Best Things to Have for Breakfast

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1 Biscuits and Gravy

These are my favorite, but I can never find them around where I live. The best ones I ever had were on the one time I went on a vacation to Florida (it's where I took my profile picture) and after not sleeping on the long flight we went to a small dinner. I don't think I'll ever find a better one - SirSheep

Mmm... - Firemist

Agreed - PumpkinKing109

You really can't go wrong with Biscuits and Gravy - Randomator

2 Bacon Bacon

Bacon all the way - Camaro6

3 Doughnuts Doughnuts

Not having these on the list is a sin. - Randomator

4 Waffles Waffles

I love waffles so much that Teen Titans Crap ruined it.

Elite breakfast food - Randomator

5 Croissant Croissant

This is basically my favourite food for a breakfast. - Userguy44

I love these. - Camaro6

6 Scrambled Eggs
7 Hash Browns Hash Browns
8 Pancakes
9 Fried Eggs Fried Eggs

I don't really like eggs, but the pic looks so delish. - Firemist

You can't go wrong with delicious fried eggs! 😋 - Userguy44

10 Cereal

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11 Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon Rolls

You cannot forget these - Randomator

12 Orange Juice Orange Juice

Apple Juice is better - Randomator

13 Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

I'm pretty sure that nobody here know what this is without looking it up. Except my brother - SirSheep

Interesting name. - Userguy44

14 Oatmeal Oatmeal
15 Spam

Once I ate nothing but spam, tortillas, and water that tasted and looked like dirt. I was backpacking on the Pacific coast, and it rained half the time. - SirSheep

Pan fried spam,biscuits and grape jelly is actually really good.

16 Granola
17 Apple Juice
18 Cheese Cheese

So the best thing to eat for breakfast is a huge chunk of cheese... 😂

19 Baguette Baguette
20 Rice Waffles
21 Coffee Coffee
22 Sausage Sausage
23 Yogurt Yogurt
24 Banana Banana
25 Bagels
26 Grits
27 Yogurt Drink
28 Poptarts Poptarts

I love them so much that I can't get enough.

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1. Biscuits and Gravy
2. Cinnamon Rolls
3. Doughnuts
1. Croissant
2. Rice Waffles
3. Baguette
1. Biscuits and Gravy
2. Cereal
3. Bacon

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