitement.

Super Mario World is the greatest Mario to have even been created. With such precise controls, awesome graphics, loads of cool secrets, a whole world map to travel on from level to level, cool power ups ( the cape being the prime example of amazing game design), levels that with level design so perfect it's hard to comprehend, several new bosses, challenging gameplay, memorable music, and the overall sense that it is one of the greatest games of all time.

Super Mario World is the best, easily. It's a good old day one and is what makes Mario iconic. Sure, the Super Smash Bros series of Mario are classics, and I don't have a problem with them, but the reason Super Mario World is better than all of the other Mario games put together is how iconic it is. Super Mario World is not only the best of the franchise, but it might also be one of the greatest video games ever put to our controllers.

4 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Product Image

Not quite as good as galaxy 1 in my opinion but still a brilliant follow up. Level design is also fantastic. Everything else I love about the first game still applies. Story is disappointing though.

I actually like this game a little more than the original because of the hunt for green stars. This game expands on the first game by adding 121 extra stars, adding Yoshi, and 49 new galaxies. The only downside is that there isn't really a story and they did not bring back the ice flower. I think this game is near flawless.

The way Nintendo made the Galaxy games is exactly how 3D platformers should be made forever. The first Galaxy was almost perfect, but it did have a few flaws. Almost every, if not every single problem from the first game is fixed when it comes around to Super Mario Galaxy 2. While the levels may not be as grand in scale as those from the firs game, they are so perfectly made, and there are so many of them, that you hardily even notice. The first Super Mario Galaxy made each galaxy its own wonderful experience, but it seems that the second has every level working together to make the entire game one huge experience. Quality is usually better than quantity, but in the case of Super Mario Galaxy 1 vs Super Mario Galaxy 2, quantity wins. The reason is that it's the quality that you have so much of.

For me, this is the best Mario Game of all time because of the following:
The galaxies are absolutely incredible, creative, not too challenging (except the You-Know-What) and a blast to play. There is a huge variety of stars to collect
The controls are really fluid
The boss battles are unique and are a ton of fun
Although the Comet Observstory is better, I still enjoy Starship Mario as there is a lot to do and as you continue with the game, more and more characters board this ship and it becomes one lively space
Yoshi: Yoshi is excellent in this game. He can eat anything and the Dash Pepper, Bulb Berry and Blimp Fruit are a ton of fun to play
I guess the only problem with the game is compared to SM64 and Super Mario Odyssey, there aren't many moves for Mario to do

5 Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Bros. 3 Product Image

Just like Super Mario 64 I find this game so overrated and people adore these games like crazy just because of nostalgia and it being revolutionary. Lots of the levels seem like annoying Mario Maker levels like the one where you just grab stars and run on munchers. All the fortresses feel like Mario Maker troll levels where you pick a door or path and hope it leads you to Boom Boom. Some of the levels seem impossible but what you have to do is fly with the leaf and find some random pipe in the sky. I also hate how you can't repeat levels you play. Yes this game was revolutionary and was great for its time but I don't like that much. Continue to love this game if you love it and please respect my opinion.

This game is the best Mario game in history. Reasons:

1. The theme. Just the way the game's aesthetic is a stage-play is just really charming to me.

2. The story. The koopalings invade the 7 countries of the mushroom kingdom and mario must defeat each one before fighting bowser in dark land. Sure peach does get kidnapped in the end but firstly it was only the second time and had happened and second you don't expect it and it gives you more motivation for the last world.

3. The variety


No game above this has comparable variety of worlds

4. Power-Ups

Although I prefer the cape feather, the super leaf is no doubt iconic and the hammer suit is amazing

My first game my NES and I never finished it :( The game never had a save so I had to keep the console on for weeks. And then when I was on world 8 (one of the first stages) my dog walked past and stood on the reset button. Needless to say I never played that game again until a couple years back on an emulator and I found a cheat to warp you straight to world 8. I played a couple stages but it was honestly just way to hard and I didn't have the time, will or motivation to battle through it. But the first time I played up until world 8, was one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. I used to wake up early on school days so I could get an hour or so game time.

This is the best Mario game of all time. I'm o lying sad I can't choose second and third because that would probably be Super Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy. In many respects those games are much better than Mario 3. But this is due to the limitations that were present in the hardware at the time. Mario 3 was revolutionary for it's time. It took the best of the already groundbreaking first Super Mario game and the 2nd one and created something absolutely incredible.

