Top Ten Things that Should Happen in Doctor Who Series 13

Now while Doctor Who Series 13 won't be coming back till late 2021 or early 2022, if this Coronavirus extends till the fall, It's not too early to make a wish list. Most likey nothing on this wish list will be fulfilled, but you know it's worth a try.
The Top Ten
1 A Return to the 1-2 Companion System

Now we might be getting this already because both Graham and Ryan are leaving after the Christmas/New Year's special. I would like a return to the 1-2 companions system because it allows the companions to grow more. Having more than 2 companions is just too much for modern Doctor Who. Their just isn't enough time to develop all of them. That was a weakness for the last two seasons. Make a return to that.

It is looking like this will be happening. We will get Yaz and this new character named Dan in the next TARDIS with the Doctor. I think more unfoiling of Yaz will be good, as long as they don't make a gay thing between the Doctor and Yaz, and it looks like they have an idea with Dan, who looks really good. I think this team has potential. Let's see what happens in Series 13.

2 No More Political/Social Messages

Now respect to series 12, it wasn't as bad as season 11. But still we had two episodes last year that were politically/socially motivated. Just stop doing that. No one wants to watch that garbage.

Let's pray to the Lord Jesus that Chris Chibnall gets the message.

3 More Dark Doctor

The fact is Jodie Whittaker is at her best when she is darker. Seriss 12 excelled at that. When the Master unleashes that in her it really makes her look like a better Doctor. I think everyone likes Dark 13 more than any other 13 personality.

Yes please. We got a little bit of it in Revolution of the Daleks, so maybe it will continue.

Ooh. Dark Doctor made David Tennant regenerate, so mixed opinions on this one.

4 Bring Back Captain Jack

Captain Jack is a fan favorite. He made an appearance last year warning the companions of the Lone Cyberman. Is this a good indication he'll come back next year? Hopefully.

He came back for Revolution of the Daleks. The ending of the episode pretty much guarantees he will be back and maybe Torchwood will be back...

That rhymes! Also do I sense a bit of foreshadowing in the last season...

5 The Return of the Sontarans

This is all, but confirmed. The Sontarans are back and they have their old design from the classic series. I think this will be a really good episode as Chibnall is pretty good at reinventing villians.

I personally want the Sontarans to come back. The last time we saw them as villians was Pandorica Opens and they played a side role. The last time they were main villians was Series 4. The Sontarans are dangerous villians. Bring them back.

6 A New Threat is Added to the Doctor

So basically Series 12 made The Doctor unbeatable unless the Time Lords forced a regeneration cycle on her, which they of. Chibnall needs to find a new way for the Doctor to be threatened.

We need new threats! Just make it good.

7 Return of the Paternoster Gang

Yeah I don't think it will happen.

This includes Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax. They are great!

8 Regeneration

I think after Series 13 ends it will be time for Jodie Whittaker's to go. Now I wouldn't mind if they did a special in between the end of Series 13 and her regeneration episode, because that has been tradition since David Tennant. But I just feel like soon it will be her time to hand over the role to someone else.

I think this is all, but confirmed as well. Jodie is set to leave which of course means regeneration.

9 A Scary Episode

Orphan 55 was ruined because of the climate change message. That episode could of been scary too. For Series 13 I want a scary episode that has no political message. And make it really scary.

The Weeping Angles are returning which means we will have at least one scary episode. Just don't pull a Orphan 55.

10 The Return of Missy

Yeah I don't think this is happening this season. Could happen in a later season though.

The Contenders
11 The Return of the Kaasavin

The Kaasavin were one of the best villians last year. I would not mind if they came back. They were one of Chibnall's best original villians.

12 The Stenza

The Stenza were another one of Chibnall's best original villians. The Stenza were potrayed as very deadly in Series 11. They should bring them back for a two parter.

13 Explanation

We need explanation for literally everything. If we don't get explanation for at least some of it, then oh boy.

14 A Two Part Series

I would love a two part series like in Series 6 and 7. I think it would be perfect for the situation given.

15 Reveal the Master to Be the Timeless Child
16 The Return of Omega

The Return of Omega is something I have been wanting for a few years now. Having him return to explain what happened would be absolutely perfect. Everyone wants Omega back, so bring him back.

17 The Death of Yaz

I think Yaz should end up dying in this series or at least be separated from The Doctor. Yaz has been getting herself in trouble, so I think that would be perfect.

18 Reveal Who the Fugitive Doctor Is
19 Reveal that the Entire Timeless Child Plot is a Lie
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