Top Ten Terraria Armour Sets

A list on the best armour sets in Terraria. Keep in mind they DON'T need to have the best stats. They can be judged based on there appearance and overall usefullness in the game.

The Top Ten

Hallowed Armour

Armour is spelt correctly. "armor" is the American version, "armour" is the proper English version.

The armour set I have kept the longest. Cool appearance and each of the pieces of armour give a boost to the 3 main styles of fighting (Melee, Magic and ranged). Very useful whatever your playstyle.

Bull nebula or solar should be here

Best armor ever

Meteor Armour

Acceptable since meteor armour gives infinite mana to the space gun and generally easy to get since it can be made as the 3rd armour set

What idiots voted for this?! The space gun isn't even good, and even in pre hard mode you can use a mana flower to continuously refill other better weapons like water bolts and demon scythes

My favourite pre-hardmode armour. Quite easy to get as long as you are careful and it makes you look really cool. Gives you flame particles when walking and also makes a powerful magic gun at that point in the game cost 0 mana.

It honestly can be pretty op.

Palladium Armour

If you don't think this armour is pure badass you must be blind. The rapid healing buff it provides is a LIFESAVER!

The palladium has save me a bunch

It's pretty good.

This is new to me so now i,all try this thing out in my Xbox 360. This should heal me and probably win the second hardmode boss. PLEASE BE TRUE

Frost Armour

I don't know why frost is on here cause frost burn effect ain't that great I've defeated every boss and it's a no no

I haven't had the full set yet but it's because I'm going to become a ice king

Very cool armour that gives you the buff frostburn.

Frostburn is op

Shroomite Armour

Who knew mushrooms were so powerful and made you look like a robot?

You get INVISIBLE when not moving its op

Great for ranged weapons

It's the best and it looks like a blue version of ironman

Solar Armour

Looked cool, gives like 105 defense, and flows bright orange. What's better than that?

Pared with the Solar eruption is can be op... to anything...

Like, actually anything that isn't named "Dungeon Guardian"

This is the best

I love this armor I have the whole set and use it 24/7

Platinum Armour

Molten armor looks cooler

Looks really cool.

The coolest looking pre-hardmode armour you can get in my opinion. Quite hard to make though.

Spectre Armour

Coolest out of all the end game armours though they aren't that useful since you've beaten all the bosses.

Coolest armour, especially the hooded version. Decent defense, and life steal effect.

I think spectral Armor is good is if you like to use mana and the defense is decent.

Spectre armour is OP-especially against the pumpkin moon and frost moon

Beetle Armor

Pretty op but it is hard to get when you have not disabled traps and it kills you when you are getting it

Beetle is the best in mobile version

Op and it spawns little beetles which are so cute

This is one of the three armor sets I've ever worn

Silver Armour

One of the first armours you can get that will take a lot of mining. Helmet is very cool.


The Contenders

Crimson Armour

Really good especially if you have defeated the brains of cthulu a few times in a crimson world that will give you around 150 ore I did it twice and had two stacks of bars so I recommend going for this is you are fairly new with at least gold set

Great life regen and strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Turtle Armor

I love the thorns ability lots of armor but not as much as some other sets

I think it's the best it makes you look like a tank and great protection

I like turtles

Legit the best

Dragon Armor

This defense is right behind beetle armor plus much more melee stats

It's pretty good Isn't it



Chlorophyte Armor

Yep this is a good one

The green petals really help me kill bosses

Like it its pretty cool

Chlorophyte armor is the best armor for fighting plantera GAURENTEED

Wooden Armour

I just love this armor. It aids me in all my boss fights, even the moon lord! It has such great defense no matter what prefix- even BROKEN wooden armor is amazing! I feel sorry for those who don't have this amazing item, I wish everyone could share the great experience those with wooden armor could. People who can't are really missing out!

This and a wooden sword lets you kill the moon lord in 2 ticks

I love it when people do sarcasm on bad items

Too op please nerf.

Stardust Armour

I vote for stardust armour because its epic

(Plus the Stardust Dragon thing is AMAZING)

Best summoner gear right?!

Cactus Armour

Usually the first armour set I get. Really easy to get and makes you look like a juggernaut.

Looks cool... But that's just about it really.


Vortex Armor

Best armour for ranged class just combine it with phantasm and you will become a lunar archer

Vortex armor is second best armour in the game.(PC). It can be double tap DOWN to toggle stealth, increasing ranged ability and reducing chance for enemies to target you but slowing movement speed. Defense total are 62. If plus all accessories with warding will be at 90 or 95. Using ironskin potion and food for improving minor to all stats

Why is it in contenders?

You can go invinsible

Nebula Armour

Pair it with mana cuffs, a mana flower and a weapon like the last prism or the nebula weapons (Or even Betsy's Wrath! ), and you become nothing short of a god

Armor can be made by moon lord are the best!

Shout out to my fellow mages

Great for magic players

Solar Flare Armour

Because It's So amazing and beautiful its solar flare helmet had a 24 defense and his solar flare breastplate had 34 defense and solar flare leggings had 20 defense

It is of course the best armour even does the best melee armour is weaker than the last prism I don't play pc version but I have knowledge. The best thing is that you can dash with it and the time when enemy touch you they get burn

It's the top armour its defense is really good

It has the most defense ever! OPP!

Molten Armour

This armour is cool looking I have the full set with all the tools as well

It looks cool

Cool,but the mask looks a bit weird

I have the molten armor ithe is the best prehardmode armor I play on xbox 360 and it's so easy to get

Spectral Armor

Very useful in Console, as it outperforms Spectre armor, and gives you great damage, defense, mana amount, and mana use reduction. This is a need for mages, and when you combine it with a blizzard staff, which you can have hogh damage, and use it for a long time because of Mana amount and mana use reduction.

It gives you tons of extra mana and other awesome magic bonuses.

Duke Fishron Wings

So good

Titan Armour

Awesome for ranged class

Shadow Armour

Its very good

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