I spent months on this game. Back in those days of the NES, in the late 80s and early 90s you couldn't save games. So I left it on constantly. It was always hot because of this. But 9 year old was determined and with much struggle and grit I finally completed it.

A few years ago I started playing it again on an emulator and realised I had missed so much. The alternate world endings if competed with the special suits. That the statue Tanooki can kill almost anything if it lands on it, including fireballs, dry ...more

6 Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario Sunshine Product Image

An underappreciated gem. While far from perfect, sunshine genuinely has some amazing moments, from its exotic unique atmosphere, creative, though occasionally flawed levels, some of the most satisfyingly challenging platforming segments during the fluddless missions. Love sunshine's moveset and controls and fludd is fantastic. The game does have a lot of padding and weird bugs though.

This game was the BEST! I loved every element about it! It really creative with all the little features like the fruits, the scenery is actually gorgeous, the people are fun to interact with, the story is decent, and it is overall quite an enjoyable game. There's something about it that I liked more than any other game in my life, maybe the fact that the vacation theme made me feel like I was on vacation, or the cool, welcoming and brilliant setting, but whatever it is, I latched on and never let go of this game. I hope they make a sequel, something about this game gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I hope maybe next time there is more interacting with primary non-playable characters, and that there is a more detailed story line. 100/100, no doubt, the Mona Lisa of gaming in my eyes.

I've played this game on Super Mario All Stars and LOVED it. I'm so happy this game was included. I loved the vacation theme, the story, Fludd, the courses, voice acting, and everything else about the game (except the blue coins). But overall legit one of my ever favorite games and so thankful it got ported to the Nintendo Switch bc I would've never got to play it!

I love the atmosphere in this game! It feels like you're on a legit tropical island. I play this game every summer. Other games just have Mario running on platforms just floating over lifeless void. Sunshine is terribly underrated.

7 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Product Image

Perfect mix of 64 and sunshines more open nature with the creativity of galaxy and platforming of 3d world all in one. The controls are flawless, the capture mechanic is brilliant, the moveset is wonderful and the kingdoms are super fun to explore and finding all those moons and purple coins to unlock all the costumes was so much fun. Also an excellent post game too.

This game is a masterpiece. The graphics are fantastic, the controls are smooth, the music I great, etc. Super mario 64 may have set the standard, but in my opinion, this game raised that bar even higher. There are so many moons, purple coins, and costumes to collect that completing this game 100% will take even the most skilled gamer a long time. As for the moons themselves, they feel rewarding when you collect them, out of the 999 you can earn, only one felt unfair to obtain (hitting the volley ball 100 times in a row). 998 out of 999 being fair to obtain is a great ratio. Overall, if you own a switch, this game is essential to have in your library of games. My favorite Mario game of all time and also one of my overall favorite video games period!

This is my favorite 3D Mario game! Cappy makes this game so fun because you can capture enemies and things and do amazing jumps off him. The controls are great, Mario has so many different moves, the story is interesting, the Kingdoms are really fun to just run around in, and collecting all the moons is so much fun. I love this game so much.

1st: Super Mario Odyssey= 0 problems (Perfect) -100/100
2nd: Super Mario 64= 1 problem which is the camera. -99/100
3rd: Super Mario Bros. 3= 1 problem which is the shorter levels. -99/100
4th: Super Mario Galaxy 2= 2 problems which include the linearity (which I personally don't prefer in 3D Mario) and movement options were cut from 64 and Sunshine. -97/100
5th: Super Mario World= 2 problems which include the easy level design and Mario's physics (they're alright but I like Mario Bros. 3's controls more) -96/100
6th: Super Mario Galaxy= 3 problems which include the two from the sequel plus you don't really unlock anything after beating the game outside of Luigi (the sequel fixed this) -95/100
7th: Super Mario Sunshine= 3 problems which include sticking to water levels the blue coins being too difficult to find and being forced to get the shines in a certain order. -95/100

I don't have rankings for the other Mario games, and each problem I listed is very ...more

8 Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Product Image

Why doesn't this game more praise? This game may look awful because the level design is more linear and is on a Wii U, but this game still rocks. You can be a cat, which is obviously the best aspect of the game, the soundtrack is great, and because of the linear design, this allowed for more condensed level design. My only issue with the game is trying to 100% completely, but this is a solid game nonetheless.

