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The baby truffle is cheap, useful, and cute sold by the truffle

If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't get the hover board! And we can all agree the coolness of the hover board. He's kinda cute too...

It is worth the hassle because it looks awesome and sells great items. - tornadoeater

It doesn't do the truffle shuffle

Goblin Tinkerer

I love the reforging it is expensive some times like when I reforged my titanium sword it cost 5 gold and 36 silver but I godly on my first teforge and I love the rocket boots that he sells espacially when I mande the spectre boots *sorry forcany typos*

He is my favorite for reforge option he sells the rocket boots and he is a smart nerd like me also he is part of the dating thing (there's only 4 NPCS that are part of dating nurse and arms dealer. And goblin with mechanic :D

"Yo, I heard you like rockets and running shoes, so I put rockets in your running shoes." I love this guy.

This guy helped me so much when I got the the broken vampire knifes from the crimson chest

Witch Doctor

Really generous. Sells fountains for free. Witch Doctor also looks super epic. - tornadoeater

Sells really good wings available on pre-hardcore (in jungle) and he also gives the most have imbuing station


Literally, Terraria would be impossible if you decided to try a no weapons challenge without this dud

Honestly, I'm a big mechanism geek, and I wouldn't have wires if it wasn't for her. - tornadoeater



Sells mana potions which are OP if you are specializing in mage. Also gives the crystal ball and spell tomes all essentials for a good wizard playthrough. - TheSevenYearOldCringeKid

He doesn't sell extra stuff in events, but some of his stuff is really useful. - tornadoeater

Arms Dealer

Some of his stuff is good and I mini shark crafts my favorite item (mega shark) - tornadoeater

Deals you arms

Minishark, Ammos


Sells great vanity clothes. But, he's only good for showing off. - tornadoeater




She is really good because she give you a celmanator to cleanse the crimson

She gives you must have items like the teleporters along with some fun toys like the jet pack and wings and the cletaminaotr is op

She looks awesome with her outfit, the steampunk wings are awesome and the teleporter is great for travelling. The jetpack is also nice and the clentaminator and the green solution is very useful and the steampunk outfit she sells looks nice on the protaganist.

Sells just such good stuff


Sells okay items. I always get annoyed when he blocks my chests. - tornadoeater

Without him I wouldn’t ever have gotten bait.


Seriously, without him I wouldn't have crafted my meteor staff.

Arguably the best NPC in the game. People who vote Truffle as the best NPC is clearly incorrect.

Really helps when I found a random item and don't know what does.

Why isn't this on the list

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She's often quite rude (especially during a blood moon)

Well during blood moon she's on her PERIOD so,

Helps you with righting



The easy way of summoning the Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu.

She is my girlfriend

She's smokin' hot.

Mine too


boom boom man

This dude give me bombs




I'm so sick of getting crappy quest rewards. Well. at least some rewards are decent. - tornadoeater

Party Girl

Cute, fun, and excited about everything. She is definitely a novelty NPC, but her attitude is amazing and she loves partying. What else could you want?

Took me ages to get one BUT SO awesome

Smoke block for waterfall from khaios

Yay! Bubble machine! I FINALLY GOT ONE!


looks cool


This may sound weird, and goblin tinkerer is probably better, but the painter is great! He sells tons of paint, which you can combine with paint, and paint any block! He offers so much creativity. Say you like the look of cobalt brick, but you want it red. He can do that. Gold brick walls look nice, but what if they were black? You can do that! Not only this, but he also sells different paintings, some depending on the biome he is in. This is great for decoration if you are building a house in a certain biome, such as in the sky or in the desert. He sells one more thing though, an assortment of wallpapers. These are unlike any kind of wallpaper, as you can have a rainbow wall to a duck wall, to make houses feel more comfortable then war ground.

I was able to get the paintball gun for a special challenge I was doing; and the infinite ammo, the decent arced range, and decent crit rate, and that it's a 3 shot burst like my second favourite gun: The clockwork assault rifle. Allowed me to spend a good hour to help my eventually take down the dungeon guardian to get my favourite pet.

Plus I honestly do like painting it really helps me out with making a Boreal Wood table with normal wood chairs the same colour but different design all the more better for house/base building and decoration.

I would personally rank higher.



I don’t care what you gonna say. I don’t care if it’s not an NPC, it’s a bunny. And killing bunnies is cruel. Period.

It’s cool


Cthulhu ain't a NPC. It's a boss.

No it boss

Moon Lord

Ah, I loved it when the Moon Lord moved into that house I built for him and started selling me all sorts of cool stuff. Very good!


What? There's no astronomer - tornadoeater

I remember this guy. He's cool. He likes Space.

He isn't one

He not a NPC he not a NPC

Villager (Animal Crossing)

The default hairstyles Suck And it kinda easy to find.


They sell you money and shakles

Tom Nook


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