The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

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361 Forrest Gump

Decent flick but no way should it have won best picture against the likes of Pulp Fiction or The Shawshank Redemption. Tom Hanks given his 2nd consecutive oscar is a joke considering that all he did was act slow. Gary Sinise stole the film.

WHAT THE? This is one of the best Movies I have ever seen! Take it off the list!

Yea I agree it shouldn't have beat shawshank and pulp fiction

Worst movie ever so boring all he says "momma used to say " just like waterboy it gets so annoying!

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362 The Dark Knight

What Idiot Put This Masterpiece Here!?
Their In BIG Trouble


No. - Mercwithamouth

363 The Avengers

Overrated. You need to watch all the other marvel movies before it in order to understand what's going on. I also don't see why Loki has to be the main antagonist for a second marvel movie.

Worst movie ever.

I hate this movie.

This movie is the worst. I hated it so much

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364 Toy Story 2 V 1 Comment
365 Birdman

Not that bad but it's a movie that will only be " good " for people of a certain age. Naomi Watts is exeptional good and sensual ( tight jeans, a lesbian scene ) in this film. Also good performance of Emma Stone. If you expect a movie about a superhero ( birdman ) you will be disappointed but if you're looking for a movie about comments how hypocrit the entourage of theatre, movie, movie-critics etc... is, than I recommend this movie.

How did this move ever win any "best" anything award? Awful!. Boring!

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366 Ted

How Was This Disappointing. It Was Funny And A Great Storyline, This Should Not Be On The List At All. - masoncarr2244

The Sequel should be hear. Not this one.

367 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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