A very underrated game. Honestly a huge improvement over 3d land and the level design is honestly some of the best in the entire series. The platforming is so precise and the post game is brilliant. Also great powerups.

L love this game! I didn't vote for it, as it is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Mario game besides Thousand Year Door, but it was finally an innovative, creative, Mario platformer that wasn't in a Super Mario 64 form! Awesome bosses, levels, and power-ups make this the best standard-form Mario game by far. Now we just need to Nintendo to call it quits on these 2d-3d hybrids (not that they're bad) solely because we need more games with collecting stars/shines. Also, if it seems like this list is flooded with Thousand Year Door comments, that's because it's the same person obsessing over that game no matter where I go.

I really love Super Mario 3D World! The music is great in this game, and the storyline. Basically, in every other Super Mario game, it was the same thing that happened: Bowser has kidnapped Peach for no reason whatsoever, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save her. I like how they they changed up the story in this version. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are taking a stroll down a path, and they come across a broken pipe. Mario and Luigi fix the pipe, and a prixie flies out. Seconds later, Bowser comes out and captures the prixie. It is up to the Mushroom Kingdom Heroes to save the prixie.

See, it's so much more creative! I also love the levels, and new power-ups. Each playable character also has their own status in ability! I don't know how you could say this isn't the best Mario game!

9 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

This is one of my first Mario games ever! Stop hating on it because it's too easy or the Koopalings are in it! Do I need to mention 9-7, 7-6, 8-5, Final castle? This game is really fun and the final Bowser fight is amazing and the Penguin and Propeller suit are fun to use. Also Ludwig and Iggy's castle fights are actually kind of challenging.

This one is MY favorite. It is so fun, but I HATE w.5. SO tedious! But all the same, it is fun to get 99 lives and do the free- for -all. My favorite level is 8-7 I believe? So fun!

The only flaw is that the game doesn't have enough content in it. If you'd beaten Story Mode and you only have yourself around/ 1 Wii remote, there was nothing to do. Then, free for all was just seemingly pointless and coin rush/mode got dry, because you got no reward for winning. That aside, this could have been as nostalgic for anyone born from the late 90's to 2005 as Gen 1 Pokemon was for 90's kids.

This one is better than the DS version honestly. While DS was more revolutionary, this game polished it even more! Better graphics, better music, addition of Yoshi, an actual special world and phase 2 for the final battle and addition of Koopalings who had been absent for such a long time. This game rocks!

10 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Product Image

This is my favorite Mario game of all time! I just love the story, characters, locations, gameplay, etc. The only thing that can be annoying is the backtracking for General White and Twilight Town to Creepy Steeple and back. I wish Intelligent Systems would make another Paper Mario like this one but I know they never will. They love the arts and crafts theme, no XP, and generic Toads everywhere. I don't hate the modern Paper Mario games I just wish they had original characters with unique designs, XP and not as much focus on arts and crafts.

Easily the best RPG that I have ever played. A game that makes you feel like you are watching a fantastic anime at the same time, The Thousand-Year Door succeeds on every level. Unique and interesting characters that you can learn to love as they develop, some of the best turn-based combat in any game out there, graphics that have aged incredibly well over time, and a complex story filled with comedy, drama, and action that just sucks you in every time you play the game. This is one of the very few examples of when a sequel is better than the original. If you ever get the chance, PLAY THIS GAME! You won't regret it.

Great story, great gameplay, great music, great partners, great bosses, great locations, this game has it all! Not everyone will have the same opinions but there are (fairly objectively) not too many flaws with this game, and nothing glaringly bad. This is the embodiment of what the Paper Mario series brings (or at least brought) to the table: a change from normal Mario games with an added RPG element and tons of originality (mostly in characters, locations, bosses, and story). I don't hate Sticker Star and probably not the upcoming Color Splash, but they are definitely disappointing, not just because of the game itself but more so because of how it is taking away more games like these. At the very least, give us both. It's too painful to miss out on more amazingness after waiting so long.

