Top Ten Things People Don't Like About Nicole Arbour

The Top Ten

1 Everything she did to Matthew Santoro

Nicole should be in prison for this. I'm just hoping Matthew is alright now... - AllenTheCritic

2 Her video on "Fat People"
3 Her video on "Black People"

I haven't watched this video of hers, but, I'm guessing it's probably racist and infuriating.

4 She thinks she is funnier than everyone else
5 She shows a lot of cleavage just to get views
6 Her video on Instagram girls
7 Her voice is SUPER ANNOYING
8 The annoying background music she chooses for her videos
9 She is a Donald Trump supporter
10 She wears way too much makeup

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11 She's a Jenna Marbles wannabe
12 She scammed one of her fans
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