Best Things About Having a Girlfriend

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1 Reciprocation

I don't think this is true. A woman doesn't do anything for her man in return. They're far too needy!

Nothing is better than when someone else from the opposite sex reciprocates you in a relationship. Giving and receiving is one of the best joys in life. This is definitely number #1! - BranDoss

The feeliing of pure love and your heart you give to one person and having that same love returned is so wonderful! - Britgirl

2 Feeling of Love

You have a girlfriend because you loved her. If you didn't love her then you wouldn't marry her. - MarioMaster101

I like this more than sex. - Userguy44

The feeling of love itself is why many want to commit in a relationship. - BranDoss

3 Companionship

Ah yes, this is why I want a girlfriend! The feeling of having someone that's always there for you, sorta like a friend but with a little bit more to it than just that. Yeah I know I probably shouldn't be voting on this list cause I've never had a girlfriend (but I'm 14, so of course I haven't had a girlfriend yet) but I was curious to look at people's opinions of what the best part of having a girlfriend is.

Having a friend, listener and companion on your side is a lovely feeling. - BranDoss

4 Having Sex

I have no words for this stupid add to the list. There are tons of better things then this. - letdot52

So far only once, but not gonna force her until she feels the need to do it again. - Aardin

Do it when you're married.

Wait until your twenty

5 Loss of Loneliness

Whenever I think about her I get my mind off of umgodly things

Yes because she is there with me all the time and we chat every single day in rare cases when we are not physically together. - Aardin

I don't want to be lonely forever!

Yeah, feeling alone totally sucks - Ajkloth

6 Feeling of Being Complete

A woman makes her man's life complete.

I love my girlfriend, she's a bit insecure and shy but very caring.
I love You, S*******". - Aardin

7 Kissing

My Girlfriend has luscious lips and we kiss each other on any given time of the day. - Aardin

Kissing is quiet good feeling

I always wanted to kiss a girl but man I need a girlfriend

8 Sharing Feelings
9 Sharing Thoughts

Yeah, we share a lot. - Aardin

10 Having A Purpose In Life
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