This, in my opinion, is the greatest RPG ever. From the highly intriguing story to the vast diversity of characters, this game is up there with all time greats, not just for Mario but for any game, ever. The game runs smoothly yet challenging at times but you won't be able to stop playing it. I love the turn-based battles and how you must adapt to the enemies you encounter as only certain strategies work. Even though lots of characters in this game are not common throughout mario games, it just fits in so well with the game it doesn't even matter, it actually introduces characters for future mario games to come. The relationship with your partners and enemies only fuels the fire that keeps you playing. This game is down right amazing in every way possible and since 2004 I've been waiting for a sequel or a paper mario game that reaches the potential this game has set for future mario games

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11 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Product Image

The games seems so simple, yet it is chalk full of hidden secrets. This is the first game to offer power ups to upgrade your character. This is the first game to offer warp zones to skip levels. It has hidden blocks and secret beanstalks. I still remember the first time I managed to enter the minus world. And I've never done it myself, but I'm impressed with the people who can pull off infinite lives by jumping on a turtle shell on a stair case.

It's actually very underrated compared to Super Mario Galaxy (I love both games for how innovative they are, plus they are unbelievably motivational), according to GameTrailers's list of top 10 Mario games with comments such as "Super Mario 64 is overrated" when I didn't use to see positive opinions on Super Mario 64, but not top-positive (meaning a 9.5 at least). I am a hardcore fan of Classic Mario.

The nes classic that saved video games from the video game crash of 1983,this very famous game has been ported to many Nintendo consoles and to this day this game is still popular to many ages,I remember playing this game in my childhood I had so many times with this game.

The game that started it all. A princess is kidnapped and you have to save her by traveling to eight worlds while avoiding obstacles in your way and battling a fire breathing turtle. the true origin of Mario and is a hero to video games.

12 Mario Kart: Double Dash Mario Kart: Double Dash Product Image

This isn't just the best Mario game in my opinion, it's also my favorite video game! The idea of using two characters at once is really creative. More players means more items on the track, so be ready to get hit, a lot. It has amazing tracks, my rating in order: 16. Peach Beach 15. Dry Dry Desert 14. Mario Circuit 13. Luigi Circuit 12. Sherbet Land 11. Mushroom City 10. Shroom Bridge 9. Waluigi Stadium 8. Dino Dino Jungle 7. Bowser Castle 6. Daisy Cruiser 5. Baby Park 4. Rainbow Road 3. Wario Coliseum 2. DK Mountain 1. Yoshi Circuit. Another creative feature are the special items, my rating in order: 9. Fire balls 8. Triple shells of any kind 7. Giant banana 6. Hearts 5. Yoshi egg 4. Bob-omb 3. Golden Mushroom 2. Bowser Shell 1. Chain Chomp. This is what I have to say about this unique game.

I love Mario kart, especially this, the Wii and the Wii u version.
This game have changed all the series in better of course, the first Mario karts were cool but a bit boring in my opinion.
Best characters: 5 Koopa, 4 Luigi 3 Toad 2 king boo 1 Daisy and Yoshi: maybe sometimes Daisy is boring with her Hi I'm Daisy but she's better than Peach in all the ways, and Yoshi is cute.
Best karts: 5 Mario kart, 4 Toad kart, 3 Parade kart, 2 Yoshi kart, 1 bloom coach and Wario kart
Best courses: 5 Sherbeth land, 4 Baby park, 3 Yoshi circuit, 2 Rainbow road, 1 Daisy cruiser
Best special items: 5 triple red sheel, 4 Bowser sheel, 3 Yoshi egg, 2 Heart, 1Chain chomp.
These are my opinions.

Best Mario kart out there. So many hours into this wonderful game since I picked it up in grade school. The fast paced races in vs mode never get old, and you can even team up in the same kart with your friend. Don't even get me started on the bomb battles. Oh yeah and this game holds the greatest Mario kart tracks ever made. Baby park, DK mountain, mushroom bridge. Yeah it's damn good!

This game is amazing!
The graphics, the music, everything!
This game, along with Super Mario Sunshine were the first games I bought for my old gcn and they are the best out of all the gcn games. The only negative part is the controls. It took me a LONG time to get the hang of it! Otherwise great game!

13 Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart Wii Product Image

I have been playing this game for 8 1/2 years almost 9! This is truly where I belong and it is my heart and soul. I recently just finished the game all by myself because in 2016 are data was erased and I was super young, so I didn't know that I could search up how to get finished! Every playable character in this game is my child! I love all of them with all my heart! Yoshi is my favorite with Bowser Jr. no far behind. I love the design in this game, and I easily burn myself out on it. Though I do have to say that Rainbow Road in this game will forever be the hardest track in Mario history. I recomend this game to all the Mario players out here.

