Top Ten Vaults In the Fallout Series

From the messed up to the ones that still have survivors, I count down in my opinion the best vaults in the Fallout series. This list is completely my opinion and is open to judgement.
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1 Vault 11

With all of the vault experiments in the Fallout series, this is probably the most f'd up one. In Fallout:New Vegas The Courier (your character) can discover Vault 11, near the 188 stop & shop, you will enter and find 5 skeletons, a 10mm pistol, and a holotape containing a suicide note and some clues. Even though not an official quest the the note will persuade you to find out more.

The fact that all that could have been avoided just makes it all so much worse. Vault 75 is a close second though.

This vault has the best story behind what happened in the vault

2 Vault 92

Remember that vault in Fallout 3 where the people slowly went insane due to white noise generators, and vault citizens began to develop super human abilities and a few of them ripped each other apart and began to eat them, well then this is it.

3 Vault 34

In Fallout:New Vegas there is a vault known as Vault 34, the previous home to the Boomers, this vault had an over abundance of high powered weaponry such as the All-American marksman carbine, well this time the only vault experiment is extreme overpopulation, and as we know when it comes to overpopulation something bad always happens. In this instance the overseer of the vault ordered the armory to be off limits to vault residents, ooh taking away peoples rights to protect themselves bad idea, and thus a riot breaks out, the armory is broken into and the generator is damaged, causing radiation leaks and ghoulification to begin.

4 Vault 112

I don't know what it is about this vault, I'm not sure if it's finding your dad again, working for a crazy little girl with old man voice and becoming a serial killer, or hacking the system and sending in Chinese Paratroopers to massacre your town, all I know is that Tranquility Lane is awesome.

The quest in this vault is more fun than all of the quests in both Fallout 3 and 4.

5 Vault 108

Gary!, Hey Garrry, that's right its this one in Fallout 3 their is actually a vault full of the exact same NPCs all called Gary, one of vault-tecs cooler experiments has the overseer known as Gary being cloned not once, not twice, but as little to 54 times, wow that's a lot of Garys.

6 Vault 13

This vault takes a special place in my heart for being the very first, the one and only, the vault where it all began, and official started the Fallout series.

I would argue, Vault 13 is one of, if not the most iconic vault in the entire series.

7 Vault 101

Home to the hero of D.C. this vault, while still populated is pretty crazy seeing as a crazy dictator wants you dead and all.

Good, because Fallout 3 has a great story! And summated with this subject. Really great!

The lone wander, after project purity, the wander dropped his vault 101 backpack on the ground, and with his m16 in one hand he pulled the lever to open the vault, and went home to amata

8 Vault 19

Wow this vault was meant to fail, but I might have to explain, one of the lesser known vault, Vault 19 was separated into to groups a red sector, and a blue sector, now each sector was brought up to hate each other, like the reds thought the blues were spying on them, and the blues thought the reds were pumping drugs through their vents and such, but after reading some files found in the doctors office you will most likely determine that the residents were equally insane and might have had a civil war of sorts.

9 Vault 29

This vault was pretty messed up, as in it was a vault were no one over 15 was admitted so therefore children and their parents were forcefully separated.

10 Vault 22

This one's a doozy, this vault in Fallout: New Vegas was overpopulated with plants, sounds great for a wasteland right, wrong very wrong, you see in this vault once a person died their body was taken over by a fungus spore which would reanimate them to sorts, and due to their green coloration and an overabundance of plant they camouflage better than an albino polar bear in Antartica

The Contenders
11 Vault 81

I think that the best vault should be a successful, and one that had failed in it's terrible social experiment.

12 Vault 111

That's probably the only reason its on this list.

13 Vault 77

Seriously, this should be higher, because the legend behind the puppet man

14 Vault 69

This vault's experiment is very interesting, so this is my favourite vault.

15 The Master's Vault
16 Vault 106
17 Vault 75
18 Vault 95
19 Vault 76
20 Vault 21
21 Vault 114
22 Vault 3
23 Vault 88
24 Vault 8
25 Vault 45
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