Top Ten Best Masters In Breath of Fire 3

Masters are characters you find in BoF3 that you can place a character under. They will provide stat gains and new skills as your character levels up. Here are the best ones.
The Top Ten
1 Deis

Pwr+1, Def-3, Int+3, Agl+1, HP-3, AP+3

A brilliant choice for heavy magic characters like Momo and Nina, she teaches the strongest magic spells available. To get her, when she shows up in the cave at Mt. Zublo, tell her "I like you this way." Afterwards, you can come back to her to have a character under her, but you must say "Yes Ma'am."

2 Bunyan

Pwr+2, Def+1, Int-3, HP+2, AP-2

Great in the early game for characters who are more adept at physical prowess, like Ryu and Garr. After Balio and Sunder defeat the party, he becomes available.

3 Ladon

Pwr+2, Def+2, Int+2, Agl+1, HP-6, AP-6

Good choice for Ryu, given the whole dragon connection. The problem is the -6 for HP and AP, which really makes it not as good as it should be. You should apprentice though because of Aura, a very good skill to have. You need to have all of the dragon genes and examine the blank wall in Dragnier to get this master.

4 Meryleep

Pwr-1, Def-1, Agl+2, HP-1

Great choice for Rei with the Agility bonus. Also, Charm, Shadowwalk, and War Shout are great skills to have, especially Shadowwalk. You need to have the Flower Jewel item and have Peco in your party, then have him kick a rock in the forest with the goo monsters.

5 Emitai

Pwr-2, Def-2, Int+4, AP+4

Good for magic users until Deis is available. Not too good in learnable skills, except maybe Mind Sword. Find him in the Dauna Hills region.

6 Fahl

Pwr+1, Def+3, Int-3, Agl-3, HP+4

Good for tank characters, but I don't find him as useful, due to the Agility -3. He is good at helping characters in need of defense boosts though, and Resist is a good skill. Get him at Genmel after fighting 30 battles without a period of rest.

7 Hondara

Pwr-2, Int+1, AP+1, Holy up

He might be good because of the Kyrie and Benediction skills. Find him in Urkan Tapa after learning the (useless) skills from Durandal.

8 D'lonzo

Pwr+1, Agl+1, HP-1, AP-2, Accuracy up

Good for Momo because of the Accuracy up, helps her physical attack more. I don't like the skills she has though. You must have 15 DIFFERENT weapons in your inventory, not including ones that characters have equipped.

9 Hachio

Pwr+2, Def+1, Int-1, Agl-1, HP+2, AP-2

I didn't use him much. Other players might find him useful. He's a cook who wants the ingredients: Beef Jerky, Swallow Eye, Martian Squid, and Angler, before he becomes an available master.

10 Mygas

Pwr-1, Def-1, Int+2, AP+1

The earliest master available, before your initial party gets separated. Frost is good against Tar Men enemies later on, and Typhoon is a good attack-all spell. Once Emitai and later Deis are available, he isn't all that useful. Find him in a small forest near McNeil village.

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