Mario Kart Wii is a stellar entry in the Mario Kart series, with probably the best character roster in the entire franchise, and some of the best online play you could ever experience. The main game was excellent and the battle mode is fantastic. The motion controls sucked so I always turned them off. I want to love this game, but the balancing issues with the items made me stray away from this one. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a great time.

Although this may seem outdated compared to all the other versions, (MK 2, 3, etc.) I think it is still the best. This is definitely on my top 5 list of favorite games. Compared to the newer versions of Mario Kart, this one is my favorite because it has all the original characters and is an actual racing game. All the easter eggs and short cuts make it even better, and controls and tracks are (in my opinion) so much more better than the newer versions! I give it 4 1/2 stars and would recommend to anyone who asks.

OMG! I love this game, have everything unlocked except for the cart that you have to get by having expert staff ghosts on all the tracks? So fun, love this game!

14 New Super Mario Bros. New Super Mario Bros. Product Image

This was my last New Super Mario Bros game and I love it. It is absolutely the most unique New Super Mario Bros game but I'm not a huge fan of the powerups and bosses. People only love the bosses because they are not the Koopalings. They are even easier than the Koopalings. Literally hit them with 6 fire balls or ground pound them and they are dead in like 10 seconds. The Bowser Jr and Bowser fights are so easy that they take barely any effort to beat. Also I don't like the Mini Mushroom and Shell Powerup. The shell powerups is annoying because it cause me to die so much because I lose control of Mario. Mega Mushroom is cool but it only last for like 10 seconds and is in like 4 levels. Besides those problems I loved this game. I love all the New Super Mario Bros games and they get way too much hate.

This game was my childhood. I like how you can unlock different worlds and levels by finding secret exits. And also what challenged me is that you have to beat the world 2 and world 5 bosses with the mini mushroom to unlock world 4 and world 7 respectively. A few downsides of this game is that the world 7 castle is unlocked only if secret exits are found and also that they didn't include Yoshi or use any fun powerups such as the propeller mushroom and ice flower. And I didn't have the Wii version which has those powerups. Now I have a Wii and New Super Mario Bros Wii, so I can enjoy it on the Wii as well.

This is the best Mario game in the world for me.. Since I was little it brought me back memories we have number 1 the best New Super Mario Bros DS Game out of all this is one of my most favorite video games of all time for the Nintendo DS. This was the first video game I played out of all Mario series the best sound effects music etc. Vote for this game cause it is the BEST!

This should be in the top 10. This game is one of those Mario games of example where it shows everything Mario should be, in which it does in a great way. It sold 30M+ copies for a reason. There will never be another game that swoops this game off of my #1 spot in my favorite games list, no matter how close it is. Great soundtrack, great game, great everything!

15 Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario Product Image

This game is so much fun. So many people hate this game just because it was not an RPG. The game is fantastic as a platform mixed with RPG elements. The best part about this game is the story. In this game Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser are all the main playable characters and not just Mario. This game also had unique characters before the next game where every character is the same red generic toad.

Super Paper Mario is a thousand times better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I am serious. It has a way better storyline, Princess Peach has a much better voice, the game is much less unreasonable, and very epic! This game is even a quarter time better than the OG Paper Mario, a great game on the N64.

Paper Mario (the original)

Story: 5/10.
Graphics: 8/10.
Music: 8/10.
Sound: 7/10.
Gameplay: 7/10.

Let's review Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Story: 2/10.
Graphics: 5/10.
Music: 5/10.
Sound: 5/10.
Gameplay: 4/10.
Creativity: 3/10.
Voice acting: 3/10.
Humor level: 4/10.
Difficulty: 9/10.
Text: 2/10.
Controls: 6/10.
Nostalgia level: 3/10.
Character sprites: 7/10.

Let's review Super Paper Mario.

