The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

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201 Scream 4

Not that bad. Strangely enough it's not Neve Campbell but Emma Roberts who steals the show in this movie.

202 The Man with the Iron Fists

It"s actually not that bad. If you have to compare it with a Hong Kong movie ( the real thing ), it's not that good.

203 Army of Darkness

Does not continue the quality of the previous two movies.

204 Resident Evil

This is actually the best of the Resident Evil movies. They should have stopped after this one.

205 Saw III
206 The Final Destination
207 The Grey
208 [REC] 3 Genesis
209 Leprechaun
210 Eat Pray Love
211 Mortal Kombat
212 Hide & Seek
213 Devil
214 The Bourne Legacy
215 Machete
216 Project X
217 Angels & Demons
218 The Host

I couldn't believe it when I saw the movie I completely adored the book, which was surprising considering the cliche that was twilight. I was ecstatic when I heard about the movie and then I saw it. It makes absolutely no sense if you haven't read the book and it was crap they changed the characters and cut bits out that you needed if you wanted any hope of understanding Wanderer or her choices. I have been telling everyone I know to please no judge the book on this poor poor movie

219 Toy Story 3

The G rating gave me great expectations. I didn't get anything that I thought I would. I didn't expect Woody to leave the others, a teddy bar for an antagonist, or a sad ending. This should be first place because The Phantom Menace gave rise to Lego video games while Toy Story 3 only has a use of ruining Father's Day.

I cried at the end of the movie.

I don't know why people like this movie. - LarkwingFlight

220 Planet of the Apes (2001)

Doesn't come even close to the original.

Watch The Reboot Franchise From 2011-Present Instead

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