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1 Truffle

It is worth the hassle because it looks awesome and sells great items. - tornadoeater

If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't get the hover board! And we can all agree the coolness of the hover board. He's kinda cute too...

It doesn't do the truffle shuffle

Ugh... Truffle is awful.

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2 Witch Doctor

Really generous. Sells fountains for free. Witch Doctor also looks super epic. - tornadoeater

Sells really good wings available on pre-hardcore (in jungle) and he also gives the most have imbuing station

3 Goblin Tinkerer

He is my favorite for reforge option he sells the rocket boots and he is a smart nerd like me also he is part of the dating thing (there's only 4 NPCS that are part of dating nurse and arms dealer. And goblin with mechanic :D

"Yo, I heard you like rockets and running shoes, so I put rockets in your running shoes." I love this guy.

This guy helped me so much when I got the the broken vampire knifes from the crimson chest

Tinkerers workshop it is so useful with mods - Orlemley

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4 Mechanic

Honestly, I'm a big mechanism geek, and I wouldn't have wires if it wasn't for her. - tornadoeater

5 Wizard

He doesn't sell extra stuff in events, but some of his stuff is really useful. - tornadoeater

6 Clothier

Sells great vanity clothes. But, he's only good for showing off. - tornadoeater

7 Arms Dealer

Some of his stuff is good and I mini shark crafts my favorite item (mega shark) - tornadoeater

8 Merchant

Sells okay items. I always get annoyed when he blocks my chests. - tornadoeater

9 Steampunker

She is useless except clentaminator and jet pack was useful at the time - tornadoeater

10 Angler

I'm so sick of getting crappy quest rewards. Well. at least some rewards are decent. - tornadoeater

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11 Party Girl

Took me ages to get one BUT SO awesome

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12 Demolitionist

This dude give me bombs

13 Dryad

She's smokin' hot.

14 Astronomer

What? There's no astronomer - tornadoeater

He isn't one

ITIOT there is no astornomer

He not a NPC he not a NPC

15 Nurse

She's often quite rude (especially during a blood moon)

Well during blood moon she's on her PERIOD so,

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16 Guide

Really helps when I found a random item and don't know what does.

17 Cthulhu

Cthulhu ain't a NPC. It's a boss.

18 Cyborg
19 Painter

This may sound weird, and goblin tinkerer is probably better, but the painter is great! He sells tons of paint, which you can combine with paint, and paint any block! He offers so much creativity. Say you like the look of cobalt brick, but you want it red. He can do that. Gold brick walls look nice, but what if they were black? You can do that! Not only this, but he also sells different paintings, some depending on the biome he is in. This is great for decoration if you are building a house in a certain biome, such as in the sky or in the desert. He sells one more thing though, an assortment of wallpapers. These are unlike any kind of wallpaper, as you can have a rainbow wall to a duck wall, to make houses feel more comfortable then war ground.

20 Dye Trader

Sells only 2 items and I don't like his attitude. - tornadoeater

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