Top 10 Taylor Swift Slow Songs

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1 All Too Well

This has the best lyrics and composition out of most songs in this list :) Each lyric is relatable, even 'You tell me about your past thinking your future was me'. Her lyrics are just so on point. LOVE the way she almost screams towards the end of the bridge.

It is the best song she ever wrote.. I just can't believe why it is not release as a single. It's perfect in every single way.. Melodically and lyrically.

This song is amazing! I cried the first time I heard it. The lyrics are amazing and she sounds so emotional.

Best song from taylor...
It every time makes me cry...

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2 Teardrops on My Guitar

This song should be on the top and not here, it actually deserves that spot! It explains exactly how it feels to see the one you love, loving someone else. It's such an heart-breaking song and I can't believe I can relate to it too

I love all of the emotions that Taylor talks about in this song; she is an amazing singer / songwriter and she tells her personal stories in her songs. She can help young women who are going through there first loves. It is amazing in so many different ways. This is why this song should stay in first place forever and always. She is a very honest person and a very generous being to. She is my idol and she always will be.

I think this song supposed to ranked first, this song is really beautiful, it's like we can feel how Taylor swift's painful love back when she's still in high school

I love this song very much... heart touching lyrics..

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3 White Horse

great song but it's never too late for a white horse - MatrixGuy

This song is so beautiful and romantic I wish to listen it over and over again... Great lyrics also the emotions expressed are fantastic total thumbs up to taylor for creating such a beautiful and melodious song

It's great song... Honestly, I remember my memories whenever I listen to it...

Great song

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4 Last Kiss

Last Kiss should be number 1. Love this song it should have been the first single. Taylor sings really well in this song and I can't help but picture a love story music video every time I hear this song. That is what Taylor Swift does to me! Love this!

Last Kiss breaks my heart every time. It's one of Taylor's saddest songs along with Cold As You, You're Not Sorry, All Too Well, I Almost Do and The Last Time. The lyrics are beautiful and the whole song is just perfect!

Last kiss should be number one. I know its hard to make the list of taylor songs because every song of her is just amazing and catchy. Listen to this song. This song is full of emotional feelings.

Last Kiss and If This Was A Movie are my favorites and I don't know why I always tears up whenever I hear those songs

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5 Tim McGraw

I don't want anyone to think I don't LOVE the song white horse but Tim McGraw is so good it needs to be higher. Just don't ask me to pick between Tim McGraw and teardrops on my guitar I just can't choose.

Oh please mate, this HAS to be ranked higher! I mean, how is I Knew You Were Trouble a slow song? It rubbish and nothing compared to the greatest song by Taylor ever made, Tim McGraw!

This was Miss Swift's first single and she definitely did justice to it! I just adore the beat and sweetness of it, I also think it was really cool how she named it after a country star from a different generation. Thanks to this song, I now know who Tim McGraw is.

Its very heart touching

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6 Begin Again

Most of her other slow songs are about losing someone, breaking up, and giving up. Begin again is different. Not only is it beautiful with great lyrics, it's one of her few that's a song of hope. I love it for all that it represents, and this really is a great song to dance to with someone you love.

My favorite is back to december, but I voted this because this beautiful song is deserve to get higher rank

I just love this song. Its like the story of my life: the bad relationship with her ex is al my friends who betrayed me in my entire life up till now, and the new guy is my friends from now who are being really great to me and I just can't understand why.

My taylor plesase always sing for your fans like me

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7 Back to December

Great Slow Song from Taylor.
Taylor absolutely a great country female singer. Her voice was so beautiful especially in this song. This song showed the quality of Taylor that she was not just a great singer but also a great songwriter. Thumbs

This song is amazing. I love how she admits to herself and everyone that she made a mistake. That's one of the reasons why I love Taylor, because after everyone of her songs I feel like that was my life in a nutshell...

It has the guilt one how's through after leaving back something which was worth keeping... Someone they realize were so amazing. I can relate to every line and it makes me cry each time.

White horse, last kiss, tear drops, all of her slow ones are just mesmerizing and enchanting. Ohh I forgot to mention enchanting!

This is one of the best slow songs I ever heard.
"I'd go back to time and change it but I can't."

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8 Ours

Love this song..Taylor can you please visit us again in the Philippines? WE LOVE YOU..

Love this song.. Awesome Taylor!.. Must say.. The love for your songs! Mmm! But the love is ours.. Love you Taylor!

Not exactly slow, but I still love this song.

I want to vote for almost everything­čśť

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9 Safe & Sound

This song totally reminds me about the hunger games! Well duh, it is so is eyes open. My favorite part is don't you dare look out your window darling everything's on fire, the war outside our door keeps raging on. Hold on to this lullaby even when the musics gone gone. Please watch my video on youtube also sad if you like cats)) it's called: my cats inspiring story by joe viera a black cat laying on a bed bye and by the way lets vote for this to be number one!

