Best Things About Having a Girlfriend

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1 Reciprocation

Nothing is better than when someone else from the opposite sex reciprocates you in a relationship. Giving and receiving is one of the best joys in life. This is definitely number #1! - BranDoss

The feeliing of pure love and your heart you give to one person and having that same love returned is so wonderful! - Britgirl

2 Feeling of Love

The feeling of love itself is why many want to commit in a relationship. - BranDoss

I like this more than sex. - Userguy44

3 Companionship

Ah yes, this is why I want a girlfriend! The feeling of having someone that's always there for you, sorta like a friend but with a little bit more to it than just that. Yeah I know I probably shouldn't be voting on this list cause I've never had a girlfriend (but I'm 14, so of course I haven't had a girlfriend yet) but I was curious to look at people's opinions of what the best part of having a girlfriend is.

Having a friend, listener and companion on your side is a lovely feeling. - BranDoss

4 Having Sex

I have no words for this stupid add to the list. There are tons of better things then this. - letdot52

So far only once, but not gonna force her until she feels the need to do it again. - Aardin

Wait until your twenty

Sex Good...

5 Loss of Loneliness

Yes because she is there with me all the time and we chat every single day in rare cases when we are not physically together. - Aardin

Yeah, feeling alone totally sucks - Ajkloth

I don't want to be lonely forever!

6 Feeling of Being Complete

A woman makes her man's life complete.

I love my girlfriend, she's a bit insecure and shy but very caring.
I love You, S*******". - Aardin

7 Kissing

My Girlfriend has luscious lips and we kiss each other on any given time of the day. - Aardin

I always wanted to kiss a girl but man I need a girlfriend

Kissing is quiet good feeling

8 Sharing Feelings
9 Sharing Thoughts

Yeah, we share a lot. - Aardin

10 Having A Purpose In Life
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