Story: 10/10.
Graphics: 10+/10.
Music: 10/10.
Sound: 9/10.
Levels: 10/10.
Creativity: 10/10.
Voice acting: 10/10.
Humor level: 10/10.
Difficulty: 10+/10.
Text: ...more

Top 10 Best & Worst Mario RPGs

Top 5 Best. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (gets a 9.3/10, the only thing that is really bad is Princess Peach's girlish voice and how wrongly described it is)
Top 5 Worst. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (gets a 9/10)

Top 4 Best. Paper Mario (gets a 9.5/10)
Top 4 Worst. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (deserves an 8.7/10)

Top 3 Best. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (deserves a 9.7/10)
Top 3 Worst. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (even if it is not out yet, I can tell the Paper Mario & Mario & Luigi crossover business keeps this game essential but I don't want to save Princess Peach & Paper Peach although they are actually capable)

Top 2 Best. Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars (deserves a 10/10)
Top 2 Worst. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (deserves

Top 1 Best. Super Paper Mario (deserves more than a 10/10, it's so original, how Lesle Swan voices Princess Peach is back, its visuals, overpowered plot ...more

This game is so underrated. Sure, the title is misleading but I can say from the bottom of my heart that this is the best Mario game. The gameplay is tough and amazing. The boss battles are not lame and easy like the super Mario bros series. They are challenging, unique and tough. The 3d-2d dimensions add a lot of great puzzles. Last but not least the story is absolutely beatiful. It is unlike any other Mario game story. You don't have Bowser kidnapping princess peach. In fact it is nothing like the classic one and it is very well written!

16 Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars Product Image

As a Mario fan that grew up during the 2000's, I never got the chance to experience this game when it first came out but somehow that made actually playing the game for the first time even better. I thought it was a surprisingly good looking game for 1996. The controls were simplistic and nothing like the familiar Wii remotes I was used to, and the way the world was set up was much different then the newer Super Mario games we have now. Let me tell you, I fell in love instantly. This specific game has this strange charm about it that makes it so memorable, that gives you so much nostalgia even though you haven't even heard of it prior to playing it. Being as this was my very first Mario RPG game, I marveled at the fact that Bowser wasn't the main villain for once and how Peach stepped up to the plate and became more than just a damsel in distress. At how the characters had these cute little victory poses they did at the end of each battle as they stared at the player through the ...more

I got this game on my virtual console about a year or two ago, and I gotta say, it was awesome, and kinda easy since I was a little over leveled. In fact, I thought Smithy was harder than Culex, but I was all level 30. And then there's the fact I couldn't stop playing this for about a week or two. And I got to Smithy and beat him on my first try, then the credits rolled and it said THE END, but I left for a little while and I got mad, so I turned off the game and back tracked all the way to Culex, took him on, think the Final Fantasy IV reference, and took him down without the Frying Pan. I think this game needs more attention, and I think it's my top 5 for favorite Mario games, maybe Top 3.

So much nostalgia... This game made me laugh, cry, smile... It was like I was in there! Seriously, I think this is the best game I've ever played. And I've played lots of games...
And that end. THAT END. I cried during several minutes, maybe half an hour, and when I watch to this again I feel so sad...
I hope Geno and Mallow will be back one day. They were awesome, this is a shame that Nintendo never used them again. Yeah, I know it's because of Square, but I really wish it would be possible to see them just one more time.
(Yeah my English isn't that great, I'm sorry, but I had to say my opinion. Only a few people know about this game... This game is so beautiful and incredible that it would be more famous or something.)

This was the first time I was introduced to this genre of video games. Seeing as how my main man Mario was part of the the story (not to mention being able to use Bowser which was pretty cool) made this even more epic. Music is insane and I even have it now as a ring tone. Fun Easter eggs, and cool little games and secrets. I really can not say anything bad about this game besides it not being long enough or that they have not re made this title yet…..

17 Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D Land Product Image

This is the first game on this list I've ACTUALLY seen. I don't like it that much because it's kinda unoriginal, and super hard, but it's also the first game my brother ever played on his 3DS, (while I watched, transfixed, over his shoulder) so it will always have a place in my heart...

Ok... you kind of have to get some facts. 3D land was for 3DS, and 3D world is for wii u. I have both, and I have to sat this is a good game and all but there are some pros and cons for both games. For one, 3D world is mich easier than land. But world has better gameplay, graphics, etc.

I never played much, but I know it's a great game, with the return of the FOX SUIT!
That is NOT the Tanooki Suit! The Tanooki Suit looks like a suit. The Fox Suit is obtained with the Super Leaf.
This was true since Super Mario 3, people! Speaking of...

You can play as Mario, luigi, toad, peach, ROSALINA and captain toad. They are all unique. New power-ups, and the Bowser fight is super weird and unique. Love it!

