Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Episodes

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21 The Creeping Doom
22 The Alien Agenda V 1 Comment
23 The Fourfold Trap

The turtles are locked up in different traps and have to work together to be free. It has to be one of the funniest episodes! It was so good!

"If I were an evil villain I'd at least come up with something cool like: The Flush of Fear... The Toilet of Terror... Oh! The Dump of Doom! Now that's got a sparkle to it! " - Mikey

Donnie: Mikey! Your awesome!
Mikey: Yeah... I was born with the naturally rare awesomeness

24 The Super Shredder
25 It Came from the Depths

Best Line: "You let that maniac loose?! Maybe you forgot that he grabbed me by the face. So I'll remind you: He grabbed me... BY THE FACE! " -Donnie

26 The Mutation Situation

That big gorilla kraang thing is funny for it's butt cannons. And Kirby O' Neil's mutation was weird but interesting. The funniest part was Tur-fly-tle(Mikey's costume). It was really funny he kept saying buzz buzz at the end of every sentence. They used him so Kirby bat would follow them and try to eat Mikey. When Mikey says it was their fault,Ooohh,here comes angry April. And for the final comment,it was cool that squirrels drank mutagen. That makes the next episode interesting.

27 Meet Mondo Gecko

How on Earth does Crognard, who can Bend Steel Metals with his Chest, Dies from being eaten by a Dragon?

All Mondo Gecko,Mikey and Casey Jones have different catchphrases. From names left to right:callobonga,booyakasha a

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28 Plan 10

Plan 10 is the Best episode. So Funny and Suspensive at the same time.

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29 Metalhead Rewired

The most Hilarious and Best episode. So funny when Donatello keeps on opening the toilet door to open the Kraang Portal and there are 3 Fart sounds. I fell of my chair Laughing.

30 Showdown

You have to admit, the Season 1 finale is awesome and has a great suspensive ending.

31 Annihilation: Earth!

This is the Best Nostalgic Season 3 Finale Ever. Has this Cliff hanging Awesomeness that TMNT 2003 always had.

Warning: This episode is so Damn Epic and Suspensive that your brain will Explode.

I am so looking forward to Season 4. Great job (As long as Earth, Krang and Splinter Survive. Do NOT Disappoint me.)

32 Cockroach Terminator

Disgusting, but a great episode - puncity

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33 The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones

One of my biggest fears was thinking how the producers were going to portray Casey Jones, one of my favorite non-mutant characters in the series? This episode did not disappoint. Love the bromance he has with Raph, man! - Thifer20

34 The Pig and the Rhino

Epic hilarious truly nostalgic with bebop and rocksteady my favorite characters

35 Earth's Last Stand
36 Dinosaur Seen in Sewers
37 Monkey Brains

Best line:Doctor falco-he was my guinea pig
mikey-Well,it didn't work! You turned him into a monkey!

38 Requiem
39 End Times
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