I love this song! It's music is totally fantastic and Taylor's voice awesome! I love the meaning of it's lyrics all the same. This one's a little different than Taylor's other songs. I don't know why but it gives me a different feeling...

Such a pretty song! This is so better than teardrops on my guitar! "Just close your eyes, the sun is going down, you'll be alright, no one can hurt you now, come morning light, you and I'll be SAFE AND SOUND."

So beautiful...I have no other words for this...

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10 Breathe

I ADORE THIS SONG I PLAYED THIS MORE THAN 150 TIMES THIS song is just amazing, I love it I wish I could choose all the songs of taylor cause all her songs are all amazing I can't really choose but I did cause I absolutely adore this song

My other choices would be last kiss, back to December, untouchable, cold as you, innocent and back to December

I love the guitar solo at the beginning of this song! I've listened to this countless number of times and it is just so touching and beautiful!

"And we know it's never simple, never easy, never a clean break, no one here to save me." This songs makes me cry, it's just something everyone can relate to, feeling like you've lost someone. It's one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs.

I really can relate to this song

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11 Fifteen

I think fifteen Is the best song at describing your teenage self. If you have already been through or going through being a teenager you can relate to the lyrics. It is a really good song to teach teenagers also that life isn't just about boys when your 'fifteen'

The song of my life.
Well except for the kissing and dating the boy on the footboy team and the best friend.

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12 Enchanted

This song was the first song I've ever heard from Taylor. I decided then to hear more of her music, turns out I'm in love with nearly every song so far. The lyrics reminded me of me thinking about that one boy. I clearly love this song to death.

Amazing song with beautiful lyrics. Taylor sings very beautifully in this song!

Great song but it isn't slow..?

This song is enchanting. So beautifull. And it's full of emotions.

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13 You're Not Sorry

Addicted! I can never stop listening to Taylor and this song! This is my favorite song and I could listen to this song for the rest of my life!

"And you can tell me that you're sorry but I don't believe you baby like I did before" it really represents all the mistakes people make in relationships.. I love it

I love this song! But it's a little sad when she says "and you can tell me that your sorry but I don't believe you baby like I did before" always makes me heartbroken for some reason

This song is trully under rated. I means. It is a masterpiece

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14 Innocent

This is a song that God will sing to us. I think God guided Taylor while she was writing this. This is telling us that the mistakes we've done do not say what we R. It was not our fault that we did our mistakes.

All Taylor's songs are amazing - I couldn't choose my favorite song - but I voted for Innocent because it's unique as many of Taylor's songs are about love. I think it's quite hard to make a song about forgiveness sophisticated and popular without sounding goody-two-shoes or old-fashioned in this decade.

15 Love Story V 3 Comments
16 Cold as You

Fantastic, it soothes me when I'm like really mad and it's just the BEST song ever. I could totally imagine how Taylor felt when she like wrote this song that could also have a bit of sad essence in it

This song helped me get through a terrible relationship and I thought he loved me but This song helped me realize he never did. And I'm over him now.

! Only 9 it should be in top...

It's so amazing!

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17 Forever & Always

I listened to the radio version, and could relate to the lyrics, but I felt it was too fast paced for the sad songs. Then I heard the piano version, and was almost moved to tears. It was incredible. Deserves all your votes, even if it isn't as popular. Just look at the lyrics, and listen.

Listening to it right now, have been for 5 hours, best song ever!

Way better than original. So sad and so true

The only reason this song is waaayyy down here is because it was not released as a single, I really love this song, and "Cold As You" is my next favourite to "Forever & Always (Piano Version)"

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18 The Last Time

.this song is my favorite I love everything in this song

19 Dear John

This song is amazing. Every word, lyric, strum, breath is meaningful and precise. You can feel the pain and hurt, as well as the fire. How is this not number one?

This song is amazing. It is my favorite. It is powerful and strong but sad and tender. As mentioned bellow, you can feel emotion in every breath, strum, lyric and word. You can hear and feel her pain and anger. This is a masterpiece. This song proves her diversity. She's got a strong and powerful voice, but also a tender one.

This songs shows that taylor can sing high notes so so so well! Her voice is really strong there!

The most impressive song

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20 Untouchable

Most beautiful song in the world, I love it so much, it's just all you feel when you fall for that one untouchable boy, but you're so caught up in him, it's all you feel, really, that's why I adore tay tay, she really is amazing,

I so love this song. I've heared it so many times! "In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream
It's like a million little stars spelling out your name... "Best Lyrics Ever!

I used this as a crush song

Why is this song not number #1? It's her bestestestestestest song ever! It's so underrated, but SO gorgeous!

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