18 Paper Mario Paper Mario Product Image

Glitchy Eyes: *Calls StryderX* Amazing skips, cool out-of-bounds stuff and clipping! Casual Eyes: Great plot, niche enemies and hardcore bosses! Without the superguard from the next game in line, this game is somewhat harder, which makes it funner!

I think the first game I ever played was Megaman x6. Obviously that didn't go well for me when I was 6, so I gave this game a try. Still to this day my favorite Nintendo game for a multitude of reasons. I could go on and on about this game but I'm sure the comment bar wouldn't fit it all.

I have beaten this game too many times to count and it never gets old. I have a tradition of playing through this game every summer and have to say it is one of my favorite games of all time no matter how old I get!

This game made my childhood. Shiny badges, diverse partners, creative landscapes, cute enemies, rough boss battles, turn-based fighting system, engaging music; I don't see why this isn't in the top 5, yet.

19 Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker Product Image

Lets say something clear. In my opinion, super mario galaxy 1 and 2 are great and super mario odyssey will be even better, but they can't stand the fact that being able to create our own levels is the best thing ever. So why super mario maker is only number 25. I mean, even my sister play that game and she almost never play video games! I'm would be so excited if they announce super mario 3d maker

Mario maker vs smbx

Smbx win because it has more freedom for some thing like they
At least have slopes! plus you c customize you NPCs like make them talk or be friendly and can use the sprite editor to make other bosses form other games to it allso have more enemy NPCs than Mario maker plus smbx was made way before Mario maker
And I bet Nintendo stole their idea. I tried Mario maker and it was at least Mario maker is more easier to control and the game play is pretty good. Mario maker is a great game but can't compete with
Super Mario Bros x

If only I had a wii u, I could play this great game..

It's like super mario rom hacks, where you get to make your own levels, but now you don't need to buy all of them flashcarts or get those illegal emulators and roms to play them.

You make your own Mario levels! How awesome is that?! Not only that, but you can play other levels made by people! You have to love how creative Pete are on the game too!

20 Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion Product Image

This game sucks. & Toad's right. Princess Peach would be very angry if Mario weren't with her. Why did Leslie Swan & Azako Kozuki retire voicing Princess Peach? How they voiced Princess Peach was perfect, but now she's giving us the evil eye after being noticed that she has appeared the most out of other female video game characters in video game histry. I loathe Princess Peach's appearance. She makes so much big deals out of nothing.

I love Luigi, and getting to play a game with this much personality with him is such a fun experience. You MUST play this game at least once. Also the button that allows you to yell "Mario! " was just such a genius inclusion.

I really like this game, as there is a protagonist besides Mario this time. I always liked Luigi's facial feature's (moustache for example), the only problem is that he's more easily startled, but that's okay.

So much better than Dark Moon. Although Mario is not in it, Luigi is a lot better than Mario and makes this game awesome. If it was Mario's mansion, it would not be good.

21 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Product Image

This game is the same game with Mario Kart 8, and Pink Gold Peach is still a character! Now, like I said, this game is like Mario Kart 8, but with more characters, no problems with battle mode, customizable settings for battle mode, and the free deluxe Mario Kart 8 had.

My friends have this game so I walk over to their house and play it and I love it!

Third best mario kart in my opinion, the battle mode is excellent here!

The best Mario Kart ever created and nobody can tell me it's not true.

22 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 Product Image

Tracks: Great!
Power-ups: Where is the mega mushroom?
Retro Tracks: Is it just me or did Nintendo forget about Koopa Cape and Maple Treeway? Go... Moo Moo Meadows?

Character Roster: Hey Nintendo, where is:
Dry Bones
Bowser Jr.
King Boo
Dry Bowser
Seriously? PGP? Are you OK Nintendo? You haven't been taking any weird medications? You haven't?!? Surprising!
OOH! DLC pack!...No No NO!
Tanooki Mario: The 4th Mario in the game.
Cat Peach: The 4th Peach in the game.
Link: Mario Kart or Nintendo Kart?
Not an improvement Nintendo.

Yes! Another DLC pack. Dry Bones or Bowser Jr. or... VILLAGER? No. Please no. ISABELLE? Just because villager is in there does not mean his stupid doggy friend has to be in there too!
Dry Bowser? Yes! Yes! This save the game from being one of the worst Mario games ever!
DLC Pack 3: Please! Put Dry Bones and King Boo and Bowser Jr. in their! Please! And add Koopa Cape!

