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21 Last Waltz
22 October & April

This song is so underrated :( Nobody knows it, otherwise it would be one of the top 3 for sure, it's one of their best songs!

This song is clearly underrated

Great lyric and gread voice, 1 like this song for 1st listening. Now this my favourit song

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23 Lost and Lonely

This song is perfection! ♥ Listen to it and you will fall in love with.

24 Save Me Once Again

No. 38? Please NO! This is the first I heard of them and the most touching and still can't stop listening. LOVE IT! LOVE RASMUS!

Oh! Really amazing song I have ever heard. Lyric, music all perfect

25 Funeral Song

How is this at 20? Great vocals, haunting melody. - ashwinganesan

26 Dancer In the Dark
27 Still Standing
28 F-F-F-Falling
29 Time to Burn

I haven't heard a lot of The Rasmus' songs, but how is this one #26? That's all I need to say here.

That song is awesome

30 The One I Love
31 Someone's Gonna Light You Up
32 Sky
33 Life Burns

Song by Apocalyptica feat. Lauri. -

34 Your Forgiveness
35 In My Life

I love it very much)

36 Dangerous Kind
37 Rakkauslaulu
38 Man In the Street
39 Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow
40 Chill
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