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1 Tate Langdon

He lit Larry on fire, kills 15 people in a school shooting, he kills Chad and Patrick and even goes as far as to sodomize Patrick, but you still feel for Tate. You can see the shred of humanity inside of him and you can see how much he loves Violet and that is what makes him the greatest character.

The first season I ever watched was freak show, but after I finally watched murder house, I can't stop seeing Evan peters as Tate. Not kit not jimmy, just Tate. Maybe because he was 23 and looked like a teenage Kurt Cobain(I mean seriously he looked a lot like Kurt Cobain) phenomenal role I fell in love with Tate after all he did

He's evil. But at the same time, he has the biggest heart of all characters. All the bad things he has done was to help people, think about it. And he's actually pretty hot. I love evil characters

He's so evil but yet so complex and charismatic that you can't help but love him. They way he says things so poetically, his sarcasm etc.

2 Fiona Goode
3 Lana Winters

Lana survived torture from Briarcliff and all sort of shenanigans from Bloody Face aka Oliver Thredson. She escaped and wound up in Briarcliff again. She was released from Briarcliff - kills Oliver - and has to kill her grown up adopted son. She was attacked by cannibals in season 6 and her best friend disappeared without a trace. But she came up on top and is totally awesome. She is tough but she's no cookie.

Badass and one of the strongest characters in the show. Plus you kinda feel sorry for her while she's in the asylum and has gone through horrible stuff like attempted straight conversion therapy, being trapped by Bloody Face, and lots of whippings.

4 Constance Langdon
5 Sister Jude

She is undoubtedly one of the best Jessica's and AHS characters. Although her dark past and being a stern nun in the beginning, she has such sophisticated character by showing how affectionate, caring, amazing and charismatic woman she is actually with a broken heart. She has such unique, interesting and mysterious lorestory which is excellently written, besides it should be revealed more facts about this marvelous character!
She deserves much better and to being loved, regardless her assumed murder of Missy Stone, therefore seeing her 15-16 years later after the accident as a grown young woman, being hardly recognizable from Jude, as Missy returned back in home with a few broken bones after the incident.
How to not love her as a character!

She turned out to be one of the most down the down to earth characters ever and her character development was amazing. also jude was the only character out of Jessica's roles that did not kill anyone.

6 Madison Montgomery

The best ever

7 Michael Langdon
8 Violet Harmon

She has an odd mindset showing she's been through a lot and I mean, if Tate Langton can love her, something must be quite intriguing about her.

Her storyline will forever be beautiful and yet haunting.

She is the most relatable and amazing character she deserves to be in the top 3

9 Elsa Mars

Elsa mars is amazing!

10 Addie Langdon

She was so nice I'm glad she actually had a good fate. she was in heaven and not trapped in a house with evil spirots

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11 The Countess

The role it's self is amazing and lady gaga just took it to another level. By far one of the best AHS characters.

Played by Lady Gaga? Too good to be true

12 James March

He's evil and humorous at the same time! Another awesome character played by evan peters.

13 Misty Day

She is the best hobo, is that mean whoops!

So sad her fate

Her beat down of madison was the most satisfying part in the season as was all of delphine's torture

14 Kit Walker

Evan peters has a lot of talent! He goes from playing the evil Tate, to kit walker who your rooting for the entire season of asylum! Asylum is the best season, but I don't get why people hate hotel, it was better than coven and freak Show!

People hate hotel because jessica lange isn't in it but, while I miss her a lot on the show, I still like hotel

15 Dandy Mott
16 Cordelia Foxx
17 Sister Mary Eunice
18 Pepper

I love pepper she is the most loveable character and I wish there was a show all about pepper.

She should not have died

Did she think sister jude looks like elsa and kit looks like jimmy

19 Liz Taylor
20 Zoe Benson
21 Ally Mayfair-Richards
22 Myrtle Snow

There are literally no words. She is just awesome in every way possible, especially fasion

23 Kyle Spencer
24 Marie Laveau

How the hell is she so low!?! Must day is the most annoying character on the series.

25 Twisty

I feel so bad for him. All he wanted was to make children happy and that was ruined for him. He was such a sweet guy, and although he murdered people, in the long run he just wanted to make others happy.

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