Top 10 Things Music Fans Should Stop Doing

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1 Sending death threats

Dude, why did add a picture of something unrelated? - BorisRule

Many bands have encountered death threats when they change their sound, when lineups change, etc. If you don't like a certain album, don't post a hateful comment on any of the artist's social media pages. Plus, I don't like negativity when it comes to my favorite bands very much. - Croy987

2 Overreacting
3 Bash others for liking or hating an artist they don't

Classic TTT behavior.

4 Overreacting to criticism
5 Stating that a band has “saved their life"

The Wiggles saved my life - cjWriter1997

Yeah, this is kinda too far. I mean, it's possible it can happen, but hearing someone say it is, odd.

Never once have I heard anyone say that GG Allin or Deicide have saved lives (if anything they've ended a few).

6 Stalking
7 Obsessing over a certain artist and calling other artists garbage
8 Begging a former band member to come back to the band
9 Being hypersensitive crybabies
10 Hating an artist just because they don't look sexy

damn! - RW700

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11 Harassing the artist for "selling out"

This pisses me the hell off every time! I've been looking through comments on Theory of a Deadman's official Facebook page, most of them were actually really nasty hate comments! That's downright disrespectful to TOADM and annoying! And don't even get me started on how badly people overreacted to Wake Up Call! My god, people need to stop complaining about bands changing their sound. - Croy987

12 Forcing opinions down people's throats
13 Pirating music
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