I know everyone is upset because bowser jr isn't in it, but he is in the new one. still, I would like diddy kong back. he was one of the only 2 characters I had unlocked

Best One ever! Better Item Balance, better controls, better everything! Except the battle mode. Vote for Mario Kart Wii if you only like overpowered items, really annoying character voices, and crappy controls. Mario Kart 8 is a refreshed version of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. Just better.

Tracks: AMAZING!
Graphics: Flawless.
Characters: Eeeeh... Koopalings were ok and the 2nd party characters were understandable, but Baby Rosalina, Pink Gold Peach, Cat Peach and Tanooki Mario were NOT!
Karts: very good!
Battle mode: Indifferent, it was something new even if the older idea was better.
DLCs: they've added a bonus to this game for sure!

23 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl Product Image

This is a great game, and it deserves to be loved, but it isn't really a Mario game, it's a Nintendo game. That's what I never understood about people counting Smash as a Mario game but not Luigi's Mansion games, since those are at least part of the Mario franchise, while this is equally part of all Nintendo franchises. Sure, you can play as Mario in this but not in Luigi games, but Luigi's Mansion is part of the same thing as Mario, and this isn't. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not complaining about this game, it's great, it's just not a Mario game.

I would go with the story in Sonic Adventure 2, but the story in SSBB has everything we could've asked for- crossover characters teaming up to stop a villain from taking over the Super Smash Bros. universe! This game will always be a groundbreaker.

Super Smash Bros. 10/10 stars (Masterpiece).

Super Smash Bros. Melee: 6/10 stars (Okay).

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 10/10 stars (Masterpiece).

Super Smash Bros. 4: 10/10 stars (Masterpiece).

Not quite worthy of its praise.
-Lots of stages, options, modes, features, and characters
-Can be fun depending on the characters and stages
-Will appeal to the crowd
-Sharp, colorful graphics for a Wii title
-Plenty of challenge
-Attractive box art
-Slippery controls
-Repetitive music
-Kind of unoriginal
-Boring single-player
-Unfair characters
Overall Grade: C+

Although not the best Mario game in my opinion, the graphics and controls are extremely easy to learn and gives the true feeling of a brawl game. It is very fun even if you are playing by yourself, and the randomness of battling a new character make it even better! 4 star game in my opinion and probably one of the best fighting games created.

24 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Product Image

Although I slighly perfer Mario 64 this is still my favorite since Mario 64 is kind of overrated in my opinion. Yes, I can consider this a Mario game since it's the prequel of the Mario series.Yoshi looks great compared to his design in Super Mario World, everything looks colorful and happy for a SNES game, I love the bosses and level designs. Yeah...

This One of the finest SNES masterpieces to date. My fourth favorite (F-Zero, Mario RPG and Mario World) SNES game and a true masterpiece as well. Amazing level design and music way ahead of its time 10/10.

My favorite SNES game of all time and the cutest but this game isn't just little cute Yoshi running around the DS version us the best selling Yoshi game of all time.

This game should come in top 2. I would give this game a 9.3 and Super Mario 64 should stay in top 1 if Loganruckmanman is referring to the original Nintendo 64 version only which I would give a 9.7.

25 Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Product Image

Bowser's Inside Story was truly an epic for the ages. An amazing, layered story topped with hilarious, over the top characters that have solid backstories, and come on... PLAYABLE BOWSER for the win! Bowser plays much differently than the bros, and it gives a nice shift in gameplay whenever you change sides to start a new chapter! The boss battles in this game are insanely well designed, with good progression of difficulty (Except their kind of easy when you've played the game as many times as me). Also, the music is truly something to behold! All Mario RPGs have amazing soundtracks, so its no surprise that this awesome adventure is backed with sweet sweet tunes! All of this... IS ON A HANDHELD! AlphaDream outdid themselves, and it's the best Mario game, in my opinion.

Best mario rpg ever! Nintendo must have smiled when creating it! This game also shows bowser failing and the king koopa working with the famous mario bros! A sequel is a must for this outstanding title!

What a epic game! Bowser is playable, you get to explore Bowser's body, Fun bosses, epic music and the daring epic final boss just blew my mind. BEST GAME EVER! Buy this game! Don't forget to vote for this!

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is much better than this. Re: 4 playable characters instead of 3, stronger humor, the use of time travel, better music tracks, better graphics, but this game is still good.

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